Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Cybermen fact file

History of the Cybermen

The Cybermen in our universe originate from Earths twin planet, Mondas. The cybermen have been in a lot of adventures they are the following:

The tenth planet(1966)-The first Doctor meets clothed faced monsters from Mondas call the Cybermen

The moonbase(1967)-On the moon in the year 2070, Cybermen plan to use a weather machine to destroy life on Earth.

The tomb of the Cybermen(1967)-On the planet Telos the Cybermen are asleep in tombs .Until a team of explorers wake them up.

The wheel in space(1968)-The Cybermen plan to use a space station to take over the Earth.

The invasion(1968)-The Cybermen along with a London electrical factory plan to to take over the city of London....and then the world.

Revenge of the Cybermen(1975)-Cybermen want to destroy the legendary planet of gold,Voga.

Earthshock(1982)-Hiding in a space freighter the Cybermen are preparing to crash the ship into Earth but not before they escape from the freighter.

The five Doctor's(1983)-trapped in the Death zone on Gallifrey a group of Cybermen are forced to fight to survive.

Attack of the Cybermen(1985)-Cybermen try to prevent their home planet, Mondas from destruction by meddling with time.

Silver nemesis(1988)-The Cybermen want to get hold of a very powerful statue called the Nemesis

Rise of the Cybermen/The age of steel (2006)-On a parallel Earth humans are being upgraded into Cybermen by an insane man called John Lumic.

Army of ghosts/Doomsday (2006)-Cybermen have broken through to our world and they want to upgrade everyone on Earth and start a war with the Daleks.

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