Monday, 25 February 2008

Verity Lambert : A tribute

The first producer of Doctor Who was a woman called Verity Lambert who I have to say did some excellent work on Doctor Who for I have seen some of her episodes that she produced she was born on the 27th of Novenber in London and she died shortly beofre the Christmas special from last year (Voyage of the Damned), she died on the 22nd of November aged 71.

A Verity Lambert tribute will be shown on BBC4, the channel BBC4 will dedicate a whole night to Verity Lambert who was the first ever producer of Doctor Who back in 1963, the evening of programmes that will be shown in April sometime. it will be a 4-hour documentary about her life and work and about her work on Doctor Who, Russel .T. Davies will be appearing on the show with other members of the Doctor Who team. THhe Documentary will be followed by some of her best work including a few old Doctor Who episodes.

Personally, I can't wait for the Doctor Who episodes afterwards seeing as they will be from the old series, will you be watching the documentary because I certainly will!
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