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S02E11-Fear her

11)Fear her
Originally aired: Saturday June 24, 2006 on BBC-1
Writer: Matthew Graham
Director: Euros Lyn
Show Stars: David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - )), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler (Season 1-2))
Guest Stars: Nina Sosanya (Trish) , Abisola Agbaje (Chloe) , Abdul Salis (Kel) , Tim Faraday (Dad) , Erica Eirian (Neighbour) , Edna Doré (Maeve) , Alistair Appleton (Himself) , Christopher Driscoll (Security Guard) , Richard Nichols (Driver) , Stephen Marzella (Policeman)
Production Code: NCFS095P

It’s London 2012 in a suburban neighborhood and everyone is going about their normal everyday business. Only an elderly woman, Maeve, seems to notice anything unusual and talks with one neighbor, Trish, as someone watches from the second floor of Trish’ flat. It is a young girl who sings as she watches the neighboring boys play soccer. She starts to sketch at her desk as Maeve warns that the boys aren’t safe. The father takes his eyes off of them for an instant… and he disappears. Upstairs, the girl completes her drawing of the boy, who seems to move on the paper.
The Doctor eventually manages to materialize the TARDIS right-side around and he and Rose step out. He says that he’s brought her to see the 2012 Olympics. As they walk along the street Rose notices the excessive number of missing children posters. He notices a drop in temperature and Rose observes that everyone on the streets is staying inside. The Doctor wanders off to examine a nearby soccer goal and notices… something.
A car breaks down in the street and a council worker notes that there have been a number of unexplainable breakdowns since he started putting down new tarmac in preparation for the Olympics. Rose helps him push the car out until it mysteriously starts. The house owner, the boys’ father, asks the Doctor what he’s doing. Maeve joins Rose and they all come together as the Doctor uses his psychic paper to identify himself as a policeman. Maeve claims she saw a boy disappear as Trish comes out from her house. The neighbors argue until the Doctor shushes them, demanding answers. Maeve finally speaks up to say that something dangerous lurks on the street. Trish notices the young girl, her daughter, in the window and goes inside.
The Doctor literally sniffs around, noticing a metallic scent. He talks about how he sensed an energy discharge at the point where the children disappeared. He suggests they look for the energy source. Trish goes up to see her daughter, Chloe, who isn’t interested in the upcoming Olympics and prefers to draw, including the boy who disappeared and a nearby cat. Trish notes that Chloe has been suffering from nightmares but her daughter insists on drawing. When Trish persists, Chloe threatens to “draw” her and Trish goes out. Once she’s gone, Chloe works on the drawing of the cat as outside, Rose sees it go into a cardboard box… then disappear. The Doctor is impressed at the precision work and continues looking for the energy source.
In her room, Chloe talks to the picture of the cat, the boy who disappeared, and pictures of several others. She starts to make another drawing but makes a mistake and scribbles it out. Rose hears a banging noise from a garage and goes to investigate. She opens the door and a swirling ball of tangled energy floats out. The Doctor zaps it with the sonic screwdriver and she manages to grab it as the Doctor comes running. They take the ball into the TARDIS and analyze it, determining it’s graphite. Rose concludes it’s from a child drawing and is connected to Trish’s daughter. They go to her house and manage to gain Trish’s confidence to the point where she invites them in and the Doctor notes she is afraid of Chloe. Trish admits that Chloe isn’t herself and tries to explain how she used to be. She also talks about her husband died and it was better that he did.
Rose goes upstairs to use the bathroom but hides in the closet as Chloe comes out. After she’s gone, Rose slips into Chloe’s room and sees the drawings of the missing children. She knocks over a cup of pencils and when she looks up sees that one of the boy’s expressions has changed.
The Doctor and Trish confront Chloe in the kitchen, and the girl says that “they” don’t stop moaning. Upstairs, Rose investigates a closet and finds a picture on the back of a horrific male figure that is speaking. She calls for help and is almost sucked in before the Doctor pulls her away. Chloe says she drew her dead father and Rose concludes that the girl has some ability to suck people into her drawings. The Doctor concludes Chloe is using ionic energy to contain the children somewhere. They go to confront Chloe and the Doctor puts her into a trance.. Something speaks through Chloe’s mouth, saying it wants Chloe Webber. It says it is alone and it hates it, and finally identifies itself as Isolus. The Doctor explains that the Isolus Mother released millions of pods and they keep going because of their need for others. As each Isolus travels through the void, it creates worlds to play in to keep itself entertained. The possessed Chloe draws out pictures of the Isolus’ travels and reveals that they creatures were dispersed by a solar flare and landed on Earth, where it left its pod and entered Chloe. Now it’s alone and has been stealing friends. Chloe starts to spasm and the figure in the closet starts to shake the draw and yell for Chloe. Trisha manages to comfort her daughter with a song and the voice fades away.
Downstairs, Trish takes all the pencils in the house and reveals that Chloe’s father used to beat them both. Upstairs, Chloe watches the television broadcast of the Olympics with all the crowds. The Doctor and Rose go to the TARDIS as the Doctor notes that the temperature drop is the result of the Isolus feeding on heat. They go in as Chloe, standing on the street, sees them go in. Rose notes that the Doctor is sympathetic toward the child-like Isolus but Rose warns that children can be hostile.
Back in her room, Chloe finds hidden cache of pencils while the Doctor uses his equipment to determine where the pod is. He goes out with Rose to look for it, but upstairs Chloe completes her drawing… of the Doctor and the TARDIS. They both disappear and Rose goes upstairs to confront Chloe, demanding she release her friend. The Isolus responds, saying it’s no longer Chloe Webber.
Rose goes out to talk to the council worker, Kel, who has laid fresh tarmac. Rose figures out that when Kel laid the fresh tarmac six days earlier when Chloe was first possessed, the heat attracted the Isolus. She grabs pick axe and breaks open the tarmac, finding the pod. Chloe barricades herself in her room and starts drawing the Olympic arena. Rose goes back into the house and sees on the television that the Olympic audience has disappeared. Chloe says it’s not enough and goes through the shelves to find a book containing a picture of the Earth. She starts drawing it on the wall as the father-figure in the closet starts to burst out. Rose uses the pick axe to break down the door and show her the pod, but Chloe isn’t satisfied with it, saying it’s inert. Rose notices a torch on the picture of the Doctor and realizes he drew it. As Chloe continues to work on the pod, Rose goes outside as the torch-bearer for the Olympics runs by. She tosses the pod toward the torch and it activates and feeds on the head. Chloe completes the drawing… then announces it can go home. It says “Goodbye… I love you, Chloe Webber” then leaves the girl’s body and flies to the pod. The missing children appear back on the street and Maeve thanks Rose, who realizes the Doctor hasn’t reappeared. She sees a glowing red light from Chloe’s room and runs up as the doors seal by themselves. The father-figure in the closet calls for Chloe and starts coming down the stairs. Rose tells Chloe she can send it off, and mother and daughter sing together to comfort Chloe. Finally the father-figure screams in pain then fades away.
Kel comes up to try and reassure Rose, who goes inside and sees on the telly that the stadium audience has reappeared. They see that the torchbearer is stumbling and collapses… but then the Doctor appears from the crowd, picks up the flame, and delivers it to the grand torch. The Isolus pod flies out of the fire and into the sky to join its brothers and sisters.
Later the Doctor returns and Rose offers him a cake. The Doctor reassures her that she could never lose him on a night like tonight. They stroll back to the TARDIS as the Doctor discusses what will happen at the Olympics. As the fireworks go off, the Doctor turns pensive and says that a storm is approaching…

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