Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Torchwood series 2 episodes

The episode titles of Torchwood series 2 have all been revealed:

2.1 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2.2 - Sleeper
2.3 - To The Last Man
2.4 - Meat
2.5 - Adam
2.6 - Reset
2.7 - Dead Man Walking
2.8 - A Day in the Death
2.9 - Something Borrowed
2.10 - From Out of the Rain
2.11 - Adrift
2.12 - Fragments
2.13 - Exit Wounds

There is some more news about one of the major characters in the series:(highlight to read)
Reset, Episode 6, will see the death of Owen Harper, and the return of Martha Jones, but not all is what it seems as he will be transformed into a Weevil hybrid... He becomes the "Weevil King" and appears throughout episodes six, seven and eight. Is this the end for 'human' Owen?...

David Tennant has confirmed that he will be returning to Doctor Who to film the 2009 specials on 10th January 2009. Speaking at the Radio Times Cover Party, he revealed that they are still hard at work on Series Four, and are should finish at the end of April. After having a break, David will begin his rehearsals for Hamlet , and will star in the Shakespeare play from July right up until 9th January next year.He'll have to be back in Cardiff the very next day to start filming for the three special episodes of Doctor Who which have been confirmed for at some point throughout 2009."And after that I really don't know," David said. "Nothing has been decided... honestly!"So will he quit after 2009....who knows!

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