Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Daleks fact file

History of the Daleks

The Daleks were originally the Kaled race who were in a long, ongoing war with the Thals on their home planet of Skaro, the scientist group for the Kaleds had a leader called Davros he mutated the Kaleds genes so they would become emotionless, hatefull creatures. He turned them into mutants and then planted them in a mettalic dome which was made from Dalekanium.
Through the years they have had many battles which are the following:

The Daleks(1963-1964)-The Doctor attempted to stop the ongoing war between the Thals and the Kaleds.

The Dalek invasion of Earth(1964)-The Daleks want to hollow out the Earth to use it as a spaceship to conquer the galaxy.

The chase(1965)-The Daleks follow the TARDIS through the whole of time and space, which leads to a catastrophic conclusion.

The Daleks master plan(1965-1966)-The Daleks try to get a powerful weapon called the Time Destructor so that they could rule the galaxy.

The power of the Daleks(1966)-The whole of the universe thinks the Daleks are extinct but on the planet Vulcan some Daleks are planning a most devastating plan.

The evil of the Daleks(1967)-The Daleks with their emperor are trying to turn the whole universe in to Daleks

Day of the Daleks(1972)-The Daleks are back on Earth so the Doctor has to stop them from changing the history of the human race

Planet of the Daleks(1973)-On the planet Spiridon the Doctor discovers thousands of frozen Daleks about to awake

Death to the Daleks(1974)-The Daleks lose all their power on an alien world but not for long.

Genesis of the Daleks(1975)-The Time lords send the Doctor to Skaro when the Daleks were first created and so he is told to destroy them before they became a great power for evil.

Destiny of the Daleks(1979)-To win a war theDaleks are trying to find their creator, Davros.

The five doctors(1983)-The first doctor and Susan meet a Dalek in the death zone.

Ressurection of the Daleks(1984)-The Daleks need help from Davros to cure a virus

Revelation of the Daleks(1985)Humans are being turned into Daleks

Remeberance of the Daleks(1988)-The Daleks are at war with each other in London.

Dalek(2005)-One Dalek survived the Time war it has escaped and wants to destroy everything

Bad wolf/Parting of the ways(2005)-The emperor Dalek survived the Time war and he is making Daleks out of humans so that the Daleks can take over Earth

Armyof ghosts/Doomsday(2006)-Four Daleks called the Cult of Skaro survived the Time war and they want to realease a million Daleks from within a Time lord prison ship.

Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks(2007)-The Cult of Skaro are back trying to build a Dalek/Human army out of Humans who they've kidnapped but when the Doctor intervenes he puts a stop to it, but by the end of the battle only Dalek Caan remains alive......

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