Friday, 11 January 2008

Voyage of the damned-2nd most watched programme

It's official, the Christmas special Voyage of the Damned is now the holder of the highest chart placing in the Doctor Who's 44 year history.

The Broadcasters' Audience Research Board has now published final viewing figures for the week ending 30th December 2007 giving the Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, an official rating of 13.31 million viewers. Final figures are more accurate than the initial overnights and take account of those recording the programme and watching it within a week.

This confirms the programme not only as the second most watched on British television for the week, but the second most watched programme on British television for the whole of 2007. It outrated such high-ranking shows as The Vicar of Dibley, Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor and its old adversary Coronation Street. The only programme to score higher ratings than Doctor Who last year was the second Christmas Day edition of EastEnders.

In terms of raw ratings Voyage of the Damned is the 8th most watched episode in the programme's history, being beaten by one William Hartnell episode and six Tom Baker ones. An amazing feat when you consider that most of the top rated Tom Baker episodes were transmitted when ITV1 was on strike and the only other channel broadcasting at the time

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