Sunday, 30 December 2007

Series 2

In series 2 a new tenth doctor and Rose battle sycorax on Christmas day,then cat nuns, the last human, Cassandra and zombies , a werewolf, krillitanes in a school where he also meets his former companion Sarah Jane Smith and his old tin dog K-9.Then they fight against clockwork droids.The newly designed Cybermen in a parallel world, a TV presenter who is an alien,ood who have been taken over by a great Beast who was imprisoined by the desciples of light ,an Abzorbaloff from the planet Clom, they help send a lost alien child home then they find out about Torchwood and the void and the breach and that the cult of skaro (the last 4 daleks) and the cybermen have come through, the daleks also brought through the genesis ark which is a time lord prison ship from the time war which holds millions of daleks. But when roses family are forced to be trapped on a parallel earth so not to get sucked into the void rose stays behind and is about to be sucked into the void (with the daleks and the cybermen )when her father from a parallel world saves her and takes to a parallel world where she is trapped.

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