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S01E10-The Doctor dances

10)The doctor dances
Originally aired: Saturday May 28, 2005 on BBC-1
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: James Hawes
Show Stars: John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler), Christopher Eccleston (The Ninth Doctor)
Guest Stars: Luke Perry II (Timothy Lloyd) , Albert Valentine (The Child) , Dian Perry (Computer Voice) , Florence Hoath (Nancy) , Damian Samuels (Mr. Lloyd) , Cheryl Fergison (Mrs. Lloyd) , Joseph Tremain (Jim) , Richard Wilson (Dr. Constantine) , Robert Hands (Algy) , Jordan Murphy (Ernie) , Noah Johnson (Voice of The Empty Child) , Martin Hodgson (Jenkins) , Vilma Hollingbery (Mrs.Harcourt)
Production Code: NCFR037B

As the converted patients advance on the Doctor, Jack, and Rose, the Doctor sternly commands them to go back to their room. The patients wander back to their beds, and the Child departs from its confrontation with Nancy at the house.
Jack explains how he was running a con game and he would have got 50% payment before the German bomb destroyed it. The Doctor is not impressed and Jack points out his ship was an empty medical transport that could not have had anything to do with the transformation plague. Nancy prepares to leave but she’s confronted by the house owners, who grab Nancy.
The Doctor finds room 802 in the hospital and he gets Jack to open the door with a sonic disruptor, revealing he’s from the 51st century. Inside 802 is a mirrored observation chamber in a state of disarray - something burst out. The observation room is filled with child’s drawings and toys and the Doctor plays back a tape of Doctor Constantine talking to the Child, who demands his Mummy.
Mr. Lloyd confronts Nancy but she asks for wire cutters and a torch, and points out he’s got plenty of food because he has a sexual relationship with the butcher. Lloyd agrees. The Doctor concludes that after a bombing the homeless children come out to look for food, and one of them encountered the ship when it crashed. The Doctor suddenly realises he sent the Child and the zombies to their rooms, but they’re in the Child’s room. He turns to see the Child. Jack prepares to open fire but the Doctor has switched his gun for a banana. The Doctor uses the sonic disruptor to blast open a hole to escape and seal it behind them, but the gas-masked patients close in on them from all directions while the Child bursts through the wall.
Trapped, Rose uses the sonic disruptor to blast a whole in the floor and they fall down into the ward where more patients close in on them. They get through the door to a storeroom that’s a dead end. They discuss the matter, but then notice that Jack has vanished.
Nancy returns to her collection of homeless children but warns them they should stay away from her as the Child is fixated on her, not them. She goes to the train station where the ship crash-landed to find out what is going on. She is interrupted when a typewriter in the shelter starts typing by itself, repeating the Child’s question “Are you my Mummy?”
Jack contacts the Doctor and Rose – he used the emergency teleporter to beam back but it’s keyed to his structure. He’s using an om-com – technology similar to that of the Child. On cue the Child speaks over the radio and says he’s coming to find them. Jack blocks out the signal with Moonlight Serenade.
Nancy approaches the blast site while the Doctor tries to break through the concrete wall using his sonic screwdriver. They bicker over Rose’s trust of Jack and the fact the Doctor cannot dance. They start to dance but the Doctor notices her hands are healed from her rope burns. They are interrupted when Jack beams them to his ship. The Doctor notices that Jack has a Chula ship, the same as the crashed ship. The nanogenes Jack used to heal Rose’s hand focus on the Doctor’s burned hand.
Nancy is captured at the crash site, while Jack reveals that he woke up one day with two years of his memory missing. Jack’s friend Algy chains Nancy up with a soldier, Jenkins, who has been infected by the Child’s plague. After Algy leaves, Jenkins begins to transform, losing his memory and then growing a gas mask on his face.
The Doctor, Jack, and Rose go to the crash site and Jack spots Algy. Rose offers to distract the soldiers but Jack advises that Algy isn’t her type and goes to distract him instead. But Algy starts talking about his Mummy and then transforms into one of the plague victims. The Doctor warns that the affect is accelerating and has become airborne. The air sirens go off – the bomb that Jack warned about will come in the next barrage. They hear singing and find Nancy comforting herself.
The Doctor frees her and they go to the Chula ambulance ship. Jack tries to open it and sets off an alarm. All of the zombies at Albion Hospital awaken and head for the crash site. As Rose and Nancy work to reseal the barbed wire, Rose assures Nancy that she and the Doctor are from the future and that England will survive the war. Jack gets the ship open and reveals it's empty, but the Doctor and Rose point out that it was full of billions of nanogenes. The first thing they found was a dead child wearing a gas mask, and they brought him back to life. They then used the healed Child as the pattern to rebuild any other human they found.
The zombies approach, following the alert that Jack set off. The Doctor admits the nanogenes program its “victims” into fully-equipped Chula warriors, and now it’s in the hands of a hysterical child. Nancy reveals the Child is Jamie, her brother. When Nancy says it’s her fault, the Doctor realises that Jamie isn’t Nancy’s brother – he is her son. Jack prepares to teleport out but the ship teleporter has reverted so only he can beam out. The Doctor tells him to do what he has to and Jack teleports out.
The Doctor tells Nancy to tell Jamie the truth. She embraces him, admitting she’s his Mother. A cloud of nanogenes swirl about them and scan Nancy for the DNA pattern they need to rebuild him completely and accurately. The Doctor unmasks Jamie and reveals that he has been fully healed to his normal form.
The bomb comes crashing down but Jack locks it in temporarily in stasis and climbs on to it. Jack says goodbye and beams back to the ship with the bomb. The Doctor reprograms the nanogenes and sends them out to revive all the zombies. They are all healed of the zombie plague as well as their previous injuries. The Doctor programs the Chula ambulance ship to self-destruct and history is preserved.
He and Rose go to the TARDIS where Rose wonders what happened to Jack. Jack is off in space and can’t find a way to get rid of the bomb. With no alternative, Jack initiates an emergency protocol involving a martini and contemplates his demise. He then realises the TARDIS has linked up with his ship. The Doctor and Rose are dancing and welcome him on board.

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