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S02E5-Rise of the Cybermen

5)Rise of the Cybermen
Originally aired: Saturday May 13, 2006 on BBC-1
Writer: Tom Macrae
Director: Graeme Harper
Show Stars: Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Recurring Role: Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Nicholas Briggs (Cyber-Voice), Paul Kasey (Cyber-Leader)
Guest Stars: Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler) , Andrew Hayden Smith (Jake Simmonds) , Roger Lloyd-Pack (John Lumic) , Mona Hammond (Rita-Anne) , Helen Griffin (Mrs. Moore) , Colin Spaull (Mr. Crane) , Duncan Duff (Newsreader) , Paul Antony-Barber (Dr Kendrick) , Adam Shaw (Morris) , Andrew Ufondo (Soldier) , Don Warrington (The President)
Production Code: NCFS089A

In a laboratory, Dr. Kendrick examines a humanoid metal form and declares “It’s alive” and his wheelchair-bound boss John Lumic is proud of his achievement. Kendrick warns he has to tell the authorities in Geneva about the development and Lumic orders his new creation to kill Kendrick, which it does. Lumic then tell his staff to set sail for Great Britain.
The Doctor and Rose are discussing old adventures while Mickey realizes he’s been holding a switch 29 more minutes then necessary to help the Doctor while he is calibrating. The console suddenly explodes and the TARDIS is sucked out of the vortex into the void. The TARDIS goes dead and the Doctor says it has “died” and they are in the middle of nothingness. However, Mickey has stepped out and reveals they’re in London on Earth. Mickey and Rose don’t notice anything unusual… until the Doctor points out the zeppelins overhead. They realize they’re in a parallel universe… and Rose sees a picture of her father Peter, still alive.
The Doctor warns Rose not to get involved as it’s not her world, but she’s happy that he’s finally pulled off his schemes and became a success. Elsewhere, Pete pulls up at a manor with flowers to meet with his wife Jackie, who is unhappy that he’s celebrating her birthday party with a poster that has her correct age, not the age she is pretending to be. She turns down the flowers and wants to know why Peter hasn’t got her a zeppelin. They’re both wearing Lumic earpieces and Jackie calls for Rose… the family dog. Pete talks to his employer Lumic and thanks him for the ear pieces. Lumic says the President of Great Britain has promised a decision and demands that Peter meet with him. Once he hangs up, Lumic ties into Jackie’s ear piece and a set of antennae emerge from it and tap into her memories of the security codes for the house. He then “resets” her back to normal with no memory of what happened. Lumic then contacts his man Crane and tells him they’ll need extra staff, and Crane starts driving large lorries through the street to get “recruits.”
The Doctor is in THE TARDIS concerned that Rose is outside and being tempted. While she picks up a transmission on the Cybus Network about Lumic. He warns that they’re in the wrong universe and the TARDIS can’t derive energy from the new universe they’re in. With the Time Lords gone, the “real” world was sealed off and the Doctor wonders how they could have gone through the barriers. Then he notices a light in the understructure grid work and realizes they have some power.
Crane pulls up in his lorries to recruit homeless men with offers of free food. One man, Jake, warns they shouldn’t go but the others ignore him. Jake takes footage as the men inside start to scream before the doors close.
The Doctor gets the power cell out and recharges it with ten years of his own life energy. They go to meet with Rose, who reveals she looked up the alternate Tylers and found out Jackie and Peter are rich but don’t have a daughter. Rose asks for 24 hours to see the Tylers. Mickey backs her up and goes off on his own, noting the Doctor will always go for Rose. And the Doctor does indeed go after Rose, telling Mickey he has 24 hours to return.
Lumic’s zeppelin arrives as Peter shows up to greet him and talk with the President. They discuss Lumic and Peter admits he’s a brilliant man but denies that he’s insane.
Mickey walks up to a barricade and finds out there’s a curfew later, and they let him through. The Doctor and Rose are walking the streets, discussing Mickey’s past, when everyone on the street freezes. They all have the Lumic ear pieces and Rose sees that a download is occurring on her phone… and directly into the minds of everyone wearing the ear pieces. The people all laugh at the same time at a downloaded joke and then go on their way. The Doctor notices that Cybus owns Peter’s company and finally relents to go with Rose to see the Tylers.
Mickey goes to the house of an old blind woman, his grandmother, who knows him as Ricky in this universe. She is worried about all the stories of people disappearing and wonders where he’s been. He notices the torn carpet where in his universe his grandmother fell. Then she talks about his new friends whom he doesn’t know about, and they’re interrupted when the friends show up in a blue van and grab him. One of them is Jake, and they want to know why he’s contacting his family and putting them at risk, and they tell him about what they’ve found out about Cybus, and tell him that with the loss of their leader, Mickey takes over as head of the organization.
Lumic makes a presentation to the President about how the human brain can now be preserved and put into a metal body. The President refuses to give Lumic permission to begin with the procedure and the genius warns that he will die if he can’t transplant his own brain into a metal body. After he leaves, Peter tries to put a good face on it but Lumic wants England, his home, to be his new birthplace. After Peter leaves, Lumic contacts Crane who has attached ear pieces to all the homeless men. As Lumic looks on, Crane gives the men instructions and they all robotically obey. Lumic tells him to start the upgrade and Crane marches them into a neighbouring chamber where screams ring out.
Mickey’s resistance group goes to their headquarters where they find the lights on. They go in to find… Ricky, who wants to know who Mickey is.
The Doctor and Rose sneak into the Tyler party as waiters and watch as Peter introduces Jackie. Rose is shocked by the whole thing (and the fact they have a dog named Rose) but is happy that Peter and Jackie have each other.
Crane loads the converted homeless men, now in metallic bodies, into a lorry. Lumic calls to tell him to let the good work begin.
Ricky and his team examine Mickey and try to determine how he can be an exact duplicate. Ricky explains that they call themselves the “Preachers,” and they are resisting the conversion of society by technology. They get word from an agent, Gemini, that Lumic is on the move and they grab guns and head out, taking Mickey with them.
At the Tyler manor, the Doctor notices a computer screen with the Cybus logo and starts hacking the system. Rose gets close to Peter who talks about Jackie and how she never wanted to have children, and now it’s too late as he’s moved out. He wonders why she seems so familiar but dismisses his suspicions.
Outside the manor, Ricky and the Preachers look on as the converted men march out of the lorry. Rose sees Jackie outside and the older woman talks about Peter. Rose suggests Peter is worth a second chance but Jackie dismisses her statements in disgust since she’s a servant girl. After Jackie goes inside, lights flood the lawn and the converted figures march on the manor.
The Doctor has tapped into the Cybus computer systems and pulls up the presentation Lumic gave to the President. The Doctor recognizes the process and goes to find the Doctor. They go to the window and in the light can make out the advancing figure of… Cybermen.
The Cybermen burst into the house through the windows as Lumic calls the President. The businessman explains that he converted homeless people into the Cybermen while the Doctor explains to Rose what the Cybermen are. Lumic cuts of and the Cybermen approach the President and tell him they will receive a free upgrade, and the upgrade is compulsory. When the President refuses against the Doctor’s warning, the Cybermen “delete” him with an electrified touch. The Cybermen stun or kill the other party guests who resist. The Doctor, Peter, and Rose run outside but are forced to retreat before a line of Cybermen, while Jackie runs to the basement. Ricky and the Preachers arrive and open fire, delaying the Cybermen briefly until they’re surrounded. Having no choice, the Doctor says they’ll surrender and they’re volunteering for the conversion process. The Cybermen refuse to accept his surrender, considering them “rogue elements.” The Cybermen close in on them to deliver the death blow...

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