Sunday, 6 January 2008

Doctor Who Adventures

The new edition of the Doctor Who Adventures is out across the United Kingdom on Thursday 3rd January 2008.
Press Release

In the very first Doctor Who Adventures of 2008, we review our favourite bits of the Christmas special Voyage of the Damned.

With its highest ratings since Doctor Who returned in 2005, Voyage of the Damned proved a massive success. At its peak, 13.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the Doctor battle his way around the Titanic and save Earth from destruction with Kylie Minogue as Astrid Peth by his side.

The Doctor Who Adventures inbox has already been flooded with emails from readers saying how much they loved it:

"I thought it was awesome!" Alex Tierney, aged 8.
"I would give it 20/20!" Faiaz Alam Aninda
"It was just brilliant!" Conner Bradshaw
"The Hosts were extremely scary!" Matthew Hill, aged 9.

To celebrate, issue 46 has a fantastic fact file on the terror of the Titanic, Max Capricorn, a huge Voyage of the Damned poster and a brilliant Bannakaffalatta mask for readers to make.

This issue also contains exciting news on Billie Piper’s imminent return as the Doctor’s companion Rose Tyler.

- News! DWA is about to go weekly. Stand by for even more adventures!
- Tales from the TARDIS The Master blows up Martha’s flat and kidnaps her family.
- Cyber puzzle Oh no! Cybermen have invaded our issue. Help!
- Why we love the Daleks! Five reasons they’re the best Doctor Who monster ever!
- Comic strip Part one of The Monster Upstairs.
- Secrets Find out about the killer Christmas trees with Doctor Who Confidential.
- Doctor's Data Top Toclafane facts.
- Time Agent Upload Readers' fantastic drawings and photos.
- Exclusive posters! Donna and the Doctor, the Weeping Angels and the TARDIS, and Voyage of the Damned.
- Win – loads of fabulous Doctor Who goodies!
- Puzzles! Doctor Who time teasers and the Woven Word Search!

Doctor Who Adventures contains a brilliant free Dalek yo-yo and metallic sticker set for every reader

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