Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1

Invasion of the Bane(2007):Having just moved house, Maria and her father meet their eccentric neighbour Sarah Jane Smith. When Maria sees Sarah late one night helping an alien return home, she cannot believe her eyes. Before she has time to think about what she has seen, she becomes tangled in the conspiracy behind the new soft-drink, Bubble Shock. Only Sarah Jane can help...

Revenge of the Slitheen : Part 1 & 2(2007):The Slitheen are looking for revenge on Earth after having their relatives wiped out in Aliens of London/World War Three with Lukes help they build a generator that doesn't even allow a candle light to shine and so with the Sun 'turned off' everyone thinks the end of the world is coming until Maria, Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde get involved in the Slitheens plan but can they do what must be done......

Eye of the Gordon : Part 1 & 2(2007):Sarah Jane and Company investigate the mysterious haunting of Lavender Lawns. A nun is stalking the tenants, but is it really something supernatural, or is there something else going on and what does an alien called the Gordon have to do with it?

Warriors of Kudlak: Part 1 & 2(2007):Sarah Jane investigates the case of a missing teenager, and it leads to a laser-tag centre called Combat 3000 and to an alien who has been kidnapping for a war that doesn't exist.

Whatever happened to Sarah Jane: Part 1 & 2(2007):When Maria awakes one day to discover that no-one has heard of Sarah Jane or Luke, her world is turned upside down and why does the 'new' woman across the road know about the reason bahind it all?

The Lost Boy: Part 1 & 2(2007):A TV news announcement disrupts a normal day on Bannerman Road, and Sarah Jane discovers that Luke is the exact visual and genetic double of a missing boy called Ashley but could the Slitheen be behind it ALL or is the MAIN villain a bit closer to home?

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