Thursday, 10 January 2008


Big Finish Productions has announced some new releases and projects for 2008. Recently. they have begun experimenting with online digital downloads. Currently the only title available though this method is Phantom of the Opera. The forthcoming Stargate series is slated to feature this as well. There is currently no announcement on the Doctor Who line being released in this way.

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 393 will include a free Fifth Doctor audio adventure, Cuddlesome. Written by Nigel Fairs, it is a chilling tale of cute 1980s nostalgia toys for grown-ups taking on a life of their own.

Information on the Sixth Doctor release for January, The Condemned, can be found by clicking on the spoiler tag

The second season of adventures for the Eighth Doctor and Lucie Miller begin in January with Dead London by Pat Mills. The cover for this title can be found below.

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