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Series 3

Donna noble is transported to the tardis which turns out to be because of the emperess of the Rachnoss they stop her but donna turns down an invitation to travel with the doctor then when the hospital Martha jones works in goes to the moon and she meets a man called the doctor they have to stop a blood sucking plasmavore and the judoon, then carrionites where they meet william shakespeare, then the face of boe tells his final secret with his last breath.In 1930's new york the homeless are being turned into daleks the doctor has to stop them ,at the end only one dalek survives that teleports away then they fight a man who turned into a monster when he was trying to make himself younger then they have to stop a living sun taking over the crew of a ship.then they go against aliens trying to get the doctors life energy so they can live for ever, then aliens who pose as statues and when they touch you they send you back in time to be trapped and feed on the life enrgy you would have had.The TARDIS arrives in Cardiff where the Doctor announces he needs 20 seconds to refuel from the rift. A running man heads for the TARDIS: Captain Jack Harkness. He manages to grab the outside just as the Doctor dematerializes, and Jack’s presence somehow disrupts the sequence. The TARDIS accelerates into the distant future, to the end of the universe, while Jack holds on outside.
And in that future, a savage tribe of people on the planet Malcassairo sense humans in their vicinity.The savages, the Futurekind, are hunting down humans. Professor Yana and his insectoid companion Chantho sense the human’s presence but realize there’s nothing they can do. Yana is under pressure to produce results, but seems to have problems as he hears a distant drumbeat inside his head. They find something on their sensors: the TARDIS.The Doctor warns that even the Time Lords haven’t come this far into the future but insists on going outside and seeing what there is to see. They find Jack Harkness outside, seemingly dead, but he immediately revives. Jack isn’t happy with the fact the Doctor left him on the Satellite 5, and wants to know what happened with Rose. In return, the Doctor is oddly hostile toward Harkness. Jack is happy to know that Rose is still alive. He explains that he had a vortex manipulator and was able to escape the Satellite but was stranded in the 19th century. He waited for over a hundred years trying to locate the Doctor when he arrived at the rift to refuel.

They find a hive city and spot the human being pursued by the Futurekind. The Doctor, Jack, and Martha come to his aid but the Futurekind surround them. The human directs them to a launch silo and they get to the gate where they prove they’re not mutated to the guards. The guards drive off the Futurekind and assure them that they can be taken to Utopia.

Professor Yana is informed of the new arrivals, including the fact that one is a Doctor. They find a silo containing a gigantic spacecraft, and Professor Yana introduces himself, happy to find a fellow scientific genius. None of them aware that one of the base occupants is secretly a mutated Futurekind. Martha discovers that Jack has a hand in a tube: the Doctor’s hand (from “The Christmas Invasion”). Jack has been using it as a Doctor detector to find him. The Doctor identifies himself as a Time Lord and Chantho identifies herself as the last of the Conglomerate, the race that originally inhabited the planet.

Yana explains that a point in space transmitted the message “Utopia” throughout the universe, calling them to a barren point in space. A project to find Utopia has been underway for thousands of years, but Yana is again briefly overwhelmed by the sound of drums in his head. The Doctor provides a means to get the rocket working and everyone prepares to leave, unaware of the Futurekind infiltrator.

The Doctor and Professor Yana chat and Yana admits his title is purely honorary. The Doctor notes that Yana will have to stay behind to launch the rocket and the Professor admits Chantho won’t leave him behind so he’s lying to her. However, the base guards have found the TARDIS, which triggers another round of drumbeats with Yana. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to power up the system and Yana confesses his problem to the Doctor. Lieutenant Atillo, head of security, sends a man in to get the power couplings. The chamber is heavily irradiated but safe as long as they hold back the stet radiation. However, the Futurekind infiltrator sabotages the systems and the man is killed when they can’t hold the radiation stable. Jack tries to break the connection but is electrocuted, and the Doctor stops Martha’s efforts to revive him. Jack comes back to life and the Doctor realizes they need him to get into the chamber and get the couplings.

As Jack goes in, he asks the Doctor how long he’s known and the Doctor admits he’s known for some time. Jack then accesses the couplings while Martha explains to Yana that the Doctor travels in time. Yana examines the TARDIS as its name echoes through his mind.

Inside the chamber, Jack discusses the fact that he is now effectively immortal, and the Doctor knew all the time. The Doctor left him behind because of an instinctive Time Lord reaction to the fact Jack is a fixed point in time and space, and even the TARDIS reacted against him. The Doctor explains that Rose gave Jack immortality when she revived Jack after his encounter with the Daleks. With Rose stripped of the power and trapped on a parallel world, there’s no way to restore Jack to normal. As they discuss regeneration, the words seem to stir memories in Professor Yana. He shows Martha a watch… the same type of watch that the Doctor carried when he changed himself to human. Yana explains he was an orphan and can’t get the watch open. Martha nervously backs away and goes to tell the Doctor of what she’s discovered.

Jack frees the power couplings and a countdown begins as he works with the Doctor to make sure the ship launches. Martha explains that Yana has the same watch that the Doctor did, and it changes a Time Lord into a human. The Doctor wonders which Time Lord Yana might be, and is concerned that now Yana can see it despite the perception filter. Yana begins to hear voices in his head, commanding him to open the watch, while Chantho tries to reassure him. The Doctor initiates the launch while Yana considers the watch… and opens it. And the Doctor realizes that the Face of Bode’s last words--“You Are Not Alone”--are an anagram of Yana.

Confirming the ship has lifted off, the Doctor heads for Yana’s lab but the Professor cuts off the power, opening the gates to the Futurekind. The Doctor cuts his way through the security doors while a despairing Chantho pulls a gun on Yana for destroying their work. He takes an electrical cable and advances on herm, furious that she never told him of the watch. Yana announces that “the Professor” was a disguise and that he is truly… the Master.

The Doctor, Jack, and Martha make their way through the corridors to the lab while the Master takes the Doctor’s hand and the data file on Utopia. He prepares to enter the TARDIS after killing Chantho, but she fires one final shot and mortally wounds him. The Master enters the TARDIS and locks it behind him, then staggers to the console. Jack and Martha try to hold the doors against the Futurekind while the Master resolves to be young and strong… then regenerates into a new form. The Master announces himself to the Doctor as Martha recognizes his voice. The Doctor tires to interfere with the TARDIS power systems using his sonic screwdriver but the Master dematerializes the TARDIS and leaves them stranded…
The Doctor, Martha, and Jack arrive in an alleyway in modern-day London and the Doctor explains he was able to fix Jack’s time manipulator to bring them away from the future. The Doctor believes he’ll know the Master as soon as he sees him, but they see a news broadcast of England’s new prime minister: Howard Saxon, the Master.

The Master and his new human wife Lucy are going into his new office when Tish Jones, who is working for him, wants to know what she should do. The Master simply tells her to look attractive then goes into his first meeting and is unconcerned about the seriousness of the situation. He insults his cabinet members and dismisses them as traitors. He then dons a gas mask and releases gas mask into the room, killing them all.

Martha takes the Doctor and Jack back to her apartment, and she discovers that Tish is working for the Master. Vivian Rook, a newspaper columnist, arrives to speak with Lucy Saxon. Once Rook dismisses Tish, she warns Lucy that her husband isn’t who he says he is, and his entire background is invented. He only reappeared after Harriet Jones was removed from office, and after his success with the Archangel project, a mobile cell phone network. Lucy chooses to remain faithful and Howard Saxon comes in. He admits everything she’s found out is true, proclaims that he is the Master, and causes several metal spheres to appear. He and Lucy step out of the room as the spheres brutally kill Rook.

The Doctor explains that he locked the TARDIS in so it could only travel between the distant future of Utopia and the 21st century. Both Martha and Jack were going to vote for Saxon, but had no idea why. The Doctor notices Martha tapping rhythmically but before he can follow it up, Saxon broadcasts a new speech announcing he has allied with the metal spheres, an alien race known as the Toclafane. He promises that the human race will assume their righteous place in the universe. The Doctor realizes a bomb has bee attached to the back of Martha’s TV and gets them out just before it blows up. She calls her mother, who says she’s resolving matters with her ex-husband and asks Martha to come meet them. Saxon’s men are listening in and her father Clive blurts out it’s a trap. He’s taken away while Martha drives the Doctor and Jack to the apartment. She tries to call Tish who is arrested. They get to the apartment but a mysterious blonde woman opens fire on them and they’re forced to drive away as the rest of Martha’s family is arrested.

They ditch the car and Martha calls her brother Leo. Saxon is listening in and notes he’ll find her no matter where she hides. The Doctor takes the phone and verbally spars with the Doctor, noting the Toclafane were a Gallifreyan bogeyman. The Doctor explains that Gallifrey is gone, destroyed in the Time War. The Master explains he was resurrected as the perfect warrior for the Time Lords, but he ran when the Dalek Emperor revealed the Cruciform, making himself human to disguise his existence. The Doctor tries to persuade him to take their fight away from Earth, but the Master refuses and mentions the “drumming” inside his head. The Doctor notices everyone is drumming to the same rhythm, while the Master announces that Martha, Jack, and the Doctor have all been labeled as terrorists. Jack’s “gang” have been sent off to the Himalayas so he’ll get no help from them. The Doctor realizes the Master is watching them on the surveillance cameras, and the Master tells them to run for their lives.

One of the Toclafane appears before the Master and asks if “the Machine” is ready. The Master informs it that it will reach critical the next morning. The Toclafane speaks of an approaching darkness, but the Master is unconcerned.

The Doctor, Martha, and Jack hide in an abandoned building, and the Doctor explains that young Time Lords are required to look into the Time Vortex. Some run away, and a few go mad… and the Master went mad. Jack explains that he rebuilt Torchwood after the Canary Pier incident, so that they were no longer hostile toward the Doctor. Vivien Rook has sent Jack an electronic file warning against Howard Saxon and the Archangel orbital network. The Doctor realizes the Master is using the system to send a rhythmic four-beat pattern to subconsciously force them to support him. The Doctor takes three TRDIS keys and reprograms them to release a subliminal signal to let them blend in as long as they don’t draw attentions to themselves.

Air Force 1 lands in England as U.S. President-Elect Winters arrives to speak with the Master. Winters orders him to stand down so UNIT can take control of the alien contact situation. The Master seems unconcerned and Winters orders them to have the meeting moved to a UNIT aircraft carrier, the Valiant. The Doctor, Jack, and Martha arrive and inconspicuously watch, and the Master seems unconcerned as long as the meeting is broadcast worldwide. After Winters leaves, the Master has Martha’s family transferred but the Doctor insists that he deal with the Master without killing him.

Jack uses his time manipulator to teleport them to the Valiant the next morning, hovering far above the surface. The Doctor seems to hear something and takes them to the TARDIS. Going in, he finds the control console cannibalized and rebuilt into a Paradox Machine.

Winters prepares for first contact while the Doctor explains that the Paradox Machine has enough power to destroy the solar system. Winters broadcasts worldwide while the Doctor tries to get close to the Master. If he can put one of the keys around the Master’s neck, the world will see him for what he really is. The Toclafane appear and demand to know where the Master is. He reveals himself and has the Toclafane kill Winters, then has his men capture the Doctor. The Master boasts he was immune to the perception filters then uses a laser screwdriver to temporarily kill Jack. The Doctor tries to get through to him but the Master talks about Lazarus’ genetic manipulation device. The Master has concentrated the technology into his laser screwdriver, along with the Doctor’s biological data code from the hand. He uses the laser screwdriver on the Doctor, aging him a hundred years. Jack and Martha look on as the aged Doctor crouches helplessly.

The Master has Martha’s family brought in, and the Doctor demands to know who the Toclafane are, but the Master declines. The aliens demand to know if the machine is finished and the Master announces its time. He activates the Paradox Machine in the TARDIS and a rift opens aboard the Valiant and six billion Toclafane pour out. They travel across the Earth, wiping out one-tenth of the population. Martha has no choice but to leave the Doctor and teleport away using Jack’s time manipulator. She looks on as the Toclafane decimate the planet, and resolves that she will return. The Master and Lucy hold the Doctor between them, forcing him to confront the slaughter below.
One year after the Master has taken control of the planet, Martha returns to England by boat and meets with Thomas, one of the underground fighters. She needs to meet with Professor Docherty, and uses the TARDIS key to conceal her self via the perception filter.

The Master takes the aged Doctor to the window of the Valiant and boasts of how he will use the Toclafane to recreate the world as the new Time Lord empire. The Master knows of Martha’ return and wants to know what the Doctor told her a year ago. He tells his staff to prepare for launch in 24 hours.

Elsewhere on the Valiant, Tish is sent to bring food for the imprisoned Jack, while Martha makes her way cross-country with Thomas. They find a manufacturing facility designed to build spaceships to launch a military assault across the universe.

Jack manages to pull himself free while the Jones family strike out and the Doctor manages to grab the Master’s laser screwdriver. The Master is unimpressed and it becomes clear that he was prepared, as his soldiers gun down Jack. The Master reveals his screwdriver has isomorphic controls and the Doctor can’t use them. He has the Jones family taken away.

Martha and Thomas get to Docherty just as the Master makes a speech to the world. He dismisses the rumors of Martha as some kind of savior, and shows the Doctor on-screen. The Master then stops the Doctor from regenerating and ages him another 900 years, reducing him to a dwarfed frail creature. Martha refuses to be intimidated, insisting that the Doctor is still alive and taking hope from it.

Docherty reveals that the Master’s telepathic signals are still keeping Earth from mounting a successful resistance against them. Martha believes that the key is the Toclafane, and that one was destroyed by lightning in South Africa. She gives the readings to Docherty, who determines she can recreate the conditions. Thomas goes out and lures in a Toclafane sphere, and Docherty and Martha capture it with an electrical trap and start to take it apart.

The Master and his wife Lucy go to see the Doctor, now kept in a cage, to boast of how their empire will begin the next day. The Master is still obsessed with the drum beat, which he has heard ever since he looked into the vortex and believes are the drums of war.

Docherty opens the sphere and finds that it contains a human head. The head is still alive and speaks to Martha Jones directly. It reveals that it has the memories of Creet, the child that Martha talked to before leaving for Utopia.

Aboard the Valiant, the Master has Lucy described the future of Utopia to the Doctor, from when the Master took her there. Martha realizes that the coordinates are locked between the year 100 trillion and the 21st century, so the Master went to Utopia. The survivors found nothing, cannibalized themselves, and gave themselves the mentality of children. The Master brought them back to the 21st century and used his Paradox Machine to avoid the fact of the Toclafane going back in time to kill their own ancestors. The Toclafane explain that they wish to help the Master build his new empire, just for the fun of it.

Martha explains to Docherty that the Doctor told her of a weapon that is capable of killing a Time Lord despite his regenerative abilities. Torchwood and UNIT created such a weapon but it needs four key chemicals and she only has three. The components were scattered across the world and Martha has spent the last year assembling them. The last component is in an old UNIT base in London so she and Thomas head out to get the last component. As Martha leaves, Docherty warns that she doesn’t look like a killer.

Martha and Thomas make their way through the streets of Bexley to another underground fighter who is sheltering refugees. They are unaware that Docherty is secretly contacting the Master and bargaining her knowledge for the life of her son. Meanwhile, Martha speaks to the refugees and inspires them with tales of her travel and how she is no legend, but the Doctor is the one everyone should think of. The Master himself sets foot on Earth and arrives with his human and Toclafane security forces. He calls out to Martha to surrender and she steps out, removing the TARDIS key. He forces Martha to turn over the weapon so he can destroy it. He prepares to kill Martha but Thomas charges out and the Master kills him. He then decides to take Martha to the Doctor so his rival can see his companion killed before him.

Aboard the Valiant, the Master takes the vortex manipulator from Martha and then prepares to order the launch of his fleet. The Doctor, Martha, Jack, and the Jones family are forced to look on but Martha starts laughing. She reveals the gun was a fiction that she and the Doctor set up, and they knew about Docherty’s son and how the professor would give her away. As the countdown hits 1 minute to launch, Martha explains of how she traveled the world to spread the story of the Doctor and to think of one word, one thought, at one specific time. The Archangel network’s telepathic field would pick up the one though, and the Doctor has spent the last year tuning into the telepathic field. The Doctor absorbs the telepathic energy and reverses the aging process. The Master opens fire on him but his laser blasts are useless. When he tries to kill Jack and the others, the Doctor telekinetically takes away his laser screwdriver. The Doctor advances on him… and says “I forgive you.”

The Toclafane realize something is amiss, while the Master uses the vortex manipulator to teleport himself and Doctor to one of the shipbuilding yards. The Master reveals he has a black hole converter and will use it to trigger the self-destruct of every ship on the world. Jack and the soldiers go to the TARDIS to destroy the Paradox Machine, fighting past the Toclafane.. The Doctor points out the Master wouldn’t kill himself even if he could take Earth along and the Master turns over his remote. Jack gets inside the TARDIS and destroys the Paradox Machine, and Earth is shaken by the realignment of timelines. The Doctor teleports the Master back to the Valiant and time reverses itself a year. Other then those aboard the Valiant at the moment of realignment, no one will remember the Master’s conquest of Earth. They handcuff the Master but the Doctor insists that the Master is his responsibility and will imprison him in the TARDIS. However, Lucy Saxon guns the Master down. The Doctor holds him but the Master refuses to regenerate so as to avoid a prisoner’s eternal fate, and declares that he’s won. Then he wonders if the drumming will finally stop… and dies. The Doctor cremates his oldest rival’s body and leaves… unaware of a feminine hand that sort through the ashes and takes the Master’s ring.

The Doctor, Martha, and Jack go to Cardiff and Jack takes off, refusing to go with the Doctor. He’s concerned about his Torchwood team and plans to find them, although the Doctor relieves him of his vortex manipulator. The Doctor warns that Jack will live forever, and as Jack leaves he mentions that he was once nicknamed “The Face of Boe,” leaving the Doctor and Martha to wonder…

The Doctor has completed repairs on the TARDIS and has his severed hand safely on-board. He waits outside the Jones house as the family is reunited, then Martha comes into the TARDIS… to tell the Doctor she is staying behind. She plans to earn her doctorate and look after her family. She gives the Doctor her phone in case he needs to contact her, and admits that when someone feels unrequited love, it’s time to walk away. She leaves once more and the TARDIS sets the controls… as the prow of the Titanic crashes through the wall.

Series 2

In series 2 a new tenth doctor and Rose battle sycorax on Christmas day,then cat nuns, the last human, Cassandra and zombies , a werewolf, krillitanes in a school where he also meets his former companion Sarah Jane Smith and his old tin dog K-9.Then they fight against clockwork droids.The newly designed Cybermen in a parallel world, a TV presenter who is an alien,ood who have been taken over by a great Beast who was imprisoined by the desciples of light ,an Abzorbaloff from the planet Clom, they help send a lost alien child home then they find out about Torchwood and the void and the breach and that the cult of skaro (the last 4 daleks) and the cybermen have come through, the daleks also brought through the genesis ark which is a time lord prison ship from the time war which holds millions of daleks. But when roses family are forced to be trapped on a parallel earth so not to get sucked into the void rose stays behind and is about to be sucked into the void (with the daleks and the cybermen )when her father from a parallel world saves her and takes to a parallel world where she is trapped.

Series 1

In series one the Doctor, and his new companion, Rose, battle Autons, the last human at the end of the world, Cassandra, zombies who are actually the gelth, slitheen in Downing Street,they visit an alien museum,they stop nanogenes who are changing humans into childish like people looking for their mothers because of an ex time agent called Captain Jack Harkness and they finally go against the Daleks where we see the ninth doctor regenerate into a younger tenth doctor because Rose took in the time vortex and the doctor took it out of her, but Captain Jack who also fought the daleks with them was left in the year 200,100 after Rose took in the time vortex and brought Captain Jack back to life after him being killed by the daleks .

More news

Some more news, the Pompeii episode will apparently feature Rock Monsters, which can be seen in the series 4 trailer .

David Tennant has said in a interview that in series four will see the Doctor 'regretting' his behaviour towards Martha in the last series. He also talks about some emotional episodes throughout the series, will Rose be involved?

Donna said on Jonathan Ross' Radio Two programme that she will only be in this series only then leaving.

The latest issue of DWM says that actress Georgia Moffett has been cast to play a 'key role' in the next series of Doctor Who. Georgia is actually the daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, but producer Phil Collinson promises that that isn't the reason they cast her..."She's a very fine actor," he told the magazine. "In fact, she's been lined up for a very long time, since we auditioned Georgia for the Agatha Christie episode. As soon as we saw her, we realised there was a much bigger and better part later on in the series... so Georgia kindly waited until the time was right. It's a role no one will ever forget!" maybe the Rani?

Voyage of the Damned will be repeated on New Years Day with an extended series 4 trailer - BBC One - 2.15pm and also with extended Series Four Coming Soon trailer - BBC Three - 7pm.

Also, rumors of a episode later in the series has been revealed by The Sun, this is not confimred yet to take this with a pinch of salt.

The report claims that BBC bosses are so confident about the show that they have gone all out for the next series - they are planning an episode WITHOUT the Doctor.The Time Lord finds himself lost in space following an alien invasion and his faithful companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble have to take control of the TARDIS to save him and the rest of the world.

“The chemistry between the three assistants is electric," an insider told the newspaper. "It is so strong that we realised the Doctor could be in danger of getting in the way. So it is left to the girls to sort things out, having to save civilisation and the Doctor himself.” The episode, which will be similiar to Love & Monsters and Blink, will see the three companions competing for the Doctor's attention in different ways. They all want the best for him, but will they be able to work with each?

“It is a bit of a gamble having Doctor Who without the Doctor," the insider continued. "It has never been done before. But everyone is so interested in the different assistants that it should be fantastic." Thanks to Whoviannet for that.

Voyage of the Damned will be making its way to DVD on March 10th 2008, no special features - or easter eggs - have been revealed yet. wait and see!

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Journeys End

The Doctor is still regenerating, and then redirects the energy into his severed hand within the jar in the TARDIS. He falls back, healed but still in his tenth body, leaving Rose, Jack, and Donna utterly confused.

The Daleks prepare to kill Sarah Jane when Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler teleport in and destroy them with energy rifles. Jackie asks Sarah where Rose is.

Ianto and Gwen are still firing on the Dalek as it invades Torchwood HQ. The bullets stop in mid-air and Gwen determines they're somehow frozen in time, along with the Dalek.

The Doctor checks out his severed hand and explains that once he healed, he redirected the regeneration energy into the hand to avoid losing his current body. He reminds Rose that he lost his hand during his sword fight in the Sycorax invasion. "You're still you," she says as she approaches the Doctor. He confirms it. After two years of being separated, the Doctor and Rose hug each other tightly, overjoyed to be together again.

Ianto determines that their former comrade Tosh complete a time-lock defense system before her death. The Dalek is frozen in the entry, but he and Gwen can't leave. It's up to Jack now.

The Daleks locate the TARDIS in the street and surround it in a temporal prison, causing it to lose power. It is then transported to the Crucible. Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jackie see it but are unable to intervene. Sarah Jane asks Mickey if they can use their teleports - which are also dimension jumps - but their devices need 30 minutes to recharge. With time running short, Sarah Jane advises them to put down their guns and surrender so that the Daleks will take them and the other human prisoners to the Crucible for testing. She surrenders and Jackie and a reluctant Mickey follow suit.

Martha dons the teleport harness and tells her mother that she has to go. Francine asks about the Osterhagen Key, but Martha says nothing. She tells her mother she loves her and teleports away to Germany, 60 miles outside Nuremberg. Martha narrowly avoids the Daleks in the area.

As the TARDIS is taken to the Crucible, the Doctor asks Rose what happened in her parallel world, which is running ahead of theirs. Rose and Donna mention the coming darkness, as well as the stars going out, which happened in Donna's parallel world. Rose explains that they - the parallel Torchwood - have been building a dimension cannon, which would allow Rose to come back. It started to work, but she realized that the walls of reality were breaking down, even the Void was dead. Something was destroying everything. When Donna's involvement comes up, Rose notes that the dimension cannon can measure timelines, and they all seem to be converging on Donna as the focal point.

They arrive in the Supreme Dalek's chamber and the Doctor orders them all out. Rose and Jack remind him of the TARDIS' defenses. The Doctor notes that, unlike the Daleks they faced in the year 200,100, they are facing a full-fledged Dalek empire at the height of its power, and they're capable of anything. Donna, who starts hearing a heartbeat again, stays behind and the TARDIS doors close on their own. The Doctor demands that the Supreme Dalek release her but it denies any involvement. However, it sends the TARDIS through a tube into the ship's Z-Neutrino drive, noting the TARDIS is a weapon to be destroyed. The Doctor and the others look on in horror as the TARDIS starts to dissolve in the white-hot energy core.

As the TARDIS interior bursts into flames, Donna sees the Doctor's severed hand moving. Touching it, there's an enormous release of energy and the jar shatters. There's a flow of the Doctor's regenerative energy from the hand to Donna and then it regenerates into a copy of the new (and now naked) Doctor. The New Doctor dematerializes the TARDIS so that it appears that it is destroyed in the flames.

The Supreme Dalek taunts the Doctor. An angry Jack pulls out a gun and shoots the Supreme Dalek. It's unaffected and seemingly kills him. Rose, unaware of Jack's abilities, cries over his corpse but the Doctor knows better. As the Doctor and Rose are taken to Davros, Jack winks at the Doctor.

As the New Doctor repairs the TARDIS, keeping it on low power, he explains that when she touched his hand, it instigated a biological meta-crisis. Now he has part of her DNA and starts talking and acting like her, and realizes he has only one heart. He assures her that she's special but when she insists she isn't, he knows what she's thinking through their common DNA and realizes how insecure she is. He starts to put the pieces together in his head. Donna meeting the Doctor in the first place was no coincedence: she materialized in the TARDIS, she parked her car right were the TARDIS landed, and now the meta-crisis. The two of them were always headed for this, but the pattern isn't complete yet.

Martha goes to a castle and confronts a local woman who says that the soldiers guarding the castle abandoned it and died fighting the Daleks. Martha goes in to a hidden elevator but the woman pulls a gun. The local woman knows of the Osterhagen Key and is willing to kill Martha to stop her, but Martha convinces her that they have no choice but to use it. She goes down to a hidden control center and tries to make contact with the other Osterhagen stations.

Two Daleks put Jack's corpse in a disposal bin to be incinerated. After they leave, he slips out and moves through the Crucible ship. While Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jackie are herded in with the other prisoners, the Doctor and Rose are taken to Davros and confined in holding cells (cylindrical force fields). Davros boasts of his triumph but the Doctor realizes that the Daleks have made their creator a prisoner. Davros says that he has reached an "arrangement" with his creations, then notes that Rose's coming was foretold by Dalek Caan. Caan is present and speaks of how in the near future the Doctor and his "Children of Time" will be there to witness the end of everything. Further, one of the Doctor's "Children" will die, and the Doctor's true soul will be revealed. Satisfied, Davros says that they are ready to test the Reality Bomb.

Sarah Jane and Mickey manage to slip away from the other prisoners as they're herded into a test chamber. Jackie falls behind to help a frightened woman and is unable to escape. The Supreme Dalek orders the test to begin and the Reality Bomb overhead starts to activate as the Daleks draw on the power of the 27-planet configuration. The Z-neutrino stream tightens into a single strand. Both Doctors realize what's about to happen and are both shocked. Mickey's teleport device goes off. It's recharged and gestures to Jackie to use hers. She apologizes to the prisoners and then teleports out to the others. The Reality Bomb "detonates" and the human prisoners disintegrate into dust. Davros boasts that the Reality Bomb negates the electrical energy of atoms, which is what binds all living things together. He and the Daleks can destroy every other life form in all of the universes by using the power of the planetary configuration to send a destruction wave through all the dimensions via the Medusa Cascade.

The Daleks withdraw to the Crucible for protection against the wave, and the citizens of Earth start to celebrate. Wilfred realizes that it's not over yet, however. Jack, using his wrist device, finds Sarah Jane, Mickey, and Jackie, and they have a brief reunion. Sarah Jane shows him a necklace that a seer gave her: a warp star, containing an enormous explosion in stasis. Jack has just been given a bargaining chip.

Martha contacts two other UNIT officers at separate Osterhagen stations. Despite their knowledge of what is involved, they feel they have no choice but to proceed. However, Martha hesitates. She answers to an authority "way above UNIT," and she knows what the Doctor would do next.

Aboard the TARDIS, the New Doctor is creating a weapon that will lock the Crucible's transmission onto Davros, which would destroy the Daleks since they are made out of his DNA.

Martha contacts the Dalek fleet and calls upon them to surrender. She explains that the Osterhagen Key triggers 25 hidden nuclear warheads, capable of destroying the Earth as a final option. The Doctor is shocked that Martha would even consider this. She concludes that with one planet destroyed, the Daleks' will be unable to use the Reality Bomb. Rose comments on this, and Martha asks who she is. For a moment, Martha is stunned that it's Rose.

Jack transmits from his location and says he's wired the warp star into the mainframe: they can destroy themselves and everyone aboard. Sarah Jane steps forward admitting that she gave him the warp star. Davros is stunned at Sarah Jane's appearance, remembering that she was on Skaro at the creation of the Daleks. Caan's prophecies are all coming true as the circle of time closes back upon itself. Turning to the Doctor, Davros boasts that the Time Lord's "true soul" has been revealed: he turns his Children of Time into murderers.

The Supreme Dalek, unimpressed, teleports Martha, Jack, and the others into Davros' vault. As per Caan's prophecies, all of the Children of Time are together with the Doctor and Davros prepares to complete the prophecy. He commands the Supreme Dalek to detonate the Reality Bomb, boasting that no one can stop them. However, the New Doctor brings the TARDIS to full power and materializes it into the Vault. The New Doctor steps out. He tries to use the DNA weapon but Davros blasts him with a lightning bolt and then imprisons the New Doctor in another holding cell. Donna tries to get to the weapon but Davros shocks her as well. On Davros' orders, the weapon is destroyed.

Everyone looks on in horror as the countdown reaches zero… and power drops all over the ship. Donna is at a control panel and boasts that she has shut down the power. When Davros and the Daleks try to open fire on her, she negates their weaponry and then explains that she has enhanced intelligence because she has the Doctor's intelligence: it was a two-way meta-crisis. It was dormant until Davros shocked her. The New Doctor gained some of her DNA and she gained some of the Doctor's. She frees everyone and scrambles the Daleks' gyroscopic controls, rendering them harmless. Jack gets the energy weapons from the TARDIS. He and Mickey take Davros prisoner while Donna and the two Doctors use the controls to send the planets back to their proper time and space. Davros demands to know why Caan didn't warn him of this defeat, but the Doctor realizes what's happened: Caan did foresee it, and manipulated the timelines to put Donna in the right place at the right time. Caan confirms his theory, stating that this would always have happened, but he helped. After he shifted into the Time War, he was able to see everything the Daleks have done throughout time and space. Caan saw the truth of them, and now he has decreed, "No more."

The Supreme Dalek descends into the vault and opens fire on the Doctors. It misses, but it destroys the control panel before they can return the Earth. Jack destroys it and the Doctor goes into the TARDIS so they can return the Earth. Caan tells the New Doctor that he must assure the Daleks' destruction, since their fleet is still powerful enough to destroy the universe even without the Reality Bomb. The New Doctor triggers a Dalekenium backlash, destroying all of the Daleks in the fleet. As the ships go up in flames, the Doctor emerges and realizes what has happened. Angry at the genocide, he gets everyone into the TARDIS and then tries to get Davros to safety. Davros refuses, naming the Doctor the "Destroyer of Worlds." He's engulfed in flames, while Caan warns that "one will still die" before being killed by falling debris.

Everyone escapes in the TARDIS but Earth is still in the wrong part of space. The Doctor contacts Torchwood and has them open the Cardiff rift and direct the power to the TARDIS. He asks if Gwen comes from an old Cardiff family. She confirms that her family goes back to the 1800's. The Doctor and Rose realize that they met one of Gwen's ancestors in the year 1869. He then contacts Luke and Mr. Smith and has the super-computer loop the energy around the TARDIS. Mr. Smith needs the TARDIS base codes but it would take too long to enter manually. Sarah Jane summons K-9 from his mission and has it enter the information. The Doctor then has five of his companions man the TARDIS console, explaining it was originally designed to be piloted by six people simultaneously. They focus the power of the rift into a giant energy towrope, snag the Earth, and tow it back to its proper position.

People celebrate worldwide while the Doctor bids goodbye to his companions. Sarah Jane leaves while Donna calls her family and Mickey says goodbye to Jackie. Jack and Martha depart next, after the Doctor disables Jack's wrist teleporter a second time. Jack hints that Martha should be working for Torchwood. Mickey steps out, having decided to stay in his universe. His grandmother has died peacefully, and adds that there's nothing left for him in the parallel world. He goes to catch up with Jack and Martha.

The Doctor then takes his counterpart, Jackie, Rose, and Donna to Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel universe. The rift is closing again after the destruction of the Reality Bomb and the Doctor asks Rose to stay there. They saved the universe, but at a cost. The New Doctor had committed genocide, and he's too dangerous to be left on his own. He was born in battle, full of blood, anger, and vengeance. His predecessor, the Ninth Doctor, was the same way when he first met Rose, and now he needs her to help make him better. Rose thinks that the New Doctor isn't the real Doctor, but Donna states what the Doctor is trying to give her. The New Doctor looks and thinks just like his counterpart, but he has one heart and will age normally: they can be together and grow old together. Rose asks them both what the Doctor said the last time they were at Bad Wolf Bay. The Doctor says it doesn't need to be said, but the New Doctor whispers the same words in her ear… and then kisses her. The Doctor and Donna leave in the TARDIS as the New Doctor and Rose watch on, hand-in-hand.

The Doctor and Donna go back through the rift and Donna starts planning a trip across the universe. However, she starts to overload from all the information in her mind. They both know why. She can't handle a Time Lord's mind. The reason why there's never been a meta-crisis is because there can't be. Donna realizes what he intends to do to save her and begs him not too, but he touches her head and strips her of all of her memories of their time together.

The Doctor returns Donna home and tells Wilfred and Sylvia what happened. He explains that if she ever remembers what happened, the knowledge will return and burn her up in a matter of seconds. Sylvia and Wilfred will have to lie to her, and convince her that the transportation of Earth was just another alien invasion she missed. The Doctor explains that Donna was important, saving the lives of billions of people. Sylvia says that Donna, her daughter, still is important, and the Doctor reminds her she should say that to Donna sometime. Donna comes down from her bedroom and doesn't recognize the Doctor, who introduces himself as John Smith.

Donna goes to call her friends while Sylvia tells the Doctor it's time for him to leave. As he goes, he waves goodbye to Donna who is busy chatting on the phone. Wilfred escorts him to the door and wonders who the Doctor has now. The Doctor says he doesn't need anyone, and Wilfred promises to look up to the sky from time to time to keep an eye on him, for Donna's benefit. The Doctor thanks him and then leaves alone.

The Stolen Earth

The TARDIS arrives on Earth and the Doctor and Donna emerge, but everything seems fine. However, the Doctor warns that if Rose could come to "their" universe from her parallel world, then the walls of the universe are breaking down. As they return to the TARDIS, a milkman's bottles start to vibrate and the entire world begins to vibrate.

Inside the TARDIS, Donna wonders if the Doctor's return is good. He hesitatingly admits it is. Suddenly the TARDIS shakes and the Doctor runs to the doors and opens them to reveal… the void of space. The TARDIS is in the same place, but Earth has disappeared.

Far across the universe…

In New York, Martha Jones recovers consciousness in the wreckage of UNIT. Captain Jack Harkness is with Torchwood, while Sarah Jane and Luke try to determine what is going on. Wilfred and Sylvia are equally confused. They all look to the sky... to see they are in another galaxy with 26 other planets nearby. And in the street where the TARDIS appeared, Rose Tyler appears with a large energy gun.

The Doctor and Donna try to determine Earth's location, and Donna worries that everyone is dead, including her family. The Doctor can't find a trace and takes Donna to the Shadow Proclamation.

On Earth, Jack, Gwen Cooper, and Ianto Jones are trying to find out what the problem is and determine that someone has established an artificial atmospheric shell, keeping Earth's inhabitants alive. They also spot something else: a space station at the center of the web. Sarah Jane and Smith have used Mr. Smith, the super-computer, to confirm the same thing. Two hundred spaceships move in, and UNIT prepares for battle. Martha is unable to get hold of the Doctor on her cell phone. Rose makes her way through the streets, where people are rioting at the apparent end of the world. When she spots two looters at a television shop, she tells them to run and then watches the news broadcasts. Sylvia and Wilfred are watching the same broadcast, and Wilfred is unable to contact Donna on his cell phone.

Martha calls Captain Jack who confirms he hasn't heard from the Doctor either. Martha mentions Project Indigo, a top-secret program that Captain Jack already knows about. They all receive an incoming transmission from the spaceships: "Exterminate!" Captain Jack and Sarah Jane all realize the end is near, but Rose strides out into the ships and looks overhead to see the ships arriving and opening fire. She strides away as buildings burst into flames. The Daleks prepare for the "human harvest" while UNIT swings into action… as the Daleks open fire on their New York headquarters.

The Doctor and Donna arrive at the Shadow Proclamation headquarters, as the Doctor explains they're an intergalactic police force. The Doctor and Donna emerge to confront the Jadoon patrolmen. After identifying himself, the Doctor meets with a Shadow Architect, who says that Earth has disappeared along with 24 other planets. Donna recalls a planet mentioned during their visit to Pompeii as well as Adipose 3. Although the Shadow Proclamation is unimpressed, the Doctor realizes planets have been stolen from time as well as space. The planetary display automatically aligns the planets in balance and the Doctor realizes they represent some kind of engine. He remembers someone else tried to move the Earth long ago…

The Daleks destroy the Valiant air carrier and Captain Jack warns Martha that the Daleks are targeting military bases. General Sanchez orders Martha to accompany him: Project Indigo is to be activated. Martha warns it hasn't been tested but they head to the labs while the UNIT soldiers try to hold the Daleks back. Sanchez orders Martha to don the Indigo power pack and gives her the Osterhagen Key, authorizing her to use it as necessary. The Daleks close in and Sanchez fights a last-ditch effort as Martha activates the Indigo unit: a teleportation unit. Jack explains that it's an experimental teleport salvaged from the Sontarans, but without coordinates Martha was scattered into atoms.

The Supreme Dalek announces that the Crucible has been prepared, while a shadowy figure asks if the Doctor has been spotted. The Supreme Dalek assures its superior that they are beyond the Doctor's reach. Its superior speaks of Dalek Caan, which the Supreme Dalek views as an abomination. Caan says that the "three-fold man," the Doctor, is coming.

Donna waits while the Doctor tries to figure out the location of the planets. A Shadow Servant offers Donna water and realizes there was something on her back. She then expresses sorrow about Donna's loss: the loss "yet to come." The Doctor asks if she remembers any unusual weather patterns, and Donna mentions bees disappearing. The doctor releases at least some of the bees are aliens, and went back home when they realized danger was coming. The alien bees are sensitive to Tandocca energy, and he tracks the radiation. The Shadow Architect declares war on the thieves and asks the Doctor to lead them into battle, co-opting his TARDIS. He steps inside to get the key… and dematerializes the TARDIS.

Wilfred and Sylvia are fleeing through the street when they run into a Dalek. Wilfred tries to blind it without success and it prepares to kill them. However, Rose arrives and guns I down, then recognizes them as Donna's family. Wilfred tries to explain to Sylvia where Donna has been all this time, while Rose admits that if they can't find Donna then they can't find the Doctor.

The TARDIS arrives at the Medusa Cascade, a vast rift in time and space. However, the trail is dead and the Doctor has no idea what to do.

Earth surrenders to the Daleks and the Daleks order humans to prepare to follow instructions for testing. However, the Nobles, Rose, Sarah Jane, and Torchwood have their signals intercepted and former prime minister Harriet Jones establishes contact with all of them, including Martha who has teleported to her home in England. She explains the subwave contacted is safe from interception and was developed by the Mr. Copper Foundation. Martha says she has the Osterhagen Key and Harriet says it is not to be used under any circumstances. Harriet needs the Doctor but knew that the Doctor wouldn't appear at the time when they needed him most. They have to form a secret army and Jack suggests they boost the subwave generator through every telephone exchange using the power of the rift, and the amplified signal will reach the Doctor. However, Ianto warns that if they all transmit then the Daleks will trace the signal back to Harriet, but she believes the sacrifice is worth it. They all go to work and make the call.

Aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor's phone ring and the Doctor follows it. Meanwhile, the Doctor's detect the signal and track it to the point of origin. The Daleks' shadowy leader warns that the Daleks were overconfident, but everything is moving into place. A Dalek saucer moves in on Harriet's location and she transfers the subwave network to Torchwood while saying it's an honor. She turns to face the invading Daleks and they gun her down as she defies them.

The TARDIS is pulled one second into the future and to Earth and the other 26 planets. The entire Medusa Cascade has been put one second out of sync. The Doctor taps into the subwave network and they are all reunited.

The Daleks' commander taps into the subwave network and talks directly to the Doctor. Sarah Jane recognizes the voice as does the Doctor: Davros, lord and creator of the Dalek race. The Doctor had thought Davros destroyed in the Time War, but Dalek Caan had made an emergency temporal shift and bypassed the timelock placed on the struggle. Caan was driven insane but Davros escaped and made a new race of Daleks, grown from cells of his own body. The Doctor says only one thing--"Bye"--and leaves. Davros assumes he's heading for Earth, while Caan sees a future with the death of the most faithful companion.

The Daleks locate Torchwood and move in. Jack contacts Martha and has her give him the teleport base code. He uses his own teleport device and goes to find the Doctor, promising Gwen and Ianto he'll be back. After he disappears, the Daleks move in to the facility.

Sarah Jane goes to find the Doctor, using Mr. Smith to find the coordinates. She tells Luke to stay, ordering Mr. Smith to protect him.

Rose locks onto the TARDIS and Sylvia and Wilfred wish her luck.

The TARDIS materializes in London and the Doctor and Donna discover the Daleks were taking the people. Rose finds them and she's reunited with the Doctor as Donna looks on, smiling. They're unaware that a Dalek is watching them… and shoots the Doctor. Captain Jack appears and destroys it a second later.

Gwen and Ianto prepare to make a fight of it.

Rose, Jack, and Donna get the Doctor into the TARDIS. Jack orders them to step back, warning Rose that she knows what happens next. The Doctor's hand begins to glow as he regenerates.

Sarah runs into a Dalek road block. She surrenders but they prepare to exterminate her regardless.

The Daleks penetrate the Torchwood facility and Gwen and Ianto open fire.

The Doctor staggers to his feet while Rose explains to Donna about regeneration. The Doctor glows with energy…

Turn Left

The Doctor and Donna visit the planet of Shan Shen and tour the markets. When the Doctor pauses at a booth, a fortune teller attracts Donna's attention and invites her to a free fortune telling. Donna agrees and enters the fortune teller's tent. The woman notes that Donna travels with a "remarkable" man and tries to pin down when Donna met him. Taken aback, Donna reluctantly talks about how she was working as a temp and starts to remember: each memory seems to ring a momentary twinge. She's unaware of some… creature crawling toward her on the floor. The fortune teller pushes the matter, asking what choice Donna made that led to her getting the temp job. Donna remembers her mother Sylvia insisting that she get a permanent job with a friend, and turning left to go to the temp job. The fortune teller seizes on the memory and tells Donna to turn right. Donna balks, but the creature, a giant beetle, crawls onto her back and attaches itself to her.

Donna turns right and history rewrites itself. The next Christmas Eve, Donna gets a promotion and celebrates with her friends, including Alicia. Alicia keeps staring at Donna's back but Donna doesn't see or feel anything. A man rushes into the bar saying that there's a Christmas star in the sky. They run outside to see the Racross spaceship, which opens fire. As U.N.I.T. tanks move in, Donna follows them and sees the soldiers take away a corpse: the Doctor. The soldiers confirm that the Doctor wasn't able to get out in time and drowned before he can regenerate. As Donna looks on, a mysterious blonde woman comes up behind her. The mysterious woman determines who Donna is and says that something is wrong. Like Alicia, the blonde woman seems to see something on Donna's back that Donna herself can't see. Donna turns to try and see it but when she turns back the woman has disappeared.

Later, Donna's employer fires her since their company is losing money due to the devastation caused by the Racross attack. A shock wave vibrates the building and they go to the window to see that a nearby hospital has disappeared. Later as Donna packs up her belongings, including a raffle ticket, the news announcer informs the viewers that the hospital has reappeared but that everyone is dead except for a medical student, Oliver Morganstern. Morganstern talks about how the hospital was teleported to the Moon by talking rhinos and the others hospital residents suffocated: fellow student Martha Jones gave him the last of her oxygen to ensure his survival. At home, Donna watches with Wilfred and Sylvia as the newscaster relates Morganstern's story of how an investigative reporter, Sarah Jane Smith, used a MRI to somehow drive the aliens off but she died along with her friends Luke and Marie. Donna is skeptical but Wilfred warns that alien sighting have become more common in the last few years.

Donna goes out walking and sees a flash of energy in a nearby alleyway. She goes and finds the same mysterious blonde woman, wearing the exact same clothing as from Christmas Eve. The blonde woman still sees something on Donna's shoulders even though Donna can't, and suggests that Donna use the winning raffle ticket to leave London the next Christmas. The woman refuses to identify herself and Donna angrily leaves.

Donna decides to treat Sylvia and Wilfred to a Christmas vacation and they go out to the countryside. As they wake up on Christmas morning, the maid comes in with breakfast and is frightened by what she sees on Donna's back. They're interrupted with the news broadcaster informs the viewers that a replica of the Titanic is falling out of orbit and heading directly for London. He's abruptly cut off as the TV goes dead, and everyone runs outside to see a mushroom cloud over London.

The Nobles are relocated to Leeds along with millions of other refugees, and find themselves in a flat with foreigners. Wilfred believes that the Americans will send financial aid for the rebuilding, until they get word that 60 million Americans have died, dissolving into fat blobs that were scooped up by alien spaceships. Donna tries to assure an increasingly depressed Sylvia that she'll get work and things will get back to normal. However, cars start emitting poison gas from the ATMOS anti-pollutant devices. A soldier almost shoots Donna, thinking there's something on his back. Donna sees another energy burst and finds the blonde woman waiting for her. The woman explains that ATMOS-equipped cars across the planet are emitting poison gas. She looks up to the sky and explains that a team from Torchwood is fighting the invaders. The sky suddenly bursts into flame as the gas is ignited. The woman says that two of the team, Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper, are now dead and their leader, Captain Jack Harkness, is now a prisoner on the Sontar homeworld. She asserts that none of this was supposed to happen and that the Doctor was supposed to prevent everything. The Doctor was supposed to survive but Donna wasn't there to convince him to leave in time to avoid dying. Donna has no memory of any of this but starts to have flashes of memory. She wonders what else could possibly happen that would be worse, but the mystery woman says that "the darkness" is coming, a darkness so vast that it pulled her from a parallel universe that is also in danger. She insists that Donna is important but warns that even if Donna comes with her, Donna will die. She notes that Donna has no choice and warns her that in three weeks she should be with Wilfred when he uses his telescope.

The foreign refugees in the Nobles' flat are transported to labour camps, and try to put a good face on it. However, Wilfred remembers the last time people were put in labour camps and the army refuses to answer any questions. That night, Donna goes with Wilfred as he looks at the sky… and they realize that the stars are going out one by one. Donna turns to go and finds the mysterious blonde woman waiting for her.

The woman takes Donna to a U.N.I.T. base to meet Captain Magambo. Donna is puzzled by the police call box that they have hooked up to their equipment. The blonde woman invites Donna inside to show that it's bigger on the inside than the outside. Impressed, Donna is in a more receptive state of mind and the woman explains that the police box, the TARDIS, belonged to the Doctor. Although it is in a state of shutdown they can drain some of its power. They put Donna in a circle of mirror and reroute power from the TARDIS to show her what's on her back: a large beetle-like creature. The blonde woman warns that it is in a state of temporal flux and can't be removed, and feeds on temporal changes. Donna insists she's nothing special but the blonde woman explains that they've used the TARDIS to track down the key moment when Donna's action doomed the Doctor. They plan to send Donna back to that moment so she can stop her past self's action and make sure the Doctor lives. Donna reluctantly agrees but becomes upset when the blonde woman refuses to confirm that Donna will survive to share the new future.

Donna arrives in the past but is a half mile away and four minutes short of the critical moment. She runs down the street but realizes that she won't make it. To stop her past self's actions, Donna throws herself in front of a van. The traffic backs up and past Donna has no choice but to turn right. Donna is dying and the blonde woman appears to whisper two words in her ear: a message to the Doctor.

In the real world, Donna wakes up as her memories rewind and everything is restored to normal. The beetle drops from her back, dead, and the fortune teller flees in terror from Donna, wondering what kind of power she has. The Doctor arrives and determines the beetle-creature is the tool of the Trickster Brigade, which use it to alter someone's history. He's puzzled by the fact that it created an entire parallel world from Donna and notes that something similar happened at the Library. Further, he's concerned at how coincidence has brought them together again and again. Donna starts to remember the events of the parallel world. When she describes the blonde woman, the Doctor recognizes her as… Rose Tyler.

Donna finally remembers the two-word message: "Bad Wolf." The Doctor runs outside in a panic, and sees that the words have appeared on signs and banners all across the marketplace. He runs to the TARDIS only to find that all of the lettering has been replaced with "Bad Wolf" as well. He runs inside with Donna to find that the Cloister Bell is ringing, warning of the imminent death of the universe.


The Doctor and Donna have landed on the planet Midnight, which has a sun that emits Xtonic radiation. Donna prefers to get a (filtered) suntan at the luxury palace, while the Doctor decides to take a passenger-truck tour to see the Sapphire Falls. The Doctor boards the truck, the Crusader 50, and is greeted by the Hostess. The other passengers include Professor Winfold Hobbes and his assistant Dee Dee Blasco; Biff and Val cane and their teenage son Jethro; and businesswoman Sky Silvestry. The Hostess has them strap in then closes the window shields, protecting everyone against the Xtonic radiation which can vaporize a person in a matter of seconds.

The passenger truck departs and Driver Joe describes their route, saying they'll arrive at the Sapphire Falls in four hours. The Hostess turn on the various entertainment channels, annoying everyone. The Doctor short circuits the channels and the passengers chat among themselves. Professor Hobbes is familiar with Midnight, and notes that it is supposedly uninhabited but no one has been able to adequately explore because the radiation.

The truck stops and the Hostess claims that the pilot is stabilizing the engines. The Doctor cheerfully pops up front and quickly realizes that Driver Joe and his trainee, Mechanic Claude, are having engine problems. Joe assures him that a rescue team will be there in an hour. They open the shields and look out through the filtered windows, seeing an ancient city. Claude notices a shadowy figure moving toward the truck but they're forced to close the shields against the radiation before Claude can identify what he saw.

The Doctor goes back to reassure the passengers, who start to panic until Dee Dee, a mechanic, assures them they have plenty of oxygen. They're interrupted when something starts banging on the hull: Hobbes insists no one could possibly survive out there. The intruder moves to the door and starts duplicating the passengers' knocks when they respond. Sky is growing increasingly panicky and cowers in the seats near the door. The knocking approaches the door and then something dents the dense material. The lights go out and the Doctor tries to calm everyone down. Using hand torches, they find Sky, who is surrounded by torn-up seats. Sky seems to be in a state of shock and doesn't respond to them. The door and walls are intact, and the Hostess tries to contact Joe and Claude. She opens the door and realizes that the pilot's cabin has been ripped off the ship. She's able to seal the door in the six seconds before the emergency pressure seal gives away.

The Doctor insists they are safe but Sky then turns to face them and initially doesn't say anything. However, when the Doctor starts talking to her she mimics his words. When the other passengers start speaking, she mimics each of them as well, a bare second after they speak. The situation gets steadily worse as the possessed Sky refuses to explain itself to the Doctor, and the other passengers are increasingly frightened as it seemingly steals their voices. Further, it speaks simultaneously with them instead of a half second behind. The Doctor moves everyone away while Dee Dee wonders if some monster has possessed Sky. Jethro speculates that the intruder focused on the passenger who was the most frightened, and needed someone emotionally vulnerable to take over.

The Doctor believes that Sky can still be saved, but the other passenger insists that they throw "Sky" out before she takes over any of them. The Doctor refuses to let them kill one of their own, but the passengers turn against him, wondering where he came from and why he has an obviously fake name of "Dr. John Smith."

The possessed Sky suddenly focuses on the Doctor, ignoring everyone else and only impersonating the Doctor. He once again tries to communicate with the entity but now it's speaking his words before he can say them. He starts echoing them while Sky regains her free will. She says that the entity has traveled from her to the Doctor. Hobbes pulls her away but Dee Dee doesn't believe the entity has moved on. Hobbes derides her for believing she's smart enough to think she can figure things out. The paralyzed Doctor can only echo Sky's words, even though Dee Dee thinks the entity is draining his life force.

Biff, Hobbes, and Jethro finally have enough. At Sky's urging, they haul the Doctor to the pressure seal and prepare to throw him out. However, the Hostess realizes that Sky is still imitating what the Doctor said earlier and is taking his words from earlier in the trip. She grabs the possessed Sky and pulls her out through the pressure seal, sacrificing herself to seemingly destroy the entity as well. The Doctor is freed, as the other passengers consider what they've done. As the rescue team arrives, the Doctor and the others realize that no one ever learned what the Hostess' real name was.

Later at the luxury palace, the Doctor and Donna are reunited and he admits that he doesn't know if the Hostess destroyed the creature, or what it wanted. The luxury palace will set up somewhere and the entity or others like it will be left to their planet. However, as Donna repeats the Doctor's expression "Molto benehe," he asks her never to imitate him again.

Forest of the Dead

Song uses her sonic screwdriver and opens a hole in the hallway, letting the Doctor and the others to escape. Meanwhile, the Girl is watching their exploits on her television, even though her father can't see anything. The Girl switches channels to a TV show featuring a convalescence home, CAL, where an ambulance delivers a patient: Donna Noble. Donna finds herself in a room and Dr. Moon comes in to see her and says he's been treating her for two years. He takes her for a walk and asks her if she's come to grips with her dreams about the Doctor. He suggests they go down to the river and they find themselves there instantly. Moon introduces Donna to another man, Lee McIvoy, who invites her fishing. Events happen, instant to instant, as Donna dates Lee, gets married, and has two children. Dr. Moon visits and Donna notes that it seems that no time has apparently passed. Moon then fades out and briefly appears as the Doctor, talking about signal interference. Dr. Moon tells her that she saw the Doctor and then forgot, and she instantly forgets.

The Doctor and the others get to a well lit room but the sun is setting. The Doctor tries to seal the room but the Vashta Nerada are closing in. His sonic screwdriver starts to malfunction due to a signal interfering. When the Doctor is skeptical of Song's claim that she's his future companion, she whispers a single word in his ear to gain his trust, and he accepts her. He then concludes there's a new and much stronger signal interfering. They see the moon rising overhead and Lux explains that it is a doctor moon, which acts as a virus program for the planet's computer core. Using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor accidentally summons an image of Donna. They're interrupted when Anita notices she has two shadows. Everyone dons their helmets and Song puts Anita's helmet on, and the Doctor tints her visor hoping the Vashta Nerada will think they're already there. Proper Dave's suited corpse, possessed by the Vashta Nerada, arrives and they're forced to run.

The Girl is watching Proper Dave on TV and switches channel to Donna with Lee and her two children Josh and Ella. She wonders where Dr. Moon is and looks outside to see a black-robed figure outside. She says she's tired and instantly finds herself in the bedroom with Lee. She hears a door open below and when Lee goes to investigate, she sees the robed figure in the street. Lee comes up with a note for her saying, "The world is wrong" and an invitation to meet with someone in the park the next day. As the Girl says "don't go," Donna goes to the park and sees the robed figure on a bench. Donna sits next to it and a female voice says that Donna got the note a few seconds ago, not the previous night. The figure explains that time progresses instantly and says they've met before in the library. Donna recognizes the voice and the figure reveals she's Miss Evangelista.

The Doctor stays behind with Other Dave and when the animated suit arrives, the Doctor tries to talk to it. The Vashta Nerada finally speak through the telepathic relay, explaining they hatched in the Library. The Doctor realized they hatched from spores in the books, but then sees that Other Dave has been killed as well. The two animated suits move in but the Doctor activates a trap door beneath him and plummets through, catching himself on the platform below.

Evangelista shows Donna the other children in the playground and explains that Donna has been programmed not to look. Donna starts to remember that Evangelista died, and Evangelista says the children were never alive. Donna looks and realizes that all of the children are the same single boy and girl. Donna rips aside Evangelista's veil to reveal a twisted, distorted face.

Song, Anita, and Lux have taken refuge in the Library and Song explains that she's uncomfortable with this early version of the Doctor, before he's first met her. She remembers her Doctor, who can send armies running and open the TARDIS with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor arrives and says it's not possible to open a TARDIS by snapping his fingers. Anita wonders why she's not dead yet and asks what it is that Song told him to win his trust, that his secret is safe with her. The Doctor realizes that when the computer said the survivors were "saved," it meant they were saved somewhere.

As the Girl watches, Evangelista explains that her face is distorted due to transcription errors, and that they are all "saved." The Girl screams at her not to tell.

The Doctor checks the computer system and confirms that there was a power surge a hundred years ago and the computer "saved" them: inside its database system.

Evangelista explains that Donna's body is stored as an energy signature and her mind inside the computer's hard drive. Donna's image is okay because she was teleported directly, but Evangelista is a corrupted data signal. She is also smarter because of the transcription error. When Donna wonders whose dream it is, Evangelista says the key is one word: CAL. The Girl changes the signal, and Donna's daughter injures her knee. Evangelista tries to explain that they're fictions sustained by Donna's beliefs, and she has to let them loose. The Girl screams at Evangelista, saying she'll spoil everything. When her father asks what's wrong, the Girl makes him disappear using the remote. She throws down the remote, and signals go off in the Library indicating that auto-destruct has been activated.

Donna takes her children home only to see that everything has turned red. The Doctor determines they have 20 minutes until self-destruct. Dr. Moon appears to the Girl and explains that she saved them all, but then she fvorgot. The Girl shuts him off… and the Doctor loses his data connection. Lux says they have to save CAL and must get to the main computer core.

Donna puts her children to bed and tries to reassure them, but they say that they're not real and disappear when she doesn't look at them. She promises to never close her eyes again… but then they disappear and she collapses, crying.

The Doctor and the others arrive at the computer core with time running out. The Girl cries out for help as the Doctor gets to a computer relays and hears her cry. The computer is in sleep mode and he tries to wake it, and her up. Lux activates a data Node to reveal the Girl. He explains that she is the computer and CAL: Charlotte Abigail Lux. Charlotte is Lux's grandfather's youngest daughter, who dying. They built a library and put her mind inside of it with all of human history for her to read and a moon to watch over. When the shadows came, CAL saved everyone in the library by storing them in the computer, but the information overwhelmed her systems and caused her to forget. CAL doesn't have enough memory space to teleport the survivors out of the core and the Doctor plans to use his own memory to supplement the computer. Anita wonders what will happen to the Vashta Nerada, and the Doctor says that they can roam to their heart's content. He then confronts "Anita," revealing the Vashta Nerada have already consumed her and have been talking through her using the telepathic link. The Vashta Nerada refuse to let her go and start to advance toward him. He tells them to look him up in the database and they agree to give him one day. Song realizes the Doctor can't get by without him and knocks him unconscious.

The Doctor wakes up handcuffed to a wall strut as Song hooks herself up into the memory system. She says that "her" Doctor in the future must have known it was time for her to go back and die, and gave her the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor can't die here or it will change history. She completes the circuit as in the virtual reality, Lee arrives to see Donna… and he fades out as she's teleported back to the real world. As he disappears she promises that she'll find him.

Groups of the survivors start appearing in the Library while Donna looks for Lee. The Doctor finds her as she says she hasn't found anyone named Lee. She wonders if he was real and they go to the TARDIS… just as Lee arrives. Back at the TARDIS, Donna wonders what happens to her since Song had never heard of her. The Doctor considers Song's diary and wonders if they should look to the future, and they both agree not to. The Doctor leaves it with Song's sonic screwdriver and walks away… and then comes back, realizing there was a reason he gave her the sonic screwdriver. He takes it to the computer core and activates a telepathic link inside of it. Inside the virtual reality, Song appears in the virtual reality with Charlotte and Moon, and Charlotte introduces Song to the Daves, Anita, and Evangelista, all stored within the computer.

The Doctor goes to the TARDIS… and snaps his fingers, opening it. He and Donna leave, while Song considers her diary, tucks in her new children Josh and Ella, and notes that sometimes… everyone lives.

Silence in the Library Part 1

In a home in modern-day London, child psychologist Dr. Moon helps a young girl see herself in a library. She talks about how the library goes on forever and somehow something has gotten into her library. Although Dr. Moon tries to assure her the library is in her mind, she sees the Doctor and Donna barge in ahead of a pursuer, and then the Doctor notices her and apologizes.

The Doctor and Donna arrive in the TARDIS. The Doctor explains that the Library is so big that it doesn't need a name. It's an entire world with an index computer for a core. Every book ever written is stored there. They are in the biography section, but the Doctor warns Donna not to read the future books to avoid spoilers. It takes a few minutes for him to notice that no one is there. He accesses a computer system and determines they're the only two humanoid life forms on the planet. However, when he expands the scan to any other life forms, he detects a million million other creatures. Donna wonders if the books are alive, but they're interrupted when they hear a voice. Going back inside, they find a Node, a mechanical information device with a human face. It warns them that it has a message from the Head Librarian: the library is sealed off and they should run. The Doctor uncovers a second message: "Count the shadows."

The Doctor and Donna walk through the stacks and the Doctor admits he got a message on his psychic paper, saying to come to the library. The Doctor doesn't know who the message is from. They hear a clicking noise and see the lights start to go off. They try to get through a jammed door and finally knock it down. The Doctor bars the door with a book, and they encounter… a small spherical security camera. The Doctor apologizes to it and it shuts off.

On Earth, the girl says they've arrived and she hears an annoying noise: the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver on the security camera. He activates it and the girl collapses. She yells for them to stop and the words flash on the security camera's screen. The girl informs Dr. Moon and her father that the Library is breached and others are coming. Donna and the Doctor see the message and Donna tries to get information from a Node. It reveals that its face is taken from a human that made a donation. Donna is not thrilled, but the Doctor notices a shadow with nothing to cast it. More lights are going out, but the shadow they just saw has disappeared. The Doctor realizes that the shadow has moved. The Node informs them that the Library has been breached and others are coming. Suddenly the door bursts open and suited figures enter. A woman opens her visor and greets the Doctor. She introduces herself as Professor River Song, in charge of an expedition paid for by Strackman Lux (also present).

The Doctor tries to convince them to leave without success and Strackman Lux has his assistant Evangelista try to get them to sign a contract relieving Lux of responsibility. Song says the Library has been abandoned for a hundred years and they're there to find out what happened. The Doctor notes that all species have a fear of the dark, which is actually the fear of the Vashta Nerada. He tells the party to get as much light as possible.

As they make preparations, Song reveals that she's the one who summoned the Doctor, and wonders why he's pretending he doesn't know her. She soon realizes that she knows the Doctor from his future, checking a diary to see where he's been. She notes the Doctor is younger than she's ever seen him, and he says he doesn't know who she is.

Song's team try to trap into the security protocols and set off a sound that Donna recognizes as a phone. On Earth, the girl's phone rings. However, only she can hear it. The Doctor accesses the system and appears on the girl's TV. They talk briefly but are cut off. As the Doctor works to restore the lights, he notices Song's diary and considers reading it, but Song says it's against the rules: his rules.

The girl uses the remote to try to get the Doctor back and finds a secret panel on the controller. She presses a button and in the Library, books start flying off the shelves. The Doctor notes that a CAL program is blocking his access and tries to get answers from Lux. Lux refuses until they sign the contract, but finally admits it has taken three generations for them to gain access to the Library. Song reveals there was one additional message: "4,022 saved, no survivors." There were 4,022 people in the library when it was sealed off. As they argue, Evangelista wanders off through an open panel and into a hall of books. The Doctor and the others hear her scream and run to the hall… where they find Evangelista stripped to the bone in only a few seconds.

As they stare at the skeleton, Evangelista speaks to them through her communicator. Song explains that she is a data ghost, her consciousness temporarily copied into the telepathic communicators. The pattern quickly breaks up and fades away and Song shuts down the communicator for good. The Doctor goes to find a packed lunch while asking Song who she is to him. She refuses to answer, much to his disappointment.

On Earth, Dr. Moon talks to the girl in private and tells her that the real world is a lie and her dreams are real. He warns that "the shadows are moving again" and only she can save the people trapped there.

While the Doctor works on the floor with his sonic screwdriver, Song notes that Donna is the Doctor's current companion and that he hasn't met Song yet. She sent the message to the Doctor but it arrived too early. She recognizes Donna's name but hasn't met her, and Donna wonders why they haven't met in the future. The Doctor then explains that the shadows aren't shadows: they're a flesh-eating swarm, the Vashta Nerada. He demonstrates using the packed lunch, and notes that most planets have them in small clusters but they're not typically aggressive. The Doctor says all they can do is run, and Donna suggest they find a teleport point at a local shop.

As they prepare to leave, the Doctor notices that one of Song's team, Dave, now has two shadows and that the Vashta Nerada have latched onto him. The Doctor attaches the helmet and tries to seal it using his sonic screwdriver. Song reveals that she has one as well, and seals the other suits. He take Donna to the teleport point and sends her to the TARDIS: when she protests, he sends her away before she can arrive. However, as she arrives her pattern breaks up as she screams in agony.

The Doctor returns to the others only to discover that Dave's second shadow has disappeared. Dave says that the lights have gone off and when they look into his helmet they see that it's filled with the Vashta Nerada. He talks to them but they quickly realize it's a mental data ghost on his communicator: he's dead. The suit, animated by the Vashta Nerada, grabs the Doctor but Song breaks him free. The animated suit walks toward them as the shadows spread out from it. Song blasts her way through the wall with a squareness gun and they run into the shelves.

On Earth, the girl tells her father that Donna Noble has been saved.

Taking refuge in the shelves, the Doctor tries to boost the lights to slow down the Vashta Nerada. Song explains that the Doctor gave her a sonic screwdriver, although he notes that he doesn't give one to just anyone. The Doctor realizes that Donna hasn't arrived at the TARDIS. He goes to a Node, which has Donna's face. It says that Donna has left the Library and has been saved.

The animated suit closes in and they're forced to keep running. However, the Vashta Nerada appear in front of them as the suit closes in, trapping them.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

The TARDIS materializes at an English manor ion the 1920s and the Doctor realizes a party is going on. Among the guest are Professor Peach and Reverend Golightly. The Doctor prepares to get himself invited, while Professor Peach goes into the library where he discovers a secret among the papers. Someone comes in and Peach recognizes them… just as they beat him to death with a lead pipe as he says it isn't possible.

The Doctor and Donna arrive and meet with their hosts, Lady Eddison and her husband Colonel Hugh. The Doctor bluffs his way in and Lady Eddison mentions the Unicorn, a jewel thief who has just struck and may try to steal something at the party. Reverend Golightly visits and they talk about how he beat off some thieves at the church. Roger, the Eddisons' son, secretly flirts with the male servant Davenport. The last guest to arrive is mystery writer Agatha Christie, and Donna and the Doctor are duly impressed. As they chat, the Doctor checks a newspaper and determines that it's December 8, 1926: the day that Christie mysteriously disappeared and her car was found at Silent Pool.

Lady Eddison's companion Miss Chandrakala discovers Peach's corpse while the Doctor tells Donna about how Agatha Christie disappeared for a day and claimed amnesia. When Chandrakala arrives, the Doctor, Donna, and Agatha go to investigate. The Doctor notices Agatha pick up a bit of burnt paper from the fireplace. The Doctor uses his psychic paper to identify himself as a Scotland Yard inspector and has everyone leave. He then finds morphic residue and provides Donna with a magnifying glass to investigate, while the Doctor suggests that Agatha work for him. She reluctantly agrees, unhappy at the Doctor's casual attitude toward the murder.

The Doctor then interrogates the suspects, starting with Reverend Golightly. He claims to be alone, while Roger claims to be alone while he was actually secretly meeting with Davenport. Robina Redmond, another guest, claims to have been alone while loading a gun for murder, and Colonel Hugh has trouble distinguishing between the modern day and his time in the Army looking at can-can girls. Lady Eddison says she was alone in her Blue Room until she met the Doctor.

The Doctor and Agatha consider the fact none of the suspects have an alibi, and Agatha reveals she picked up a piece of paper that has the word "maiden" on it. Meanwhile, Donna investigates a locked door and the older butler, Greeves, informs her that Lady Eddison recovered from malaria in it and it has been undisturbed in the last 40 years. He lets Donna in and she dismisses him, but as she investigates she hears a buzzing noise. She goes to the window and finds a giant wasp outside. It bursts into the room but she uses the magnifying glass to focus the sunlight and injure it so she can escape and close the door. The Doctor and Agatha come running but it leaves its stinger in the door and flies off.

Chandrakala is managing the house staff and realizes there is something she needs to ell Lady Eddison. She goes outside only to have a gargoyle statue fall on her. The Doctor and the others find her dying as she mutters, "The poor little child." They see the giant wasp outside and run upstairs to find it lurking on the upper floor. It attacks them and Donna drives it off with the magnifying glass and they follow… only to discover it has disappeared.

Everyone assembles in the study but Agatha admits she's only a writer and doesn't have a clue. Donna chats with her outside afterward and Agatha wonders if someone is mocking her by committing murders similar to her novels. Agatha admits she discovered her husband was having an affair and Donna admits she'll be famous for years. Agatha notes a case hidden in the nearby flowerbed. She takes it to the Doctor and they realize it contains thieves' tools. While sipping a cup of tea, the Doctor has analyzed a sample of the stinger and determines is a Vespiform from a distant galaxy. However, he goes into convulsions and they realize the tea has been poisoned with cyanide. The Doctor staggers into the kitchen and uses protein to stimulate his enzymes to overcome the poison. He finally says he needs a shock and Donna kisses him, which allows him to expel the poison.

That night at dinner, the Doctor realizes he's laced the soup with pepper, a primary ingredient which is used as an insecticide. The lights go out and they hear a buzzing noise as the Vespiform appears. As Lady Eddison says, "It can't be," everyone panics and when the lights come back up, Roger is dead and Lady Eddison's valuable necklace The Firestone has disappeared.

Afterward, Agatha concludes the killer wants something and the Doctor agrees, saying that she has lived and she knows about people. He then summons all of the suspects together and introduces Agatha, who starts with Robina. Agatha identifies her as an impersonator and explains how she tossed the thieves tools outside the window into the flower bed: she's the Unicorn. The Unicorn confesses and turns over the Firestone, but says she's a thief not a killer. Agatha then confronts Colonel Hugh, who gets up from his wheelchair. He's stayed in the chair to assure that his wife would stay with him out of sympathy. Agatha admits she had no idea he could walk and was just going to say he was innocent.

Agatha then picks up the Firestone and asks Lady Eddison to explain how she brought it back from India, then suffered from malaria and kept herself confined in her room. Agatha concludes that Lady Eddison came back from India pregnant and concealed it with the aid of Chandrakala. However, the Doctor realizes what is happening and has Lady Eddison explain: she saw a burning light in the sky during her stay in India and the next day met Christopher and they had an affair. Christopher then revealed he was a Vespiform who took human form to study Earth. He died during a monsoon but left her the Firestone. Lady Eddison then placed the baby in an orphanage but Professor Peach discovered the truth. Agatha notes that Lady Eddison is innocent of murder and turns it back over to the Doctor, who notes that Donna was right and the whole thing is being acted out as a murder mystery. The Doctor notes that Lady Eddison was reading a murder mystery the last Thursday, the same night that Reverend Golightly confronted the thieves in his church. The Doctor notes that he couldn't have defeated two strong men, and it has been forty years since Lady Eddison gave birth… and Golightly is celebrating his 40th birthday. When Golightly grew angry at the thieves, he transformed for the first time. The Firestone is a Vespiform memory device that beamed his true identity into his mind, as well as absorbing the works of Agatha Christie from Lady Eddison's memories.

Golightly starts to lose his temper and then reverts to his Vespiform. Agatha says that her imagination is responsible and she'll find a way to stop it. She drives away in her car and the Vespiform pursues her, while the Doctor and Donna take another car and continue the chase. She drives to the nearby lake, the Silent Pool, where her car was found during her disappearance. She uses the Firestone since she is linked to it through the Vespiform. She throws it into the lake and it flies in after it, drowning. Agatha starts to die as well, connected to the Vespiform through the Firestone. However, the Vespiform releases her from the mental link before dying. Christie suffers from amnesia and the Doctor realizes they've solved the mystery of her disappearance. Lady Eddison and the others will never speak of it.

The Doctor and Donna look on as Agatha goes to the hotel where she will eventually be discovered. He figures that all of the events will eventually bleed through and influence her writing, including "Death in the Clouds"… featuring wasps and still published in the year five billion.

The Doctors Daughter

The TARDIS is flying on its own as the Doctor tries to take control without success. It finally materializes and they merge to find themselves underground in a chamber filled with rubbish. Soldiers come in and take the Doctor, prisoner and put his hand into a machine for "processing." He realizes it's taking a tissue sample and is some kind of accelerated processor. As they look on, a nearby chamber opens and a blonde woman girl emerges. The Doctor realizes that the girl is… h is daughter.

The girl has had military tactics downloaded into her mind to participate on the ongoing war. The Doctor explains that the machine grew her from his cells. They're interrupted when another group of masked alien soldiers attack. The human soldiers are gunned down and one of the aliens grabs Martha. The girl grabs a remote and blows the tunnels, sealing off the aliens on the other side…. along with the TARDIS The Doctor tries to go after Martha, but the soldiers take him and Donna to General Cobb, their commander.

Martha wakes up and tends to a wounded alien, who she refuses to abandon even when his comrades arrive. They take her and the wounded soldier with them.

The Doctor and Donna meet with Cobb and bluff the fact that they're from an outlying sector. It's explained they're on the planet Messaline and the humans are at war with the Hath.

Martha is brought to a chamber where the Hath touch her curiously. Meanwhile, Cobb explains that it was intended the humans and Hath were supposed to live together in a colony, but the Hath turned against them. The war has gone on longer as anyone can remember. Thanks to the machine programming, all they know is how to fight… and how to die.

The Hath show Martha a hologram display of the city, while the Doctor goes over a similar map. Cobb talks of how they are seeking the Source, the breath of their Creator. It was lost during the war but both sides seek it. The Doctor manages to access the full system which shows the Lost Temple which contains the Source. It's closer to the human side, and Cobb orders his men to go after it. The Doctor suggests they stop fighting but Cobb insists on wiping out the Hath, but the general locks him and Donna up. Cobb also has the girl, Jenny, locked up as she shares the Doctor's genes.

The Doctor's efforts have shown the Hath the same map, and they prepare to go to the temple.

Locked up in a cell, Donna notices a series of numbered plaques. The Doctor assumes that the Source is not a deity but some kind of weapon or power source. Jenny wonders why he acts like a general despite his supposed pacifism, and looks forward to learning from him. The Doctor calls Martha on his cell phone and realizes the Hath are heading for the temple, but they're cut off when her cell phone battery goes dead.

The Doctor prepares to leave but says Jenny can't come along. Donna attempts to reconcile them and uses a stethoscope to demonstrate that Jenny has two hearts, but the Doctor asserts that Time Lords must share much more than just physiological patterns. He talks about the Time War and how he fought and killed in it, and she wonders how they're different.

Martha's Hath patient brings up a three-dimensional version of the map and she determines a surface route, which is radioactive but temporarily safe. She goes up to take the route, and the Hath goes with her.

Jenny seduces their guard and lures him close enough to capture him and take the key. The Doctor distracts another guard with a toy mouse and then Jenny knocks him out against the Doctor's wishes.

Martha gets to a surface hatch but her Hath is reluctant to go with her. She refuses to let anything stop her, opens the hatch, and steps out onto the barren windswept landscape.

Cobb discovers that the Doctor and the others have escaped, and insists that no one will stop him from acquiring the Source.

As they move through the tunnels, Donna sees more of the numbered plaques and notices that they're counting down. Jenny wonders what the Doctor does and Donna explains about how he saves planets and defeats evil. They come to a laser grid and while the Doctor tries to bypass it, Jenny prepares to shoot at the human soldiers approaching them. The Doctor is disgusted with her resorting to violence, but then she pauses. The Doctor shuts down the grid and gets through with Donna, while Cobb appeals to Jenny as a soldier. She prepares to shoot him… but then severs a gas pipe and releases gas. She heads for the corridor but the laser grid comes back on. She then somersaults her way through the grid, impressing the Doctor, and explaining that she refused to kill Cobb. The Doctor stops long enough to tell Cobb on the other side of the grid that if the Source is a weapon, he'll destroy it.

Martha and her Hath make their way across the surface and she falls into a pit of quicksand. The Hath tries to pull her out and is forced to jump in to lift her to safety, only to sink beneath the surface itself.

Donna tries to explain to Jenny what her relationship with the Doctor is, and how they travel, and suggests that Jenny travel with them. The Doctor agrees and Jenny hugs him. As she runs ahead to scout, the Doctor mentions that he was a father once before and Donna wonders why he hasn't mentioned it before. The Doctor admits that Jenny reminds him of his other children.

On the surface, Martha reaches the tower, while the Doctor's party gets to the temple from underneath. Donna tries to decipher the numbers as the Doctor gets the door open then seals it behind them. The Doctor realizes they're in a spaceship with a functioning fusion drive. He accesses the ship's log and discovers that the mission commander died and the two sides fought for control. Donna sees another number and realizes they all indicate dates that show the completion date for each section. They realize that it's been only seven days since the war broke out, and both sides have gone through twenty generations of reproduction a day via the progenation machines. They find Martha while both the humans and Hath break down the doors to gain access.

Finally, the Doctor discovers the Source: a terraforming device in a transit stage, contained within a gigantic greenhouse. They're interrupted when both sides burst in. The Doctor warns that they can't win and the Source is simply a bubble of gasses generating accelerated evolution. The Doctor offers them hope and a future, then releases the gasses and declare the war over. The humans and Hath lie down their guns… except for the obsessed Cobb, who shoots the Doctor. Jenny leaps in the way and she is mortally wounded. The Doctor says for her to hold on, that they can go anywhere. She says that will be great... and then dies in his arms. She isn't enough like him to regenerate. The Doctor grabs a gun and points it at Cobb… and then says he would never use it to kill. He tells both sides to form a peaceful society, and then sits by Jenny's corpse.

Later, the terraforming process continues while the humans and Hath prepare to give Jenny a proper burial ceremony. In the TARDIS, the Doctor concludes that Jenny's existence drew the TARDIS to her but they arrived early, and now it's time to go home. They drop Martha off and she says that she can't do this any more. Donna says she could never want an ordinary life and she'll travel with the Doctor forever. As the Doctor sees her off, Martha says she wondered if the Doctor had finally found something worth living for, and he says he has. They say their goodbyes and then Donna and the Doctor depart while Martha goes to her flat.

Back on Messaline, a green gas emerges from Jenny's mouth and she comes back to life. She takes a shuttle and declares that she now has the whole universe to explore.

The Poison Sky

As poisonous gas floods the Earth, Sylvia smashes the window, saving her father. At the factory, Colonel Mace's forces are struggling with the vehicles emitting the poisonous gas. Mace is unaware that the Sontaran clone of Martha is accessing the NATO defense systems and downloading them onto a chip. The Doctor heads back to UNIT after convincing Donna to come with her over Sylvia's objections.

Martha sends the defense plans to the Sontaran ship in orbit where General Staal receives the information and Luke is thrilled they're finally at war. The Doctor arrives at the factory and the Martha clone quickly passes on the Doctor's earlier warning to maintain her cover. The Doctor gives Donna a key to the TARDIS and sends her inside, then informs Mace he plans to board the Sontaran ship in his TARDIS, taking Martha along with him. The Martha-clone passes this on to the subverted UNIT troops, who attach a teleport unit to the TARDIS and signal Staal to transmit it up. Luke teleports back to the Rattigan Academy to mobilize his own troops, and Staal boasts that the humans have no idea what his true plans are.

The Doctor and the Martha-clone discover the TARDIS is gone. The Doctor notes that "Martha" doesn't seem concerned about her family and fiancé. Meanwhile, the Rattigan students look on in dawning horror at the poison gas, but Luke tells them not to worry about it.

UNIT has determined the gas isn't toxic until it reaches 80% density, and has pinpointed the orbital signal that triggered the ATMOS systems. The Doctor contacts the Sontarans and accuses them of cowardice, but Staal refuses to reveal his plans. He reveals that he has captured the Doctor but the Doctor sends a hidden message to Donna, who is watching, to call him by phone. Staal removes the TARDIS from his control room to a nearby storage chamber.

Luke makes his plans to rebuild a new world on a distant planet, but when the other students try to leave, he draws a gun on them but they ignore him and leave.

As the gas density rises, Donna calls Sylvia and Wilfred from the TARDIS and assures them that the Doctor will look after her. They wonder how the Doctor can deal with the worldwide disaster but Donna assures them he can.

The Doctor analyzes the gas and realizes the Sontarans need it for some other purpose. With the gas at 60% density, Mace prepares to launch nuclear missiles against the Doctor's insistence. However, Staal is unconcerned and orders Commander Skorr to prepare to land with his soldiers. The countdown goes to zero… and nothing happens. The Doctor wonders why the Sontarans bothered to stop the launch when the missiles wouldn't harm the ship. Meanwhile, Staal orders his men into the factory to "protect the operative." Mace orders his men to open fire but they're powerless against the Sontarans and readily gunned down. Mace is forced to order a retreat but many of his men are killed. The Doctor wonders why the Sontarans are interested in the factory, and UNIT detects a transmission signal.

Luke returns to the Sontaran ship to report his failure, but Staal is unconcerned and informs Luke he would have killed the students as soon as they arrived. He orders Luke's execution but Luke quickly teleports away, and Staal shuts down all teleport links.

The Doctor realizes there's something in the factory the Sontarans need. While Mace tries to figure a way to get around their copper-lined bullet suppression systems, the Doctor calls Donna and directs her to the teleportation system so she can reopen the link. He instructs her how to disable the Sontaran guard by hitting its probic vent, and then goes with Mace who has his men switch to non-copper bullets. Donna is forced to hide as a squad of Sontarans go by.

Mace calls in the air carrier Valiant and uses its engines to clear away the fog, then open fire on the factory. UNIT opens fire from the ground and enter the factory, while the Doctor goes off on his own with the Martha-clone following. He finds the cloning facility and the real Martha, captive. The clone draws a gun on him and the Doctor notes he's known she was an impostor all along and wanted her to stop the launch to avoid a nuclear war. He then rips the mental circuitry from the real Martha's head, causing the clone to collapse.

Donna has found the teleport link and calls for help, and the Doctor gives her the instructions to reactivate the link. Meanwhile, Mace finds Commander Skorr and guns him down, granting him a noble death.

The Doctor works with the teleport equipment while Martha tries to get her clone to help by drawing on their shared memories. The clone explains that the gas is also a clone feed: the Sontarans are changing Earth into a clone farm capable of creating billions of new soldiers. The clone admits she is envious of all the plans that Martha has and then dies, as Martha removes her engagement ring from the clone.

Donna reactivates the teleportation system but two Sontaran soldiers arrive. The Doctor teleports her away just in time, then teleports the TARDIS back to the factory. He then teleports all three of them to the Rattigan Academy where Luke begs them not to tell anyone. They ignore Luke and go to the Academy laboratories.

Staal orders his men to increase the signal to the ATMOS system then launch clone parts. Wilfred tries to reassure Sylvia as they start to choke. The Doctor works to build an atmospheric converter and runs outside to the yard to activate it. he fires a charge up into the atmosphere, igniting it and destroying the gas. Earth's inhabitants look on as the fire sweeps across the sky, and then emerge to breathe the clean air. However, the Doctor says that they're in trouble and Staal orders a full-out attack.

The Doctor uses Luke's teleporter to go to the Sontaran ship with the atmospheric converter, saying he has to give them a choice before activating it. The Doctor confronts Staal and tries to convince him to leave but the General refuses to lose the glory. The Sontaran fighters prepare to launch, but Luke beams aboard, takes the converter, and send the Doctor back to Earth. The converter destroys the ship just in time.

As Earth recovers from the Sontaran attack, while Donna returns home and Wilfred promises not to tell Sylvia anything. He tells her to go with the Doctor and see the stars. She returns to the TARDIS where Martha and the Doctor are waiting for her. Martha is preparing to leave but the TARDIS doors close on their own and the ship dematerializes on its own. Martha is furious, but there's nothing the Doctor can do.