Sunday, 6 January 2008

  • Georgia Moffett (Peter Davison's daughter) is up to be the new companion. Moffett is already appearing later on in series 4 as a "role one will ever forget!"Felicity Kendal is also apparently in the top running to be a new companion.Billie Piper has expressed fears about returning to the role of Rose "I am a bit worried about getting back into the groove. I was shocked and saddened the other day when I tried playing Rose Tyler, to myself, in my bathroom, and I couldn't do it. I tried and tried and it had gone - hopefully not for good."
    Also a complaint know, the last remaining Titanic(real Titanic) survivor criticized Voyage of the Damned. Millvina Dean, 95, has claimed that the show's producers have no been sensitive by featuring the Titanic in the festive episode. "The Titanic was a tragedy which tore so many families apart. I lost my father and he lies on that wreck. I think it is disrespectful to make entertainment of such a tragedy.

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