Thursday, 31 January 2008

Torchwood news

I will start posting news from torchwood aswell, also from the sarah jane adventures

K-9 to star in a Jetix tv show!!

The dog that has guided the Doctor, Sarah Jane and many others through out the ages has been signed up to start a new show(on jetix)not on the BBC, also he will be given a totally different look so this kind of snuffs the continuality for him to appear in Doctor Who Series 4.
The show will not feature the Doctor or any other associated characters , so a totally new show with a totally new dog , personally i see this show as a failure before it has begun. The producers of Doctor Who said "we would have taken the challenge to make the show but we want to concentrate on Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures"

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Things to make

I have made a new section on this site called things to make, already there is Captain Jacks vortex manipulator and the Doctors psychic paper, I will put masks, gadgets and much more on there from Torchwood, Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures.
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Make your own psychic paper

1)Print out the above picture
2)Cut it out
3)Glue the first white and black squares from the left to the card but DO NOT glue the remaining black squares to the card.
4)Cut out the 2 squares with card behind them so that the other squares are still attached but without card on them.
5)Next fold the 2 remaining black squares so that they go behind the other two shapes but over the card.
5)Glue them in that spot and you the have your very own psychic paper
6)You now have your very own psychic paper like the Doctor


I have started up a link at the sidebar where i will put things in for making such as masks,gadgets and various other items from doctor who, torchwood and the sarah jane adventures.
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Christmas special 2007-The runaway bride

X-mas special)The runaway bride
Originally aired: Monday December 25, 2006 on BBC-1
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Director: Euros Lyn
Show Stars: David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Recurring Role: Paul Kasey (Robot Santa)
Guest Stars: Zafirah Boateng (Little Girl) , Rhodri Meilir (Rhodri) , Krystal Archer (Nerys) , Glen Wilson (Taxi Driver) , Trevor Georges (Vicar) , Jacqueline King (Sylvia Noble) , Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) , Sarah Parish (Empress) , Don Gilet (Lance Bennett) , Howard Attfield (Geoff Noble)
Production Code: NCFT094N

Bride-to-be Donna Noble prepares to come down the aisle to her waiting husband, Lance Bennett, for her Christmas Eve wedding. However, halfway down the aisle she is surrounded in a golden glow, and then dissolves into a cloud of energy and drifts through the ceiling… and appears in the TARDIS in mid-flight. Donna is not amused at being stolen from her wedding and blames the Doctor, demanding answers. She yanks open the doors and finds herself staring out into deep space. Shocked back to her senses, she realises the Doctor is an alien and that what she is seeing is real. The Doctor cannot figure out how she gained entrance to the TARDIS, and Donna demands that he return her to the church. She spots Rose’s jacket and accuses him of having abducted other women. The Doctor gloomily admits that “she’s gone”.
The Doctor tries to get to the church but they materialise in an alleyway in the business districts. Donna tries to call for a taxi without success, but the Doctor gets one, however the driver lets them out when he realises that they don’t have any money. The Doctor goes to an ATM to get cash with his sonic screwdriver, after using it to get Donna a call through to her mother. However, her mother’s mobile phone is dead, and so Donna leaves a message.
The Doctor notices three roboform Santas approaching whilst Donna borrows money to get a cab. However, she doesn’t notice that another Santa is driving the cab. The three roboforms prepare to open fire and the Doctor creates a distraction with the ATM, then goes to the TARDIS and gives chase to the cab, which has pulled on to the motorway.
Donna realises that the cab driver is up to no good while the Doctor closes in. The Doctor locks the TARDIS on course and tries to get Donna to open the door so she can jump. He opens the window and after a desperate pursuit, convinces her to trust him and jump across.
The TARDIS materialises atop a downtown building and the Doctor tries to cheer Donna up without much luck. He then gives her a bio-damper ring to keep the roboforms from homing in on her, and tries to explain the previous year’s Christmas invasion. Donna doesn’t remember it because of her hangover. The Doctor scans her for any disturbances without success, then asks where she works. Donna says she’s a secretary at HC Clements, a security firm where she met her husband-to-be Lance, who brought her coffee. Donna decides to go to the reception and insists on taking the Doctor along to explain.
Everyone is dancing and having a good time at the reception, much to Donna’s dismay. They didn’t know what else to do and Donna can’t explain, so bursts into (fake) tears to get sympathy. The party continues on a better note and the Doctor borrows a mobile phone to try to tap into HC Clements’ database. He discovers they’re owned by Torchwood. Clearly uncomfortable with the happy couple, the Doctor chats with the cameraman and is shown Donna’s disappearance in the Church. He recognises the golden glow as huon energy, which hasn’t existed for millions of years. Realising that the bio-damper won’t conceal huon particles, the Doctor runs outside and sees the roboforms closing in on all the exits. They stop outside and one of them uses a remote to activate the ornaments on the Christmas tree. They start moving around… then attack the guests, exploding. All six of the roboforms enter and the Doctor sends a sonic pulse over the loudspeakers, destroying them. The Doctor determines that the roboforms were operated by remote control, then takes one of their heads and runs off to pursue the signal. He looks up to the sky, unaware that they’re being observed by a shadowy spider-like figure in a floating spaceship, a webstar.
The Doctor goes to HC Clements with Lance and Donna and discovers there’s a secret floor. He takes the lift down and Donna insists on going with him, bringing a reluctant Lance with them. The spider-figure is pleased, wanting “the Bride” to come further in.
The Doctor, Lance, and Donna explore the tunnels underneath the building. The Doctor climbs up a shaft while Lance tries to convince Donna to leave, without success. The Doctor determines that they are in a base beneath the Thames Flood Barrier, and Torchwood secretly built it. They then discover a huon distillation facility, where Torchwood have put huon particles into liquid form, which were then put into Donna. The particles are inert and need to catalyse inside a living form, and the wedding accelerated Donna’s endorphin production, making her the perfect “host” for the huon particles. Donna realises that the particles are dangerous and the Doctor promises to cure her.
A hidden wall panel slides aside and the voice of the spider-creature taunts them. Lance sneaks off while the Doctor comes in and finds a huge shaft drilled to the centre of the Earth. The Doctor taunts her into teleporting down and the spider-creature arrives in the complex. The Doctor recognises her as the Empress of Racnoss and realises she is the last of her kind. The Racnoss were carnivores from the “Dark Age” that consumed whole planets. Lance arrives with an axe and Donna tries to distract the Empress. Lance prepares to swing… then both he and the Empress laugh. Lance has been working with the Empress all along and has been dosing Donna with liquid particles in the coffee he gave her. The Doctor tries to get them to explain but the Empress orders in her remaining roboforms to attack. However, the Doctor reverses the huon particle attraction and the TARDIS materialises around them as a shield. The Doctor then dematerialises the ship and sets a course back to the beginning of Earth’s creation. With Donna gone, the Empress orders her roboforms to grab Lance.
Donna is crying over Lance’s deceit as they arrive at the beginning of Earth’s creation. They open the doors and look out upon the proto-Earth, 4.6 billion years in the past. As they look on, a Racnoss ship arrives and starts attracting the floating matter.
In the present, the Empress force feeds Lance the huon particles to make a new “key.” He then acts as a magnet, drawing the TARDIS back. The Doctor grabs the extrapolator while Lance is hauled up into the Empress’ wife. The TARDIS materialises in her chamber but the Doctor redirects it to a nearby corridor. The Doctor tries to sneak past a security door but Donna wanders off and he opens the door to face an armed roboform.
The Empress has captured Donna and strung her up in the web next to Lance. She then directs the huon particles down the shaft to awaken the Racnoss ship and all of her children… reborn to feast on human flesh. The Empress drops Lance into the shaft to feed her awakening children, then summons her webstar which takes up position over London. She activates its weaponry and it fires beams of devastating energy across the city.
The Doctor enters the chamber disguised as a roboform but the Empress quickly recognises him. He frees Donna, who swings to (almost) safety before hitting a wall. The Doctor offers the Empress the chance to go to a planet and exist peacefully, but she refuses and orders her roboforms to fire. The Doctor, anticipating her, overrides them with the remote control the roboforms used earlier. He then reveals that he is a Time Lord, the race that destroyed the Racnoss. He tosses the Christmas ornaments up into the air and uses them to blast open the walls and flood the complex. Water and flame fill the building as the Doctor looks on remorselessly. He then gets Donna out while the Empress teleports up to her webstar. The Doctor and Donna climb to the top of the Thames Barrier, and the Doctor notes that the Empress has used up all her huon energy, and as such is defenceless. Tanks under the orders of Mr. Saxon open fire and destroy the webstar.
The Doctor takes Donna back to her family’s flat and tries to cheer her up by making it snow. They wish each other a Merry Christmas and Donna resolves to travel a bit and see more of the planet. The Doctor suggests she come with him but she refuses, as she can’t take the excitement and the Doctor’s unique nature. She invites him to Christmas dinner with her family but he ducks into the TARDIS and tries to leave. She yells for him and he pokes his head out to say they may meet again. She makes him promise to find someone, although he claims he doesn’t need anyone. He wishes her luck and finally speaks Rose’s name aloud before departing.

S03E01-Smith and Jones

1)Smith and Jones
Originally aired: Saturday March 31, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Director: Charles Palmer (III)
Show Stars: David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - )), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - ))
Recurring Role: Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones), Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain)
Guest Stars: Reggie Yates (Leo Jones) , Trevor Laird (Clive Jones) , Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones) , Roy Marsden (Mr. Stoker) , Anne Reid (Florence) , Nicholas Briggs (Judoon Voices) , Vineeta Rishi (Julia Swales) , Ben Righton (Morganstern) , Kimmi Richards (Annalise)
Production Code: NCFT081P

Martha Jones is heading for work when her sister, Tish, her brother, Leo, her mother, Francine, and then her father, Clive, call to get her to sort out their issues concerning her brother’s upcoming birthday party. She’s interrupted when the Doctor, a man she’s never met, greets her on the street and gives her his tie. She then arrives at the hospital where she attends as a medical student. A black-suited motorcycle-helmed figure bumps into her. Later, on her rounds, she attends to a woman with a salt deficiency, Miss Finnegan, then discovers the Doctor, who is admitted as a patient by the name of John Smith and claims not to recognise her from earlier. Martha is puzzled when she tries to listen to the Doctor’s heartbeat, then receives a brief static electrical charge – others comment that there has been a lot of static earlier that day.

Martha then calls her sister, who is outside the hospital and tells her that a thunderstorm has surrounded the hospital. They notice that the rain is going upwards. There’s a surge of electricity and everyone in the hospital is thrown back and forth. It’s now dark outside and when they look out they realise they’re on the Moon.

Doctors and patients in the hospital panic but Martha realises that the hospital must be surrounded by a force field maintaining the air. The Doctor is pleased at her deductive abilities and gets her to take him out on the veranda where there’s still air. Martha is impressed by the view and doesn’t want to leave, again impressing the Doctor. The Doctor determines where the force field is and they figure the air will eventually run out. They’re interrupted when three alien ships arrive overhead and land nearby. The new arrivals emerge and the Doctor recognises them as the Judoon, rhino-like humanoids.

Meanwhile, Miss Finnegan meets with the head Doctor, Dr. Stoker, taking two of the black-suited men in with her. She reveals that she needs to feed on the salt in his body and inserts a straw into his neck to drink his blood.

The Judoon come through the force field and enter the hospital, causing a huge amount of panic. They quickly assimilate the language and start identifying staff and patients as humans, marking them with a cross on the hand. The Doctor explains that they’ve isolated the hospital and brought it to the Moon, and is concerned since he isn’t human. The Judoon move through the hospital, killing one man who opposes them.

The Doctor is checking up on the hospital records and reveals that he noticed plasma coils at the hospital and decided to investigate. The Doctor reveals that if the Judoon find the hospital staff and patients guilty of harbouring a fugitive, they’ll kill everyone. He then determines that the invaders have wiped the computer records by accident. Martha goes to get Dr. Stoker and finds Finnegan feeding on him. The two bikers come after her as she runs into the Doctor and they head downstairs, only to be caught in-between the bikers and the Judoon. They take another corridor and take refuge in an examination room. The Doctor rigs the x-ray device to generate beams at 5,000% their normal strength, and when Martha activates it, he focuses it on the biker, killing him. The Doctor the discharges the radiation by focusing it into his left shoe, and reveals the biker was a Slab, a basic slave form. Martha reveals Finnegan is the alien and the Doctor realises that she is an internal shape shifter, assimilating blood.

The Judoon catch up with Finnegan, who mimics Stoker’s biology using his blood, enabling her to pass their test. The Doctor and Martha try to stay ahead of the remaining Slab, but are scanned by the Judoon who realise the Doctor isn’t human. Another chase ensues and the Doctor hides on a floor they’ve already checked. People are starting to show signs of oxygen deprivation as the Doctor and Martha make their way to Stoker’s office. They find his blood-drained corpse there and the Doctor wonders why Finnegan is still there. The Doctor kisses Martha then leaves her there to create a distraction while he runs for the MRI chamber, where he finds Finnegan working the equipment. The Doctor feigns confusion and Finnegan has her Slab grab him while she continues to prepare the equipment.

Martha tries to stop the Judoon, who pick up the non-human Doctor’s trace on her lips. Meanwhile, the Doctor probes Finnegan for information and discovers she plans to enhance the MRI and destroy everyone within 250,000 miles, including everyone on the side of the Earth facing the Moon. She will then take the Judoon ships and make her escape. The Doctor mentions that the Judoon are increasing their scans, and Finnegan realises she has to consume more blood to pass the test. She takes out her straw, and starts feeding on the Doctor’s blood.

The Judoon give Martha compensation for searching her without sufficient reason, then continue their search and find Finnegan and the seemingly-dead Doctor. The Judoon determine that the Doctor is deceased, and Martha tries to get to him. When she can’t, she accuses Finnegan and asserts she’s not human. Realising Finnegan drank the Doctor’s blood, Martha scans her and picks up the Doctor’s trace. The Judoon confirm that she is a plasmavore who killed an alien princess. Finnegan confesses and sends her Slab to stop them, but he fails. Finnegan puts the MRI into overload before the Judoon disintegrate her. The Judoon confirm that the magnetic pulse is increasing and evacuate because the situation is outside their jurisdiction.

Martha administers CPR to the Doctor, allowing for the fact he has two hearts. With oxygen running low, she administers a rescue-breath and revives the Doctor before collapsing. The Doctor shuts down the MRI device then carries Martha to the window and sees the Judoon reverse the teleport procedure. On Earth, the gathered crowds look on as the hospital returns and emergency workers move in to revive the dying patients. Martha talks to her sister, but sees the Doctor leave in the TARDIS.

Later, at the Jones birthday party, fighting breaks out and, after everyone goes their separate ways, Martha spots the Doctor across the street in an alleyway. She goes in after him and finds him standing by the TARDIS. The Doctor invites her on a trip and when she doesn’t believe him, he dematerialises briefly then returns. He comes out and shows her the tie from when they met earlier. The Doctor invites her in and she discovers it’s larger on the inside than the outside. The Doctor admits he was travelling recently with someone else, Rose, but asserts he’d rather be on his own. He states that he is just rewarding her with one trip since she helped him. Martha claims she isn’t interested, despite his kiss. The Doctor kicks things into gear, takes off the hand brake, and they dematerialise for a bumpy ride.

S03E02-The Shakespeare code

2)The Shakespeare code
Originally aired: Saturday April 7, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Charles Palmer (III)
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Guest Stars: Andrée Bernard (Dolly Bailey) , Stephen Marcus (Jailer) , David Westhead (Kempe) , Linda Clarke (Mother Bloodtide) , Sam Marks (II) (Wiggins) , Angela Pleasence (Queen Elizabeth I) , Chris Larkin (Lynley) , Dean Lennox Kelly (William Shakespeare) , Amanda Lawrence (Mother Doomfinger) , Jalaal Hartley (Dick) , Christina Cole (Lilith) , Robert Demeger (Preacher) , Matt King (Peter Streete)
Production Code: NCFT082J

London, 1599

A woman, Lilith, looks on from her balcony as a man serenades her from the street. She invites him in but the house is filled with strange, disturbing items. She kisses him and transform into a hideous witch. She then invites her ‘mothers’, two twisted hags, to attack him.

The Doctor is taking Martha on her first trip and it’s a rocky ride. They arrive in London in 1599, and go for a stroll, heading for the newly-opened Globe Theatre. He takes Martha in to see one of Shakespeare’s plays, Love’s Labour’s Lost. After the play, Shakespeare comes on stage to accept a round of applause from the audience. Up above, a lady looks on from a private box and strokes a doll in the image of Shakespeare. He mocks the audience but then staggers as the woman kisses the doll. He pauses and then talks of showing Love’s Labour’s Won the next night, raising the Doctor’s suspicions since this was one of Shakespeare’s ‘lost’ plays.

Shakespeare meets with his friends who say the new play isn’t ready yet. The Doctor and Martha burst in and Shakespeare is impressed with Martha. The Doctor tries to use his psychic paper on Shakespeare but the author realises it’s blank, demonstrating his enhanced mental abilities. An official, Lynley, comes in and warns Shakespeare that if the play isn’t properly registered, he’ll cancel it. As he leaves, he bumps into Lilith, who realises that Lynley poses a threat to the play’s performance. She uses the doll to ‘drown’ him on dry land. The Doctor and Martha hear his screams and find the man choking up water. Lilith then pounds the doll’s heart, killing the official. The Doctor sees that something is amiss.

Lilith meets with her two Mothers, Mothers Doomfinger and Bloodtide, and they discuss how to ensure that Love’s Labour’s Won is performed. Martha and the Doctor return to Shakespeare’s rooms where he realises that there is something odd about them. The two time travellers go up to the room and end up sharing the bed, but the Doctor is distracted, considering where the psychic energy came from to kill Lynley.

Lilith returns to the tavern where Shakespeare is working, and releases a green mist that causes the author to pass out. She then uses a puppet-doll to “guide” Shakespeare in his writing. The serving girl Dolly comes in and Lilith attacks her. The woman screams; the Doctor hears and comes down to find the girl dead of fright. Martha runs to the window and sees Lilith ride away on a broomstick.

The next morning they discuss Dolly’s death and Shakespeare mentions the architecture of the Globe Theatre. They investigate the theatre and the Doctor notes the unique fourteen-sided designed. The Doctor suspects the theatre is used to influence people’s minds and decides to talk to the architect, Peter Streete. Shakespeare warns that Peter went insane and started ranting about witches, and they go to the asylum to speak to him. Meanwhile, actors practice Love’s Labour’s Won in the Globe, disturbing the ether and opening a portal where a hooded figure looks down upon them before disappearing. They resolve not to say anything about it so they don’t get labelled as mad.

The Doctor goes in to see Peter, and the three witches sense him there and notice something unusual about him. The Doctor tries to get through to Peter so he can tell the story of the witches. Mother Doomfinger goes to confront the Doctor while Peter speaks of how the witches ‘whispered’ to him, telling him how to build the Globe Theatre to their design, then “snapped his wits.” The Doctor gets him to tell where the witches were but Mother Doomfinger arrives and kills Peter before he can say anything else. The Doctor confronts her, saying he needs the right word. Realising that 14 is key, the Doctor names her as one of the Carrionites, and she disappears.

The Doctor explains that the Carrionites seek death and destruction and realises that the new play is a weapon, and they head for the theatre. As the play is performed and the witches observe, Shakespeare bursts in to end the performance. The witches use the doll to render Shakespeare unconscious, while the Doctor and Martha go to the witches house. The house of Lilith’s door swings open and they enter, where Lilith greets them. Martha tries to “name” her but nothing happens - Lilith states that the power of a name works only once. She names Martha, only rendering her unconscious since she’s “out of her time”. Lilith cannot name the Doctor, and tries to use the word ‘Rose’, but this only inspires him. Lilith states that the Carrionites were banished by the Eternals, but they found new words from Shakespeare after the death of his son and gained a new power to travel to Earth. Then after the play is performed, the rest of the Carrionites will appear and purge the Earth. She snips a piece of his hair then levitates out the window and attaches his hair to a puppet. She hits the doll’s heart, causing the Doctor to collapse, but Martha awakes. and realises that since he has two hearts he is okay. Martha gets his second heart working and they race to the theatre.

Lilith meets with the other witches at the Globe Theatre, and the final lines are recited, opening the portal for the Carrionites. Energy surges around the building as the Doctor and Martha arrive and revive Shakespeare. They go out on stage to confront the Carrionite witches as the others of their race swirl out of their globe and fill the theatre. The Doctor convinces Shakespeare to improvise and invent new words to confuse and then destroy the Carrionite invaders, the passage of their wind taking Shakespeare’s “lost” script with them. The astonished audience applauds while the Doctor goes up to find the power sphere, in which the three witches are trapped by Shakespeare’s words.

The next morning, Shakespeare flirts with Martha but Martha remains uninterested. The Doctor suggests Shakespeare not try to rewrite Lost Labour’s Won. the Doctor prepares to take the witches’ globe into the TARDIS, and Shakespeare reveals that he knows they are time travellers. Shakespeare gives Martha one final sonnet and then Queen Elizabeth I arrives to ask them to perform. She recognises the Doctor as her “sworn enemy” and tells his guards to kill him. The Doctor and Martha are forced to run for the TARDIS and make a hasty escape.


Originally aired: Saturday April 14, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Russell T. Davies
Director: Richard Clark (II)
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Guest Stars: Ardal O'Hanlon (Thomas Kincade Brannigan) , Jennifer Hennessy (Valerie) , Struan Rodger (The Face Of Boe) , Anna Hope (Novice Hame) , Travis Oliver (Milo) , Lenora Crichlow (Cheen) , Bridget Turner (Alice) , Georgine Anderson (May) , Simon Pearsall (Whitey) , Daisy Lewis (Javit) , Nicholas Bolton (Businessman) , Erika Macleod (Sally Calypso) , Judy Norman (Ma) , Graham Padden (Pa) , Lucy Davenport (Pale Woman) , Tom Edden (Pharmacist 1) , Natasha Williams (Pharmacist 2) , Gayle Telfer Stevens (Pharmacist 3)
Production Code: NCFT083D

In the distant future, a couple is driving along the motorway, when their vehicle is struck repeatedly. They call the police for assistance, but an explosion rips through the rear section as the couple scream in terror.

The Doctor is trying to get Martha back after her one trip but suggests she might go on one trip to a different planet in the future. She suggests they go to his home planet but he demurs. Instead he takes her to New York in the year 5,000,000,053. They emerge and end up in an alleyway in the rain.

Elsewhere, the Face of Boe tells a cat-nun to find the Doctor and she goes after him… with a gun.

The Doctor taps into a local broadcast while Martha wonders why he’s taking her to the same planet he took Rose to. A number of shop owners open their windows and all try to take advantage of their new customers by selling them mood drugs. A woman comes by to purchase “Forget” and mentions that her parents disappeared on the motorway. The Doctor takes an interest but she takes the drug before she can give him more detail. An armed man and woman then suddenly grab Martha and haul her into a building before the Doctor can act. He follows after them but they render Martha unconscious with a drug, and get her into a vehicle and make their escape before the Doctor can catch up to them.

The Doctor returns to the storeowners who warn that the Doctor might as well forget Martha; she was kidnapped as the pair need three people to get into the ‘fast lane’ of the motorway. The Doctor stalks off, but not before telling them that he is closing down their street later.

Martha wakes up and tries use her kidnappers’ gun to force them to take her back, but they reveal that it isn’t real. They introduce themselves as Cheen and Milo, and promise to drop her off once they get where they’re going. However, they warn her that it will take them six years to go the ten miles that they’re travelling.

The Doctor breaks in to the motorway (which is a large tunnel) and finds himself overlooking a vast traffic jam. He starts to choke and a cat-man and his companion invite him into their car. They introduce themselves as Thomas and Valerie and quickly take advantage of a ten-yard gap in traffic. The couple introduces the Doctor to their children, who were born on the motorway, and say they’ve been driving for 12 years to cover five miles. They’ve already moved past the last lay-by, and as such the Doctor has no choice but to remain on-board.

Cheen and Milo explain to Martha how they’ve managed to get by so long, with extended stocks of food and constant recycling. The Doctor tries to call the police but is placed on hold, and Valerie and Thomas warn the motorway is sealed off and calls can’t be made out of it. They call an elderly married couple, the Cassinis, to try to find Martha and thanks to their car-spotting hobby they identify the car Martha is in. However, there’s no way the Doctor can get to them in their fast lane.

Martha and her drivers hear a growling noise. Milo believes it’s just mechanical noises, but Cheen asserts it’s some legendary unseen creatures. Meanwhile, the Doctor insists that Thomas go down to the fast lane but Valerie says it’s too risky. The Doctor calls the Cassinis back to confirm they’ve never seen any official vehicles in the whole 20+ years they’ve been on the motorway. Newscaster Sally Calypso comes on to reassure all the drivers that everything is fine and they haven’t been forgotten, and everyone joins in a chorus of “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Cheen and Milo get into the fast lane while the Doctor resolves to go on his own, leaving through the bottom hatch and dropping from car to car to get to the bottom faster lanes. Meanwhile something attacks Martha’s car and another driver warns them that something is in the fog and they need to switch lanes. Their car is also under attack and they are cut off. Martha tells them to get moving no matter what.

The Doctor gets to the last lane before the fast lane, with nothing below but a thousand foot drop. Meanwhile, the Face of Boe’s agent bursts into Thomas and Valerie’s car and demands to know where the Doctor is.

The Doctor hacks into the motorway computer system, and sets the ventilation to create a breeze, which reveals crab-like creatures below: the Macra. The creatures start to attack Martha’s car as it swerves between them. They cut the engine which keeps the creatures from sensing them. However, they have only a limited air supply if the engines aren’t running.

The Doctor explains to his current driver that the Macra feed on gas pollution and once built a small empire using humans as slaves. The cat-nun arrives and greets the Doctor, and introduces herself as an elderly Novice Hame. She asks the Doctor to come with him so she can redeem herself, but when he refuses she grabs him and teleports him to the Overcity, to the Senate Chamber. However, all of the senators are 24 years dead, due to a new drug called Bliss which mutated and became airborne. Everyone in the Overcity died but they managed to seal off the lower levels and now the Motorway drivers are the only survivors.

The Face of Boe is present and Novice Hame explains she was made his caretaker as penance for her sins. She explains that the Face of Boe wired himself into the motorway to maintain it with his life-force, while the rest of the galaxy put New Earth under quarantine for 100 years.

Martha tries to explain to Cheen and Milo that the Doctor will save them, but they’re sceptical. Milo decides to believe her and reactivates the vehicle, then drives through the Macra. The Doctor picks them up on the sensors and powers up the system to maximum but loses power. The Face of Boe gives up the last of its energy so that the Doctor can open up the vents above the motorway. The Doctor gets on the broadcast system, shuts off the Sally Calypso pre-recorded hologram, and tells everyone to drive upward so they can clear the fast lane. The Doctor tells Martha to drive up and they fly clear of the Macra and up into the sun.

All of the drivers are rescued and Martha and the others head for the Senate building. Martha arrives to find that the Face of Boe’s containment vat has shattered and he is dying. Before he dies, the Face of Boe has one final message to give the Doctor: “You are not alone.”

The Doctor and Martha return to the TARDIS after making sure the storeowners are shut down. Martha wonders what the Face of Boe meant but the Doctor appears unconcerned. However, Martha demands answers from the secretive Doctor. The city dwellers begin to sing and the Doctor explains to her that he lied and that he is the last of the Time Lords, and that the rest of his people died in a war against the Daleks. He describes his home planet in glowing detail while overhead, the Overcity is reborn.

S03E04-Daleks in Manhattan

4)Daleks in Manhattan
Originally aired: Saturday April 21, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: James Strong
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Recurring Role: Nicholas Pegg (Dalek Operator), David Hankinson (Dalek Operator), Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voices)
Guest Stars: Alexis Caley (Lois) , Hugh Quarshie (Solomon) , Flik Swan (Myrna) , Eric Loren (Mr. Diagoras) , Andrew Garfield (Frank) , Ryan Carnes (Laszlo) , Miranda Raison (Tallulah) , Peter Brooke (Man 2) , Earl Perkins (Man 1) , Paul Kasey (Hero Pig) , Ian Porter (Foreman) , Joe Montana (II) (Worker 1) , Mel Taylor (Dock Worker) , Barnaby Edwards (Dalek Operator) , Anthony Spargo (Dalek Operator) , Stewart Alexander (I) (Worker 2)
Production Code: NCFT084X

In New York City, era 1930, the performers prepare for a show while dancer Tallulah and stagehand Laszlo kiss in the back and Tallulah waits to see his mother. After she leaves for the show, Laszlo sees… something run past the door. Following it into a storage room, the creature, a pig-headed man, leaps out of the shadows and attacks him.

The TARDIS materializes on Staten Island by the Statue of Liberty and they spot a headline about disappearances in Hooverville, a place for indigents who lost their jobs at the beginning of the Great Depression. They go to Hooverville and meet Soloman, who is trying to rally the people without luck.

Architect Mr. Diagoras is ordering his men to move faster on completing the construction of the new Empire State Building on behalf of his new “masters.” When the foreman refuses, Diagoras introduces them to one of his masters: a Dalek. The Dalek is accompanied by pig-headed humans and has the foreman taken away. The Dalek tells Diagoras they need more people and Diagoras promises to get more.

At Hooverville, Soloman explains to the Doctor that people have been disappearing from the camp and the police aren’t interested. Diagoras arrives offering a dollar a day to clear a tunnel collapse in the sewers. The Doctor volunteers and Soloman and Martha reluctantly go along with him. The three of them plus Frank are sent to clear a section of tunnel and Soloman explains that Diagoras became successfully overnight. They find a glowing green glob of protoplasm on the floor which the Doctor can’t identify. They also notice that there is no sewer collapse.

Diagoras is briefing his remaining workers on the new mast that will top the Empire State Building and tells them to attach plates of an unknown metal to the base of the mast that night. They’re reluctant but agree. After they leave, a Dalek arrives and takes Diagoras below for his “reward” and meet their leader. They arrive below and Diagoras meets Lord Sec, leader of the Cult of Skaro. Sec has him taken away.

The Doctor and others hear strange noises in the sewers and spot a figure in the shadows. It’s one of the pig-men and the Doctor tries to get through to it. It doesn’t attack or put up a fight, but other pig-men arrive and chase after them. They get through a hatch to the surface but they grab Frank and drag him back as the others escape. They discover they’re in the theater and Tallulah confronts them with a gun and wants to know where Laszlo is. She explains what happened and once she shows her gun is a prop, the Doctor offers his help and needs to figure out what the bio-material is.

The Doctor rigs up a crude DNA scanner and Soloman goes back to Hooverville, while Tallulah talks about Laszlo and thinks that Marsha and the Doctor are involved. She notes that someone has still been leaving a flower on her dressing table just like Laszlo always does.

Soloman rallies the men in Hooverville to protect themselves and they arm themselves. While the men work atop the Empire State Building to attach the new metal plates, plates made from the Dalek casings. Lord Sec announces they are almost ready for the “final experiment” and Diagoras wants to know how he’s involved. Sec says they need “his flesh” The other Cult members argue they are ruining their purity and Sec says he is now ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. He opens his casing and the true Dalek creature within emerges and merges with Diagoras, pulling him into its casing.

The Doctor tries to analyze the bio-sample while the show begins up above with Tallulah as the lead singer. The Doctor continues his work with Martha backstage as she notices a pig-man in the shadows and tries to get through the dancers to get to the man. The Doctor realizes that the bio-sample comes from Skaro while Martha point out the pig-man and Tallulah screams. Martha runs off after the escaping pig-man but ends up in a storage room where other pig-men capture her and escape into the sewers. The Doctor and Tallulah go after her.

Martha is put with the other missing people, including Frank, and taken below. The Doctor spots a Dalek and explains what they are to the skeptical Tallulah. The remaining three Cult of Skaro members consider shutting down the experiment but the smoking Sec insists that the process continues. The Doctor tries to take Tallulah back to the surface but they run into the pig-man from the theater. The creature asks them not to look at it and reveals he was transformed to be one of the Dalek slaves. He escaped before his mind was transformed and tells Tallulah to stay away. It becomes clear that he is Laszlo, transformed into a grotesquerie. Frank agrees to take them to the Dalek base.

The Daleks arrive to take the humans, including Martha, into custody and mention that the Dalekenium metal is in place. They scan the human captives for intelligence and Martha passes, so they take her for the “final experiment.” The Doctor decides to follow them and Frank agrees to stay with them after sending Tallulah back. The Doctor then merges in with Martha and the other high-intelligent specimens, while Tallulah gets lost and decides to go back.

The human captives are taken into the lab and the Doctor suggests that Martha ask what is going on. They explain that it is the dawn of a new age and they will evolve to a life outside the shell. Everyone looks on as Lord Sec’s casing opens up and a creature emerges: Diagoras, with a Dalek creature merged onto his body.

S03E05-Evolution of the Daleks

5)Evolution of the Daleks
Originally aired: Saturday April 28, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: James Hawes
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Recurring Role: David Hankinson (Dalek Operator), Nicholas Pegg (Dalek Operator)
Guest Stars: Ian Porter (Hybrid) , Paul Kasey (Hero Pig Man) , Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Voices) , Barnaby Edwards (Dalek Operator) , Earl Perkins (Man 1) , Eric Loren (Dalek Sec) , Andrew Garfield (Frank) , Hugh Quarshie (Solomon) , Ryan Carnes (Laszlo) , Miranda Raison (Tallulah)
Production Code: NCFT085R

Lord Sec, as a new Human Dalek, orders the other humans to be brought forth for hybridization. However, the Doctor interrupts and they immediately recognize him. They explain how they escaped the previous devastation with an emergency time shift but the Doctor is not impressed. He forces Lord Sec to admit he’s feeling all of the human emotions… the negative ones. The Doctor uses a radio on a high pitch to distract them so he can get the captive humans away. They run into Tallulah as the Daleks recover and give pursuit with their pig slaves. The semi-transformed Laszlo follows behind his would-be masters.

The Doctor and the others get away to the surface and two of the untransformed Daleks question Lord Sec’s plan and express their doubts about his plan. At Hooverville, the pig slaves attack while the Doctor and the rest try to defend themselves. However, two of the Daleks fly in and blast away. Solomon tries to get through to them as fellow outcasts, but the Daleks gun him down. Furious, the Doctor steps forward and dare them to kill him in return for letting the others go. Lord Sec overrides them, saying he wants the Doctor alive.

The Doctor is brought back to the Dalek headquarters where Dalek Sec explains it was wrong to kill Solomon. The human-hybrid then explains that their previous experiments to reproduce failed so they stole thousands of human beings and wiped their minds to create a new race of salves. The Doctor warns they don’t have enough power to revive them all but Lord Sec is confident they do.

Martha figures out that the Daleks must be using Dalekenium as a power conductor and talk to Frank to find out that most of the work has been going on at the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, Dalek Sec explains that the DNA in his body was to be used as a template and gamma radiation generated by a solar flare was to be drawn into the energy conductor atop the Empire State Building and their army will awake. Sec tries to convince the Doctor that it wants to regain emotions that their creator stripped them of. The other three Daleks protest but Sec overrides them.

Using the Doctor’s psychic papers, Martha gets herself, Frank, and Tallulah past the guards at the Empire State Building. Sec appeals to the Doctor to improve their experiment and notes that the other three Daleks must obey him, which they confirm. Sec asks the Doctor to use the TARDIS to take them to a new home so they can start again, but notes that the pig slaves have a limited lifespan.

At the top of the building, Martha finds the plans and tries to determine what was added more recently. The Doctor starts to modify the Dalek program and notices Laszlo in with the others. Laszlo wonders if the Doctor trusts them and the Doctor says he does, while the unmodified Daleks listen in.

Tallulah discusses Martha’s relationship with the Doctor and admits there’s no future for her and Laszlo. The solar flare is imminent and the pig slaves activate the gene infusion into the human experiments. Martha finds new lines added to the mooring mast.

In the Dalek headquarters, the three Daleks override Sec’s orders and alter the gene feed. Asserting that Sec is no longer a Dalek, they explain the new bodies will be 100% Dalek. The Doctor and Sec are restrained but Laszlo gets the Doctor into the elevator and they head for the mooring mast. They arrive and meet Martha and the others, but the elevator goes down again before the Doctor can stop it.

They have six minutes before the flare hits so the Doctor climbs up to the mast to remove the Dalekenium. High above the city, he struggles to remove the Dalekenium strips. The Daleks send their pig slaves up to the top on the elevator while Martha and the others prepare to fight. Laszlo prepares to struggle but is clearly weakening, and Martha realizes they can use the approaching lightning storm. She rigs up a series of metal pipes from the outside to the elevator.

Dropping his sonic screwdriver and unable to remove all the strips, the Doctor grabs the mast and holds on. The lightning strikes, electrocuting the pig slaves. The remaining energy flows through the Doctor and into the Daleks’ human army. The “true” Daleks order their new Dalek-Humans to assume battle position and go forth to convert the rest of Manhattan’s population. Martha and Frank go to the mast and find the Doctor who recovers consciousness, while the Dalek-Humans march through the sewers. A furious Sec looks on as a new Dalek takes command and ties into their war computers.

The Doctor says he needs to draw out their army so he can confront them and decides to use the theater above their headquarters. They go there but Laszlo is still weakening, and the Doctor activates his sonic screwdriver to draw the Daleks’ attention. The Doctor tries to send Martha back but she refuses, and the Dalek-Humans march in. The two Daleks burst in with the chained and bound Sec and boast of their plan to transform Earth into New Skaro. The Doctor confronts them and Sec warns his cohorts that they are doomed if they go ahead with their plans. When the Daleks open fire on the Doctor, Sec leaps into the beam and dies. The Doctor appeals to the new Dalek-Human army and dares the Daleks to order them to kill him. The Dalek-Humans order them to shoot but they refuse and question their orders, announcing they’re not Daleks. The Doctor points out that his Time Lord DNA was infused and gave them the extra bit of freedom. The Daleks open fire on their errant slaves and kill a few, but the rest return fire and destroy the two Daleks. The remaining Dalek, tied into the war computer, sends a destruct signal destroying the remaining Dalek-Humans.

The Doctor goes to confront the last Dalek, Caan, and offers it one last chance but it makes an emergency temporal shift and escapes. Martha and Tallulah bring the dying Laszlo in and the Doctor refuses to accept one more death. Using the Daleks’ genetic equipment, the Doctor saves his life and Frank finds a place for him in Hooverville. The Doctor and Martha go back to the TARDIS and Martha wonders if they’ll ever see the Dalek again. The Doctor notes that they’ll meet again.

S03E06-The Lazarus experiment

6)The Lazurus experiment
Originally aired: Saturday May 5, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Stephen Greenhorn
Director: Richard Clark (II)
Show Stars: David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - )), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - ))
Recurring Role: Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Guest Stars: Bertie Carvel (Mysterious Man) , Mark Gatiss (Professor Lazarus) , Thelma Barlow (Lady Thaw) , Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones) , Reggie Yates (Leo Jones) , Lucy O'Connell (Party Guest)
Production Code: NCFT086K

The TARDIS materializes on Earth in Martha’s era, in her bedroom 12 hours after she left. Martha’s mother calls to say her sister is on TV and Martha tunes in to see her at a press conference held by Professor Richard Lazarus, who says he has developed a way to “change what it means to be human.” The Doctor says goodbye to Martha and she thanks him, then he dematerialize the TARDIS. However, it reappears again seconds later and the Doctor emerges to investigate Professor Lazarus.

Lady Thaw is meeting with the elderly Professor Lazarus, who assures her that their sponsor, Mr. Saxon, will get his money’s worth. Tish Jones arrives and Lazarus tries to flirt with her without much luck. The Doctor and Martha arrive in fancy dress for Lazarus’ party and blend in with the crowd. They find Tish, who says that their mother and Leo will be coming soon. Martha introduces the Doctor, and he tries to find out more about Lazarus.

Francine Jones arrives and Martha tries to introduce the Doctor, but it doesn’t go well since they can’t explain exactly what they’ve been doing. Professor Lazarus arrives and begins his demonstration, stepping into the chamber. However, the equipment goes into overload and the Doctor manages to shut it down. Professor Lazarus emerges from the chamber… now a young man.

Martha is skeptical but the Doctor is impressed despite himself. Lazarus starts eating and the Doctor chats with him about the theory. The Doctor warns that Lazarus couldn’t have taken into account all the variables, but the professor dismisses his concerns and claims everything will be ironed out before they offer it commercially. The Doctor decides to find a laboratory in the building to run some tests and Martha has some DNA from when Lazarus kissed her hand.

Lazarus chats privately with Lady Thaw about the devastation of World War II and the Blitz. They start to kiss but then Lazarus points out how old she is.

The Doctor determines that Lazarus’ DNA is unstable and goes to find him. Meanwhile, Lazarus continues to reject Lady Thaw but he is suddenly seized with cramps and convulsions. He falls to the ground then begins to mutate into a new form, then rears up and attacks her.

At the reception, Francine tries to get more info on the Doctor from Tish, who doesn’t know anything. Francine thinks something is going on, but Lazarus arrives back in human form and asks to meet with Tish. The Doctor and Martha go up to Lazarus’ office and find the withered husk of Lady Thaw’s corpse. The Doctor warns Lazarus might not have acquired enough energy and will need to feed again. They go downstairs just as Lazarus and Tish arrive on the other elevator and go up to the roof for the view. The Doctor talks to Francine but before she can ask him anything, he realizes where Tish is and heads upstairs. As they go, a mysterious man approaches Francine and suggests Martha choose her friends more carefully.

The Doctor and Martha get back to the office and track Lazarus’ DNA signal up to the roof. They confront him there where Lazarus is unrepentant, even thought the Doctor says the time matters less than the person. Lazarus mutates again into a hideous form and attacks them as they head back down to the elevator. The monster’s attack activates the security breech, sealing the building. The Doctor, Martha and Tish run down the stairs as Lazarus comes after them. They get to the reception and Martha tries to get the door open while the Doctor gets the guests out. Lazarus’ arrival convinces them to run and Martha gets the door open so the guests can leave. Lazarus kills one party guest then turns toward Francine and an injured Leo. The Doctor taunts Lazarus into following him while Martha gets her family out.

The Doctor runs into the basement and plays a game of cat-and-mouse with Lazarus. Martha goes back to help the Doctor over her mother’s objections. The Doctor enters a lab and opens the gas valves. He then runs out the door while igniting the gas, causing an enormous fireball to envelop Lazarus. He runs into Martha who returns the sonic screwdriver, but Lazarus has survived and they’re forced to flee.

Outside, Francine is unhappy with Martha’s choice and Tish suggests she might be in love with the Doctor. The mysterious man from earlier suggests there are thing Francine needs to know and whispers in her ear.

The Doctor and Martha take refuge in Lazarus’ regeneration chamber, figuring he won’t destroy his own creation. The Doctor explains that Lazarus’ new monstrous form is some kind of dead-end evolutionary path the machine activated, and begins to rewire the machine. Lazarus activates the machine but the Doctor reverses the polarity and the energy surge throws Lazarus back. They emerge to find Lazarus back in his youthful human form, unconscious.

Lazarus is taken away in an ambulance and a furious Francine confronts the Doctor, slapping him and warning him to stay away from Martha. There’s a crash from the ambulance and the Doctor goes to investigate while Francine tells Martha to leave him. Martha and Tish both go and they all find the EMTs dead. The Doctor tracks Lazarus’ DNA signal to the nearby cathedral and find Lazarus in human form for the moment, having sought sanctuary just as he did during the Blitz. Lazarus tries to justify him and the Doctor warns that immortality isn’t worth it if you’re left alone. Lazarus is willing to pay the price, even as his body is wracked with convulsions.

Martha lures the hungering Lazarus after her and Tish, buying the Doctor time to come up with a plan using the cathedral’s organ. While the mutating Lazarus chases them upward, the Doctor tells them to get him to the top of the belltower. He then plugs his sonic screwdriver into the organ and pulls out all the stops, while Martha and Tish run out of space to run. Lazarus knocks Martha off the catwalk and she holds on while the Doctor hits the Lazarus mutate with enough sound to cause it to fall to its death, where it reverts to Lazarus. Tish pulls Martha to safety while the Doctor witnesses Lazarus revert to his original age.

Back in Martha’s room, the Doctor prepares to leave again and invites Martha for one more trip. She says no, admitting she doesn’t want to be just a passenger and he invites her in and they depart. As they dematerialize, the phone rings and Francine leaves a message warning Martha that she knows who the Doctor really is and that Harold Saxon has warned her how dangerous her traveling companion is.


Originally aired: Saturday May 19, 2007
on BBC-1 Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Graeme Harper
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Recurring Role: Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Guest Stars: Rebecca Oldfield (Erina) , Gary Powell (Ashton) , Vinette Robinson (Lerner) , Matthew Chambers (Korwin) , William Ash (Riley) , Anthony Flanagan (Scannell) , Michelle Collins (McDonnall) , Elize Du Toit (Sinister Woman)
Production Code: NCFT087E
In the TARDIS, the Doctor adjusts Martha's mobile phone, enabling it to call anywhere in time and space - an ability he refers to as Universal Roaming. As she is about to telephone her mum, they materialise on a very hot spaceship (in answer to a distress signal), and the Doctor notes that the engines are not operating. They open the door to the next room and are pulled through by three members of the crew, who then slam the door shut. The captain, McDonnell, explains that the engines have cut out and left the ship on a crash course with a local star. A nearby monitor announces that the projected time until impact is 42 minutes. The Doctor suggests evacuating the crew on the TARDIS, but the ship has begun venting excess heat through the room it materialised in, rendering it unreachable.

The Doctor organises Martha and one of the crew to open a series of password-protected doors in order to access to the control room where the auxiliary engines can be activated. Meanwhile the rest move to the main engine room, to try to fix the systems. The Doctor finds that all the engine-related machinery has been destroyed, and comments that someone "knew what they were doing."

There is a call from Abi, a medic, to say that Korwin, McDonnell's husband, is having some sort of seizure. The Doctor tells everyone else to continue trying to save the ship and he runs to Abi to find the others have followed him. They go to find Korwin lying near a stasis chamber with his eyes closed, screaming in agony, crying "It's burning me!" before the Doctor sedates him. Upon sedation the Doctor instructs Abi to test Korwin to find out what is wrong with him then the Doctor and McDonnell return to the rest of the crew.

While updating the crew on Korwin's status, the crew hears Abi's screams for assistance as Korwin gets up and backs Abi against the wall, saying in a deep voice, "burn with me". As he opens his eyes, a blinding light comes out and Abi screams in terror.

While the Doctor runs to Abi's aid, Martha and Riley continue to open doors by answering pub quiz style questions set by the crew, years previously, after a night of drinking. The questions include a crew member's favourite colour, and the next in a series of what turn out to be happy prime numbers. To answer another question, Martha has to ring her mother to ask her to find out the answer to the question "Who had more pre-download number one hits, Elvis Presley or The Beatles?" and we find out that Martha's mum has her call tapped. Meanwhile, the Doctor finds the imprint of Abi and concludes that she was vaporized. He reasons that Korwin has been infected in some way by something, and can vaporize people somehow.

McDonnell is at first unwilling to believe that her husband could be responsible for sabotaging the ship and killing Abi, but then alerts the rest of the crew to avoid Korwin. Ashton, working on the engines, sends Erina a message asking for more tools. She mutes the sound and mutters under her breath about the injustice of being sent on every errand as she goes to the control cupboard. She sarcastically ends her spiel with "just kill me now." When Erina closes the door, she turns to find Korwin standing there. He then says "burn with me, burn with me" and backs Erina against the wall as with Abi, and vaporizes her. Then Korwin goes to find Ashton, saying "they are getting too far". He places his hands on Ashton's temples, who screams in pain, and becomes infected too. Ashton goes after Martha and Riley, who in terror lock themselves in an escape capsule.

Ashton tries to override the system and send Martha and Riley plummeting towards the sun, but Riley is trying equally hard inside the capsule to stop this from happening. Ashton finally just punches the system and this makes the capsule Martha and Riley are stuck in plummet towards the sun. The Doctor gets there at the last second and yells to Martha "I'll save you!" over and over again- but she can't hear him. The Doctor puts on a space suit and tells McDonnell he is planning to pull the capsule back to the ship by setting the magnetic pull off, a system that is outside the ship. They tell him it is hopeless but he does it anyway. He struggles to press the buttons on the side of the ship and when he finally manages it he yells "come on my son!" Climbing back into the ship, he looks at the sun and realises that "It's alive", repeating the phrase a number of times, before he too is infected by the same thing as Korwin. Martha and Riley come back to the ship grinning until they see the Doctor in agony. McDonnell arrives and the Doctor explains to her that because she illegally mined the sun for fuel, without checking for life signs, she has seriously injured the living being within the sun. He tells them that the sun is alive in him, and tells them how they can save/stop him. He has his eyes shut, like Korwin, and cries for Martha to stay with him, telling her that he is scared. He has to be put into a freezing machine, to get the sun out of him, and before he goes in he tries to tell Martha about the regeneration that may happen.

Martha starts the freezing process but it is interrupted by Korwin, who turns off the power to the stasis (freezing) chamber from a remote location (engineering). The Doctor then tells Martha that she must go to the front of the ship and jettison the fuel, which will return the living particles back to the sun. Martha runs to tell the rest of the crew to jettison the fuel while McDonnell encounters Korwin. McDonnell admits to Korwin that this was all her fault and lures him close to an airlock. She tells him that she loves him and then opens the airlock and the two of them float into space. Martha tells the rest of the crew to vent the fuel, which ends the crisis and ends the sun creature's control over the Doctor.

The Doctor and Martha head back to the entrance of the TARDIS, where Riley kisses Martha goodbye. Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor gives Martha her own key to the TARDIS. Martha calls her mother back, and we learn the woman tapping the phone works for Harold Saxon.

S03E08-Human nature

8)Human nature
Originally aired: Saturday May 26, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Paul Cornell
Director: Charles Palmer (III)
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Guest Stars: Peter Bourke (Mr. Chambers) , Derek Smith (Doorman) , Mathew White (Phillips) , Lauren Wilson (Lucy Cartwright) , Gerard Horan (Clark) , Rebekah Staton (Jenny) , Pip Torrens (Rocastle) , Tom Palmer (Hutchinson) , Thomas Sangster (Tim Latimer) , Harry Lloyd (Jeremy Baines) , Jessica Hynes (Joan)
Production Code: NCFT088Y

The Doctor and Martha runs into the TARDIS, and the Doctor makes sure that their pursuers didn’t see her face. They dematerialize but the Doctor realizes they’re being followed. He gives her a watch and tells her his life depends on it… and he wakes up from the dream. The Doctor gets out of bed and Martha comes in as a maid to bring him breakfast and addressing him as Dr. John Smith. The Doctor explains he sometimes has dreams of being an alien adventurer from another world, and she was with him. He notices the watch on the mantelpiece of his bedroom and claims he’s from the Earth, but she shows him a paper showing he’s in 1913 and he’s completely human.

Dr. Smith is teaching at a boy’s school in England while Martha works there and is treated poorly by the students. Dr. Smith runs into the school matron, Nurse Joan Redfern, and they chat about the boys. She wonders if he’ll be going to the local village dance and he rather awkwardly falls down some stairs. Martha comes to check up on him but Nurse Redfern casually dismisses her as a maid who would have no medical knowledge. Dr. Smith talks about dreaming that he has two hearts but Redfern confirms he is a normal human with only one heart. He shows her his journal of his various dreams and the creatures he’s seen such as Daleks, Cybermen, and the TARDIS. He also has picture of Rose, although she disappears from the later entries. Nurse Redfern leaves with the book and when Martha goes after her, she asks how Martha came to be there with the Doctor.

In the boys’ dorm, Hutchinson tells one of the younger students, Tim Latimer to do his work for him. Latimer talks about Hutchinson’s father’s posting and seems to know what the letter says without having read it.

At the local pub, Martha discusses the suffragette movement with her fellow maid, Jenny, and talks about how she’ll be free in a month. Martha notices a brief flash in the sky. Nearby, Nurse Redfern is walking home when she sees a green flash that probes the countryside. She runs to the pub where the Doctor emerges and dismisses her concern identifying it as meteorite, then offers to walk her home. Martha decides to investigate where the meteorite came down.

One of the boys, Jeremy Baines, is getting beer from where it’s stored in the woods when the green object lands near him. He goes to investigate and runs into a barrier. Feeling around, he manages to find a doorway and enter it. Martha and Jenny arrive but it’s too late: he’s gone.

Inside what is a ship, unseen voices interrogate Baines and say he can’t be allowed to leave. They then show themselves to him and he screams.

Back at the dormitory, Baines arrives and claims the beer is gone. Baines acts rather peculiar, sniffing the air, and Latimer senses something unusual.

The next morning, Martha rides to a nearby shed where the TARDIS is stored. Using the key, she goes inside and thinks back to how the Doctor warned their pursuers would never stop following them. He gave her a watch saying it contains “me,” and says their life spans are running out so they only need to hide until they die. She remembers how the Doctor used a chameleon arch to rewrite his biology and transform himself into human. The TARDIS took care of everything else, creating a new identify for him. Martha then reviews a tape the Doctor left her of instructions to follow. She fast forwards to the point where the Doctor says in case of emergency she should open the watch.

Tim arrives to pick up a book from Dr. Smith, who wants to talk to him about his grades. While the Doctor looks for the book, Tim finds the watch and hears strange voices speaking of a “Time Lord.” He briefly opens it and elsewhere on the grounds, Baines notices and reacts. Tim leaves with the book, and secretly takes the watch with him to his room where he opens it again. Baines returns to the school and then telepathically reports to his others, and they decide to “activate the soldiers.”

Nearby, a landowner, Mr. Clark, is walking through the woods when he sees a scarecrow move. He checks it out but finds nothing inside. Then that scarecrow and others close in on him and kill him. A girl, Lucy Cartwright, is walking down the road with an umbrella when one of the scarecrows grabs her.

Dr. Smith is giving weaponry training to the boys when the Headmaster arrives. The other students blame Latimer for slacking off. Tim is haunted by a vision of the future and Hutchinson under attack. While Hutchinson takes Tim off for punishment, Baines seems to notice something odd about John Smith but dismisses it. Dr. Smith notices Nurse Redfern nearby and after she returns his book, he escorts her to the village where she talks about her fiancée who was killed. She talks about how in books he talks about a great war in the next year. He notices a piano about to fall on a woman and her baby and grabs a boy’s ball to knock over pipes to set off a chain reaction that stops the woman from ending up beneath the falling piano. He then invites her to the dance, much to her obvious pleasure.

Dr. Smith and Nurse Redfern walk back to the school and notice a scarecrow. The Doctor adjusts it back on its post while he has vague memories of “Gallifrey.” After they leave, the scarecrow comes to life and watches them go. Back at his room, the Doctor shows Redfern drawings he’s made of her and he starts to kiss her. Martha comes in and finds them, then goes to the TARDIS and reviews the Doctor’s instruction tapes but doesn’t find anything to help and is clearly upset that the Doctor has fallen in love with someone other then her.

Tim is still examining the watch when he spots Baines meeting with Clark and Lucy, and they all start sniffing about the grounds. Meanwhile, Jenny is riding on the roads when the scarecrows capture her and take her back to the ship. Baines holds up a sphere claiming it is Mother of Mine and says she needs a shape. A cloudlike form emerges from the ship and enters Jenny.

Redfern is showing off her dress to Dr. Smith while Jenny arrives to see Martha. Jenny sniffs the air briefly and then asks Martha about where Dr. Smith will be leaving for. Jenny insists that Martha explain and Martha realizes something is going on and tricks her into revealing she’s no longer human. Martha steps out and runs away and Jenny produces an alien gun and fires at her from the window but misses.

Martha runs to the Doctor and tries to explain, but realizes the watch is missing. She tries to snap him out of it, slapping him, but he dismisses her. Redfern mentions Dr. Smith did have a watch, which he can’t remember. Outside, Martha runs back to the TARDIS, bumping into Tim who remembers her from the Doctor’s past.

Baines and Jenny investigate Martha’s quarters and realize it ties into Dr. Smith. They check things out and Clark shows up to show them a poster for the dance. They note that Lucy is already at the dance.

Redfern and Dr. Smith go to the dance and Tim follows them as they prepare to dance and Lucy watches. Martha comes in and confronts Redfern, pointing out that she must realize Dr. Smith is unusual. Then Martha apologizes and shows Dr. Smith his sonic screwdriver. She insists that he name it and he begins to realize things.

Baines, Clark, and Jenny arrive, killing a war veteran, while scarecrows surround the dance hall. Tim sees them and Clark and the others come in, killing anyone in their way. Martha tells Dr. Smith to remain silent, but they prepare to interrogate him and Lucy reveals he’s the Doctor. Dr. Smith knows nothing about what’s going on but Baines orders him to change back. They take Martha and Redfern hostage and Baines wonders what the Doctor has learned from being human. He then tells Dr. Smith to decide which one they will kill…

S03E09-The family of blood

9)The family of blood
Originally aired: Saturday June 2, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Paul Cornell
Director: Charles Palmer (III)
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Guest Stars: Sophie Turner (Vicar) , Matthew White (Phillips) , Pip Torrens (Rocastle) , Gerard Horan (Mr Clark) , Lauren Wilson (Lucy Cartwright) , Tom Palmer (Hutchinson) , Thomas Sangster (Tim Latimer) , Harry Lloyd (Jeremy Baines) , Jessica Hynes (Nurse Joan Redfern) , Rebekah Staton (Jenny)
Production Code: NCFT089S

The Family wait for the Doctor to choose but Tim opens the watch, distracting them. Martha grabs the gun from Jenny and uses her as a hostage to force the others to let the civilians go. The Doctor and Joan get everyone out them but Tim runs away, saying the Doctor is as bad as the Family. Martha releases Jenny and tries to hold them off with her gun, but a scarecrow grabs her gun and she runs outside. she runs with Doctor Smith and Joan as Baines fires after them. Mother of Mine scans Jenny’s memories and “remembers” Martha remembering a shack. Mr. Clark takes some scarecrow soldiers to investigate while the others follow Doctor Smith to the school.

At the school, Doctor Smith notifies the students who prepare their weaponry. Martha tries to convince Doctor Smith not to lead the students against them, and they have to explain to the headmaster that they’re under attack. No one listens to Martha, who goes to find the watch. Tim still has it and is hiding, while Lucy enters the school to find it.

The headmaster goes out to confront Baines and Jenny, and Baines shows off his scarecrow soldiers. The Family demands Doctor Smith and Baines warns that he knows the future and war is coming in a year, and the school boys will die while using the headmaster’s knowledge. Baines kills the headmaster’s assistant and lets him go in to turn over Doctor Smith. The students rally, barricading the place, and Baines sends in his soldiers but Lucy warns the Doctor is preparing some trick.

Martha searches for the watch while trying to explain to Joan that the Doctor is an alien, but the matron doesn’t believe her. Meanwhile, Clark lets the other Family know that he’s found the TARDIS. Joan confronts the Doctor and tries to find out more about his background, but he doesn’t know anything but the literal facts. She notes that the Doctor John Smith she knew wouldn’t want the boys to fight, and he kisses her before going to join the battle.

Hutchinson prepares for war with Tim, who reveals he’s seen he future where they fight together in the war to come. Tim runs off, believing he was given the watch to help, but Lucy spots him. He shows her some of the memories of the Doctor from the watch and she runs off in terror. Baines and the others, knowing what she knows, orders the attack and the schoolboys open fire, destroying the first wave of scarecrows. Doctor Smith looks on, holding a gun, but can’t bring himself to fire. They realize the soldiers are nothing but straw, and then Lucy comes in. Martha tries to warn him but he ignores her and Lucy kills him. Doctor Smith orders the boys to retreat rather than risk more death, and they flee into the school while the scarecrows close in. They get some of the boys out to safety while searching the others for the watch. They prepare to shoot the boys but Tim opens the watch, drawing them upstairs while he escapes.

Doctor Smith, Martha, and Joan run out into the woods but the Family have brought the TARDIS and call out, telling him to come back. Doctor Smith doesn’t recognize it even though Joan points out he wrote about it in his dream journal. In a near panic, Doctor Smith insists on being John Smith and Joan takes them into the village to hide at an empty cottage where Lucy’s parents lived. Meanwhile, the Family goes to their ship and prepares to attack.

Tim comes to the cottage to bring Doctor Smith the watch. John refuses to take the watch but they’re interrupted as the Family begin to bombard the village. Doctor Smith takes the watch and starts to recover his memories, but is furious that “he” will have to die for the Doctor to return. He suggests giving the watch to the Family, but Joan reads his dream journal and reveals the Family would live together and spread destruction. She asks Martha to leave her and John alone, and then explains he must revert back. Doctor Smith sees a brief vision of what his life would be like if he remains human, marrying, having children, and dying of old age.

Doctor Smith goes to the ship and asks them to stop the bombardment, and they do after determining he’s still human. He offers them the watch and they take it after casting him aside, but open the watch to find it empty. Doctor John Smith stands up and reveals that he is… the Doctor, having fooled their olfactory senses. The Doctor has rigged the controls to destroy the ship and they all run out as it blows up.

Baines is left to describe what the Doctor did to them afterwards: binding Father of Mine in dwarf star chains, Mother of Mine in a black hole, Sister of Mine in every mirrors, and Brother of Mine trapped as a scarecrow.

Having given each of the Family the immortality they wanted, the Doctor returns to see Joan. She notes that Doctor Smith was willing to die for him, and he asks her to join him in his travels. She refuses and asks if any of the death and devastation would have happened if he hadn’t come there on a whim. The Doctor doesn’t have an answer, and turns and goes. Joan is left with John Smith’s book of dreams.

The Doctor returns to the TARDIS where Martha is waiting for him, and says it’s time to move on. Martha denies having any feelings for him and he thanks her for looking after him. Tim says goodbye and thanks him for seeing the future, and is resolved to fight in the wall. The Doctor gives him the watch as a good luck charm before they leave in the TARDIS.

Years later, the Doctor speaks of World War I and how Tim uses the Doctor’s watch to determine when the artillery will hit, letting him save himself and Hutchinson. The two men make it to safety… and many years later Tim is at a memorial for the war while the Doctor and Martha, unchanged, look on.


Originally aired: Saturday June 9, 2007 on BBC-1
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Hettie Macdonald
Show Stars: Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones (Season 3 - )), David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - ))
Guest Stars: Finlay Robertson (Larry Nightingale) , Lucy Gaskell (Kathy Nightingale) , Carey Mulligan (Sally Sparrow) , Ray Sawyer (Desk Sergeant) , Ian Boldsworth (Banto) , Thomas Nelstrop (Ben Wainwright) , Louis Mahoney (Old Man) , Michael Obiora (Billy Shipton) , Richard Cant (Malcolm Wainwright)
Production Code: NCFT090L

A woman, Sally Sparrow, approaches an old house at night. Going inside, she takes some photos and finds a loose piece of wallpaper. Pulling it down, she finds a cryptic warning addressed specifically to her about the “Weeping Angel” telling her to duck. She ducks as a rock hits the wall just in front of her. She turns to find an angel statue outside the window where the rock came from, its hands over her eyes. The message is signed “Love, the Doctor” and dated 1969.

Sally goes back to her flat that she shares with her friend Kathy Nightingale. A DVD is playing on the TV with a message of the Doctor, warning the viewer not to blink. The screens are filled with images of the Doctor and Martha. She calls Kathy in the bedroom, who warns her not look at her brother Larry… who isn’t wearing pants. Sally asks Kathy to go to the house, Wester Drumlins, and they go back in. Sally sees the weeping angel statue from the previous night, but thinks it’s moved closer to the house.

They check out the house but the doorbell rings and Sally goes to investigate it while Kathy waits in hiding. Sally opens the door and is face-to-face with a young man who asks for her by name. He explains he was told to bring an old letter at this precise day and time, and asks for identification. Outside, Kathy hears a noise but doesn’t notice the angel statue moving closer each time she looks way. The man claims to be representing his grandmother Katherine Wainwright, who was named Kathy Nightingale before her marriage. Sally hears a noise and calls out to Kathy, who has disappeared.

Kathy finds herself in a field in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cows. She finds a man reading a newspaper who says she’s in Hull. He shows her his newspaper… which says it’s 5th December 1920.

Kathy’s grandson Malcolm says that his grandmother died 20 years ago and has photos showing that she is identical to the Kathy that Sally knows. Reading the letter, Sally sees that Kathy explains it’s been over 60 years for her since she was transported into the past then wrote the letter. Sally runs upstairs to find four of the weeping angel statues. One of them is holding a Yale key on a string. Sally takes the key and turns away from the statute, then walks away as the statue seems frozen behind her just as if reaching for her. Sally hears Malcolm leave downstairs and goes after him, unaware that the statues are now at the windows, seemingly watching her.

Sally goes to a coffee shop and finishes reading the letter, where Kathy explains she had a happy marriage with Ben, the man she met in 1920. Sally goes to Kathy’s grave and Kathy’s letter directs her to her brother Larry, who runs a secondhand DVD store. In the back she finds a DVD player with an image of the Doctor and Martha on it. The Doctor starts speaking sentences seemingly at random. Larry comes in and Sally passes on Kathy’s message that she loves her brother, to a confused Larry. He then explains that the Doctor’s scenes are from DVD easter egg on movies. The Doctor is on 17 unrelated DVDs and no one knows how they got there. Larry steps out for a moment and the Doctor on the DVD apparently starts holding a conversation with Sarah. Startled, she prepares to leave and Larry gives her a list of the DVDs.

Sally goes to the police and while waiting, notices statues outside on the church. However, when she blinks for a second they disappear, and she’s unaware they’re now on the ledge outside the window. DI Billy Shipton comes in and takes her down to an abandoned car ramp filled with the vehicles that have been found near the house after the owners disappears. There’s also a police box, but Shipton claims it’s a fake one and they can’t get in past the Yale lock. He asks her for a drink and a flustered Sally gives him her number but walks off. When Shipton turns back to the police box, four weeping angel statues have appeared around it. He examines one of the statues, then blinks for a moment…

Outside, Sally realizes the key she found at the house might fit in the police box. She goes back to discover that the police box is gone and the doors outside are open.

Billy finds himself in 1969 and Martha and the Doctor greet him. The Doctor explains that the Weeping Angels are psychopaths who zap their victims into the past and feed on all of the temporal potential, all the stolen moments. The Doctor has a temporal detector and asks Billy to give a message to Sally for him.

In the present, Sally gets a call from Billy on her cell phone asking her to visit him at a hospital. There she finds an elderly Billy who explains that the Doctor gave him a message for her to “look at the list,” a list of 17 DVDs. He explains he got into publishing and DVD publishing and put the easter eggs on them. He explains the last time they will meet, on the night Billy dies.

Afterward, Sally realizes the list is of all of her favorite DVDs. She calls Larry and has him bring a DVD player to the house. They play the video of the Doctor and he begins another conversation that now matches with everything the Doctor has seemingly been saying at random. The Doctor “explains” that he knows everything she’s going to say and tells her to look to her left… where Larry is writing down the entire conversation for the benefit of the Internet forums that have been trying to figure out what the DVD easter eggs meant. The Doctor gets the transcript in the future and uses it to know what she’s saying.

The Doctor then explains that the Weeping Angels are creatures from another world and are only statues when anyone can see the. They come from the beginning of time and are quantum-locked so that they don’t exist when they’re observed. As soon as someone looks away from them, they can kill, and they cover their own eyes so they don’t look at each other and freeze themselves. The Doctor warns that the Weeping Angels plan to feast on the time energy of the TARDIS and she has to send it back to him. At this point the Doctor notes the transcript ends and he gives a general warning not to blink or turn away. They quickly look at the statutes to keep it frozen as it is seconds away from them, but there are three more upstairs.

They move slowly backward to the front door, being careful not to blink. Sally goes to open the front door but they’re locked in. Sally realizes they want the key to open the TARDIS. Sally tries to get out while Larry looks away for a second and the statue moves even closer before freezing. Sally finds the cellar door and a panicky Larry runs to her. Sally goes downstairs to find the other three Angels surrounding the TARDIS, their hands covering their eyes. Larry comes down with the fourth Angel close behind him. Keeping their eyes on all four statues, they approach the TARDIS but the lights start to flicker and the statutes get ever closer. Sally manages to get the TARDIS door open and they get inside just in time. A security protocol activates and a hologram of the Doctor appears. It tells them to insert the DVD in a slot on the main console and the ship starts to shake as the Angels attack it. The TARDIS dematerializes from around them, leaving them in the cellar… with the four Angels left looking at each other, frozen for eternity.

One Year Later

Larry and Sally are working together in the DVD store and Larry finds her entire accumulated case file on the Angels. Sally has realized she’ll need to give the information to the Doctor. Billy leaves to get some milk and the Doctor and Martha come in, but from their viewpoint they haven’t met the Angels yet. Realizing what needs to happen, Sally gives him the file with all of the information on the Angels even though he isn’t aware that he’ll need it yet.

Videos of the Doctor play with his warning, while images of statues from across the world are shown.