Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Make your own psychic paper

1)Print out the above picture
2)Cut it out
3)Glue the first white and black squares from the left to the card but DO NOT glue the remaining black squares to the card.
4)Cut out the 2 squares with card behind them so that the other squares are still attached but without card on them.
5)Next fold the 2 remaining black squares so that they go behind the other two shapes but over the card.
5)Glue them in that spot and you the have your very own psychic paper
6)You now have your very own psychic paper like the Doctor


Anonymous said...

How is this Psychic paper?

Anonymous said...

Obviously because when folded it looks like psychic paper, r u a Whovian or not?????? idiots

Anonymous said...

But could the instructions be a bit clearer, card as in cardstock? And with maybe some pics od assembly

Anonymous said...

Can you leave like a tutorial, I mean like picture steps?

chansara said...

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