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Woooo so much news!!!

Well apparently according to some rumours the eppisode in which Rose comes back is called 'Hurricane', also the pen/sonic screwdriver seen in the trailer at the end of Voyage of the damned that the strange womna has and then the Doctor has is apparently his new gadget which does amazing things when he puts them together. The pictures below are thanks to Scooty from the Doctor Who forums

These people are definetely coming back:
Captain Jack,
The Doctor,
and someone called little red riding hood,
These photos are of the actors trailers:

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

FORUM TOPIC:Davros' return

Will Davros be back if yes then why and how? All this and more will be discussed here. To post a message for the discussion please click the comment button below.

Click here to have a look at some pictures to do with Davros' clothes in the new series


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Verity Lambert : A tribute

The first producer of Doctor Who was a woman called Verity Lambert who I have to say did some excellent work on Doctor Who for I have seen some of her episodes that she produced she was born on the 27th of Novenber in London and she died shortly beofre the Christmas special from last year (Voyage of the Damned), she died on the 22nd of November aged 71.

A Verity Lambert tribute will be shown on BBC4, the channel BBC4 will dedicate a whole night to Verity Lambert who was the first ever producer of Doctor Who back in 1963, the evening of programmes that will be shown in April sometime. it will be a 4-hour documentary about her life and work and about her work on Doctor Who, Russel .T. Davies will be appearing on the show with other members of the Doctor Who team. THhe Documentary will be followed by some of her best work including a few old Doctor Who episodes.

Personally, I can't wait for the Doctor Who episodes afterwards seeing as they will be from the old series, will you be watching the documentary because I certainly will!
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Doctor Who Insania Gallery

This is my very own gallery with my own pictures which have been made by me, I will add to it as I make more photos.

To get a photo for your background click on it to enlarge it then right-click on the picture and click on set as desktop background, it will then appear as your desktop background.

Another world

Archway to a world

Takeover of Adipose breeding planet

New Skaro

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Pest Control-BBC Audio Book

This Audio Book adventure is read by David Tennant and it features the 10th Doctor and Donna

It is written by Peter Anghelides and is exclusively for audio release

Here is the sypnosis:

The Doctor and Donna find themselves in the thick of trouble on a distant planet where soldiers transform into monstrous beetle, and everyone falls under the threat of a huge, mechanical exterminator.

Silence in the Library

The Picture above was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania

A while back at a Gallifrey one convention while being interviewed Steven Moffat let loose that one of his future episodes would be called Silence in the Library and Steven Moffats 2-parter in Series 4 is set in a Library with the Doctor on an expedition to find out the secrets of the Library. This title hasn't been officially confirmed however I suspect it to be true.

The Doctors fact file

The 10 incarnations of the Doctor from top left to bottom right.

The Doctor is an alien called a Time lord, the Time Lords come from the planet Gallifrey, Time lords can regenerate into new bodies 12 times if they are hurt badly or die.The Doctors age has been said to be around 900 however the Fourth Doctor stated to be 749 years old, the seventh Doctor said to be 953 years old, when the Tenth and Ninth Doctors speak of being 900 they refer to how long they have been travelling so seeing as he stated he started travelling when he was 236 years old then that would make the current incarnation around 1136 years old which would fit in with the sated age of the older incarnations. The Doctor usually travels with a companion/s to travel with him.
His arch enemies are the Daleks who fought a Time War with the Planet of Gallifrey(home of the Time Lords) and both sides were wiped out (it is implied that this was the Doctor's doing).
The different regenerations of the Doctor and their causes can be found below:
  1. First Doctor (Hartnell): Apparently succumbed to old age, steadily growing weaker throughout and collapsing at the serial's end. Although the writer's intent was that this was due to the energy drain from the planet Mondas, this was not made clear in the transmitted story (The Tenth Planet).
  2. Second Doctor (Troughton): A forced "change in appearance" and exile to Earth by the Time Lords in the closing moments of The War Games.
  3. Third Doctor (Pertwee): radiation poisoning from the Great One's cave of crystals at the end of Planet of the Spiders.
  4. Fourth Doctor (Baker, T): Fell from the Pharos Project radio telescope in Logopolis.
  5. Fifth Doctor (Davison): Spectrox toxaemia, contracted near the start of The Caves of Androzani.
  6. Sixth Doctor (Baker, C): Suffered unspecified injuries when the Rani attacked the TARDIS and caused it to crash land at the start of Time and the Rani.
  7. Seventh Doctor (McCoy): Died in San Fransisco during exploratory heart surgery by a doctor unfamiliar with Time Lord physiology, after being hospitalised for non-life threatening gunshot wounds in the 1996 television movie.
  8. Eighth Doctor (McGann): Not yet revealed but it was implied to be a result of theTime War.
  9. Ninth Doctor (Eccleston): cellular degeneration caused by absorbing the energies of the space time vortex from Rose, which she in turn had absorbed through the heart of the TARDIS in The Parting of the Ways.
  10. Tenth Doctor (Tennant):Current incarnation
The Doctor also is an enemy of the Master who is too a Time Lord but a evil one, the Doctor has battled him many time in many of his incarnations.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Paul O' Grady in Doctor Who

The Picture above was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania if any more in formation is required thhen contact me at

The Sun newspaper recently reported that Paul O' Grady would appear in Doctor Who series 4 he is set to appear on his chat show discussing "strange goings-on".Many celebrities like Barbara Windsor, Mcfly, Shanon Osbourne, Trisha Goddard, Anne Widdecombe, Derek Acorah and many others have appeared on the show and most probably this will carry on.
A BBC spokesman said this:

"Paul has been desperate to be on the show for ages and asked if he could be a guest star. Fortunately Who creator Russell T Davies is a big fan of his show too, and jumped at the chance. We’ve had to wait until his chatshow is filming again so we can shoot him on the set. It will be the usual camp Paul – just maybe a bit more sinister."

So what do you all think about this
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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures Season 1

Invasion of the Bane(2007):Having just moved house, Maria and her father meet their eccentric neighbour Sarah Jane Smith. When Maria sees Sarah late one night helping an alien return home, she cannot believe her eyes. Before she has time to think about what she has seen, she becomes tangled in the conspiracy behind the new soft-drink, Bubble Shock. Only Sarah Jane can help...

Revenge of the Slitheen : Part 1 & 2(2007):The Slitheen are looking for revenge on Earth after having their relatives wiped out in Aliens of London/World War Three with Lukes help they build a generator that doesn't even allow a candle light to shine and so with the Sun 'turned off' everyone thinks the end of the world is coming until Maria, Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde get involved in the Slitheens plan but can they do what must be done......

Eye of the Gordon : Part 1 & 2(2007):Sarah Jane and Company investigate the mysterious haunting of Lavender Lawns. A nun is stalking the tenants, but is it really something supernatural, or is there something else going on and what does an alien called the Gordon have to do with it?

Warriors of Kudlak: Part 1 & 2(2007):Sarah Jane investigates the case of a missing teenager, and it leads to a laser-tag centre called Combat 3000 and to an alien who has been kidnapping for a war that doesn't exist.

Whatever happened to Sarah Jane: Part 1 & 2(2007):When Maria awakes one day to discover that no-one has heard of Sarah Jane or Luke, her world is turned upside down and why does the 'new' woman across the road know about the reason bahind it all?

The Lost Boy: Part 1 & 2(2007):A TV news announcement disrupts a normal day on Bannerman Road, and Sarah Jane discovers that Luke is the exact visual and genetic double of a missing boy called Ashley but could the Slitheen be behind it ALL or is the MAIN villain a bit closer to home?

Torchwood Season 2


S02E01:Kiss Kiss Bang Bang(2007):Jack is in for a surprise when Captain John Hart, a man who Jack long thought was gone, comes to greet him but it turns out that Captain John is their for his own selfish reasons.

S02E02:Sleeper(2007):When a burglary turns into a slaughter, Torchwood suspect alien involvement. However, when the investigation escalates into a city-wide assault, Captain Jack realises that the whole planet is in danger.

S02E03:To the Last Man(2007):A soldier from 1918, being kept cryogenically frozen by Torchwood, is being woken up for one day each year. But something's different this year. His time is colliding with ours, and he needs to go, although Toshiko isn't so sure whether she wants him to...

S02E04:Meat(2007):When Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood, he helps the gang to find the source of an unusual alien meat supply but is he putting him self at too much risk........

S02E05:Adam(2007):Torchwood encounter an alien called Adam who can change memories. Things take a turn for the worse as Jack is haunted by memories of his little brother who's dissapearance he blames on himself, Gwen struggles to remember Rhys, Owen professes his love for Toshiko, and Toshiko becomes convinced that she loves Adam.

S02E06:Reset(2007):Jack calls in an old friend for a favour, none other than Martha Jones, as they attempt to stop a pharmaceutical facility ('Pharm') that uses aliens in the hope of discovering a cure for all diseases but by the end of the mission Owen is pronounced dead with a Gun shot wound.

S02E07:Dead Man Walking(2007):The Torchwood team are in deep shock and must face their darkest hour.In an effort to ressurect Owen with a second ressurection glove things go horribly wrong when he doesn't die again after 2 minutes, this releashes a primal force that people call the Grim Reaper or Death. It uses Torchwood as a conduit to wreck havoc across Earth aided by the Weevils and their newly appointed King.

S02E08:A Day in the Death(2007):A victim of his newfound circumstances, Owen Harper believes he needs absolution. Will the lonely girl on the rooftop help him, or will it be a mission to the retrieve an alien device that is proving more lethal by the second? And how far will Toshiko go to help him?

S02E09:Something Borrowed(2007):
The night before her wedding, Gwen is juggling work with her hen night, when an alien shapeshifter leaves her carrying more than she bargained for. As everyone gathers for the ceremony, Jack must destroy her big day, unless one of the three mothers present (Gwens mother, Rhys's mother and the Alien mother) finds a means to stop him.

S02E10:From out of the rain(2007):When an old cinema re-opens, past horrors emerge to stalk the streets of Cardiff. As bodies are found, in a state between life and death, Torchwood must act fast. Who are the night travellers? And how can Torchwood capture these mysterious killers?

S02E011:Adrift(2007): When a local teenager disappears, Gwen is drawn into an investigation that reveals a darker side of Torchwood. Hundreds of people have disappeared without trace, but Jack is obstructing attempts to find them. The answer seems to lie in the rift – literally – and as Gwen follows the trail, she makes a shocking discovery.

S02E12:Fragments(2007):A booby-trapped building explodes and knocks the team unconscious. As each team member's life flashes before their eyes, viewers learn how each of them was recruited to Torchwood: Captain Jack was initiated into a shocked Victorian Torchwood in 1899; Toshiko went on a daring mission to trade alien technology for her mother's life; Ianto wooed Jack with coffee and a flair for alien-catching; and Owen had a medical revelation that changed how he saw the world.

S02E13:Exit wounds(2007):Captain John Hart returns to have his revenge on Torchwood in the concluding episode of this award-winning drama. Taking Captain Jack prisoner, he sends him back in time for a long overdue reunion. Without their leader, Torchwood are faced with a city flooded with Weevils, on the brink of destruction. But who is Captain John really working for? Can anyone trust him? And how great a price must Torchwood pay to save the city?

Torchwood Season 1


S01E01: Everything Changes(2006):Police Constable Gwen Cooper comes across the mysterious organisation known as Torchwood. While investigating their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined. Suzie Castello betrays her colleagues when she shoots Jack in the head, thus revealing his immortality. Gwen then accepts Jack's offer of a job at Torchwood.

S01E02:Day One(2006):Gwens first day on the job sees Cardiff 's nightlife at the mercy of an alien who consumes its victims during mating only leaving nothing but dust. Torchwood tracks the alien to a Sperm Bank, but too late for the patrons within. Gwen and Jack trick it into leaving its host and captures it within a portable cell, where it dies because it lost contact with it's host.

S01E03:Ghost Machine(2006):Torchwood comes into possession of a device that can tap into the hidden energy left behind by strong emotions, creating ghostly recreations of the events that left them there. When Owen accidentally uses the device at the scene of an unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with bringing the killer to justice.

S01E04:Cyberwoman(2006):Ianto Jones hides a very big secret at Torchwood - his half-converted girlfriend from the Canary Wharf Battle - down in the basement. He is quick to hire a Japanese doctor who believes he can "cure" her. But things soon go wrong, and the Cyberwoman's destructive powers are released to the whole of Torchwood. Upgrading is compulsary.

S01E05:Small Words(2006):Jack catches up with a very old friend of his, who is investigating fairy sightings in the local wood. After having visited her, Torchwood are informed of a man's mysterious death in a prison cell. Then, Tosh uncovers a series of localised, extreme weather patterns. Nobody at Torchwood is sure of these events, or how they may be connected. Except Jack, who has witnessed the creatures causing this, almost a century ago.

S01E06:Countrycide(2006):Whilst investigating a group of unexplainable deaths in a village, the Torchwood team are separated. Discovering further, Jack, Gwen and Owen find a scared man, hiding from the thing responsible for the murders. But Tosh and Ianto go that one step extra, and locate the killer, who wants them as their next victims.

S01E07:Greeks Bearing Gifts(2006):Tosh meets an unusual woman, Mary, at a bar, who gives her a strange pendant. She is upset, yet amazed by what she now has - the ability to read people's minds. However, Tosh finds this terrible curse, that contains her friends darkest secrets, must be broken. So she asks for help from Mary, the only person who knows, but first, Tosh has to get her into Torchwood.

S01E08:They keep killing Suzie(2006):Using the Resurrection Gauntlet that former Torchwood member Suzie Costello originally had, the team is able to bring a number of murder victims back to life. However, these all have a link with the now-deceased Suzie, and the group has no choice but to bring her back. After the process goes wrong, and permanently keeps her alive, Suzie manipulates the naïve Gwen into taking her to see her father, whom she kills but she has gone one step to far which makes the Torchwood team shoot the Resurrection Gaunlet to kill Suzie.

S01E09:Random Shoes(2006):Eugene Jones wakes up, finding himself lying on the middle of a road. He then discovers that he has been the victim of a hit-and-run incident, and is, now, not only dead, but invisible. Eugene recalls events leading up to his death, involving a mysterious alien eye. Simultaneously, Gwen investigates the suspicious circumstances around his fatality.

S01E10:Out of Time(2006):Three passengers from 1953 arrive in modern day Cardiff, when their plane flies through the Rift. With no means of travelling back, each person must adapt to their new life, starting personal relationships with the separate members of Torchwood.

S01E11:Combat(2006):Weevils are appearing all over the streets of Cardiff, and then disappearing again - but not by alien forces. People are abducting them, and using the Weevils for their own purposes, so Owen investigates.

S01E12:Captain Jack Harkness(2006):Whilst investigating an old, derelict dance hall, Jack and Tosh are transported back to the 1940s, during the Blitz. Owen, Ianto, and Gwen realise, in modern day, that this has happened, and go in search of clues Tosh may have left. Meanwhile, back in the forties, Jack meets a very interesting man. One with the name Captain Jack Harkness...

S01E13:End of Days(2006):With the Rift having been opened, people and objects throughout time are falling through it, and being spread across the world. "The thing in the darkness" has finally come, and Jack realises that he is the only one who can save planet Earth from the destruction that "the son of the Beast" will cause.

Dead man Walking

The picture above was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania

Dead man walking is the seventh episode of Torchwood season 2 and is the second episode that Martha Jones will appear in.
The sypnosis for this episode can be read below

Deep in shock, the Torchwood team has to face their darkest hour. However, in an effort to put things right, Captain Jack Harkness unleashes a primal force that uses Torchwood as a conduit to wreck havoc across Earth, aided by the Weevils and their newly-appointed King.

The date of this episode could be today on BBC 3 at 10:00 or next Wedenesday on BBC 2 at 9:00.

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Beast fact file

The Beast appeared in the episodes Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit(2006)
The Beast said that he had many names, including Satan. He claimed that he remained imprisoned since before the universe.When the Doctor encountered him, the Beast resembled a gargantuan crimson horned figure with a corpse-like face, bound by chains.

The Beast could manifest himself through electronic media, including computer voices and, crudely, through hologram viewers. Its mind could leave its body and possess a single hive mind of the Ood collectively or a single Human individually, though not more than one at one time. He had the power of telepathy and, through a host, telekinesis, manifest fire from his mouth and affect the hosts skin, causing strange markings to appear all over their face and body, and vocal chords, allowing them to speak with different pitches simultaneously.. His hosts could also physically survive in a vacuum indefinitely.

Though the exact circumstances are unknown, it is known that the Disciples of the light confined the Beast to the planet later known as Krop Tor and placed the planet in orbit around the black hole K37 Gem 5 . If he ever tried to escape, the field holding the planet in orbit would stop and the planet would be sucked into the black hole.The Beast claimed to have existed before time, a claim the Doctor found difficult to accept.

The Beast spread his influence throughout the cosmos. He claimed that the devils and demons that appear in various religions were based on him.

The Beast had a son known as Abaddon.

The Beast possessed Toby Zed, a crew member of the Walker Expedition Sanctuary Base.
Through Toby Zed, the Beast's first action was to kill Scooty Manista by breaking one of the windows (the Beast and those he possesses can survive in a total vacuum of air ). The Base's Ood were taken over. Upon the Ood's defeat, the Beast planned to escape by keeping his spirit in Toby's body, leaving his physical body behind. The Doctor deactivated the force holding Krop Tor in orbit (the beasts' body) thus making the planet fall in to the black hole.

The Beast's original body was destroyed when Krop Tor fell into K37 Gem 5 and his spirit is believed to have been destroyed when Toby's body was pulled into K37 Gem 5 after Rose shot the front window in the escape spacecraft so he would be sucked out because Rose took of his seat-belt, although he claimed that he would never be truly destroyed.


Impossible planet/The Satan Pit(2006):The Doctor and Rose land on a planet which is standing up to the pull of black hole, but what is the source of this power? Have Rose and the Doctor gone to far? Will what they witness be too much for them?.....

Abaddon fact file

Abaddon was a Demon and the son of the Beast.

imprisoned beneath the Rift possibly by the disciples of the light as they imprisoned his father on the planet Krop Tor.

A 1827 archaelogical expedition excavating the ruins of Babylon and found a stone tablet depicting a great demon standing above a city.

Bilis Manger, considering himself Abbadon's servant, set in motion of series of events designed to manipulate the entire Torchwood 3 team into using a technological device to open the Rift and so release the demon. This done, the Rift released Abaddon and he appeared. Abaddon seems to share none of the intelligence of his father and was not shown to speak or plan. There is still the possibility that he was the one who created the plot, rather than Bilis Manger himself.

The fall of Abbadon. (TW: End of Days)

The fall of Abbadon.
The shadow of Abaddon killed any person who it fell upon and fed upon their life energy. Only the immortal Jack Harkness stood in his way. He was eventually killed by Abaddon, the Demon dying in the process due to feeding upon to much life enrgy.However Jack came back to life after a few days.

Torchwood:End of Days(2006): As Bilis Manger gets his way when the Torchwood team open the Rift. Abaddon, son of the Beast rises from the rift....

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Judoon fact file

The Judoon appeared in Smith and Jones(2007)The Judoon are a race of rhinocerous-headed humanoids employed, as the Doctor put it, as "police-for-hire" (or, he added, "interplanetary thugs"). Judoon are two-metre high humanoids with a stocky build and rhinocerous-like heads. They have large lungs to help with breathing even in environments with low levels of oxygen.

Judoon are brutish and meted out punishments that might seem cruel to some races (for example, physical assault incurred one of the Judoon's favourite punishments, execution). However, they still operated under Galactic law. They have the right to execute without proper trial. The Doctor suggested they operated in terms of guilt by association, claiming they might kill everyone in the Royal Hope Hospital for assisting their suspect.Their language was composed of many one-syllable words ending in a long "o" sound. Each sentence was composed of several of these words hyphenated together.The Doctor described them them as logical but stupid and they seemed to favour methodical patterns of behavior, to a fault.

The 'execution' punishment the Judoon are so fond of was delivered using a directed energy weapon with a red beam. The Judoon had scanners which would tell the Judoon the species of the scanned being. However, the scanners could be fooled by previous close contact with another species. Metamorphic beings capable of altering their internal biology using assimilated biomatter could also deceive the scan. They also had translation devices which worked by analysing the recorded voice of a being. The translation was reciprocal.

In general, their technology was a dark red or black colour, and most instruments, such as their weapons, scanners and translators, were thick and pen-shaped, simiar to a large sonic screwdriver. They did have a pen, a thick marker pen, used to mark "catalogued" people - those who had been scanned and deemed to not be a suspect - on their right hand.

The Judoon also have a contact device that reaches every Judoon helmet, allowing the Judoon Captain to give orders with a press of a button, albeit not pen-shaped. It is the same device as the language assimilator.

Their spacecrafts are large cylindrical craft, with four boosters at the bottom and four claws at the bottom which seved as landing gear. Each craft could hold several thousand Judoon in troops of several hundred each. Three of these craft landed on the Moon.

The Judoon could also use H20 scoop to transport buildings across space and shield them with force fields as required by Galactic law.


Smith and Jones(2008):On meeting the mysterious John Smith(the Doctor), medical student Martha Jones finds her life turned upside-down. A lightning storm and some upside-down rain send the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon, and Martha must cope with the brutal Judoon, an intergalactic police force, and a blood-sucking Plasmavore. John Smith(the Doctor), her ally in the crisis, soon proves he is no ordinary patient...

Judoon to return in Series 4?

The picture above was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania
When the Judoon hit our screens last year, I like many fans of the show took to them very well and I have been hoping that we might see them again in the near future well I my hopes have been answered so for me the big question is will the Judoon return to Doctor Who in Series 4, well I might just have the answer.
In Cardiff at the Doctor Who exhibition the Judoon costume and stand have been replaced with a sign stating that they were taken awaay for filming in Series 4 of Doctor Who, so will the intergalactic police be back for more action or is this a simple mistake?
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Bannakaffalatta belonged to the Zocci species. They originated on Sto with a number of different species. They are small humanoids, with red spiky heads. Bannakaffalatta was aboard the starship Titanic. And after having an accident which was life threatining he had to become part cyborg, but he was ashamed of it. He sacrificed himself to save the ship and Earth below in Voyage of the Damned (2007)

Voyage of the Damned (2007):With the Tenth Doctor stumbling upon the spaceship Titanic , all is not what it seems as he discovers a sinister plot to crash the spaceship in to Earth and destroy the Earth and all life on it....


The Axos appeared in the claws of Axos (1971), they landed on earth in search of fuel, they find UNIT which at the time the Doctor was working for, the goldens statues turn out to be tentacely beasts and they start attacking until the Doctor traps them in a perpetual time loop.They kill with one whip/tuogh of their tentacles, they are all one big entity, a group intelligence as such.


The claws of Axos(1971):An organic spaceship lands in England, and the crew, a group of "Axons", gold-skinned humanoids, claim their homeworld was destroyed by a solar flare. They show the humans their gift, "Axonite", and it seems innocent, until it turns out Axons, Axonite, and Axos are the same entity and the Doctor is suspicious, but with the Master being involved, can the Doctor, UNIT and Jo Grant stop the Axons from draining all the energy from Earth, and keep time and space safe?

Argolin fact file

The Argolin, who appeared in the Fourth Doctor story The leisure hive (1980) by David Fisher, are the inhabitants of Argolis. In 2250, the Argolin, led by Theron, fought and lost a 20-minute nuclear war with the Foamasi. As a result of this war, the Argolin became sterile. They were also quite long-lived, but when they neared the end of their life they aged and declined very rapidly. The Argolin who survived the war put aside their race's traditional warlike ways and remade Argolis as "the first of the leisure planets", catering to tourists from many worlds. They built a "Leisure Hive" dedicated to relaxation and cross-cultural understanding; due to radioactive fallout from the war, the Argolin planned to live in the Hive for at least three centuries. Argolis continued to struggle financially, and by 2290 faced possible bankruptcy. A rogue faction of Foamasi known as the West Lodge attempted to purchase the entire planet to use as a criminal base, sabotaging recreation facilities in order to encourage the Argolin to sell. The criminal nature of the offer was exposed by a Foamasi agent, aided by the Fourth Doctor and Romana.

Since the Argolin were sterile, they attempted to renew their race using cloning and tachyonics, but only one of the clones, Pangol, survived to adulthood. Pangol was mentally unstable and obsessed with the Argolin's former warrior culture. He attempted to create an army of tachyonic duplicates of himself, but was unsuccessful and was eventually restored to infancy through the same tachyonic technology that had created him.

In appearance, Argolin are humanoids with yellowish skin. Their heads are covered with what appears to be elaborately coiffed hair, but may not be (since when Pangol is reduced to infancy he retains the distinctive Argolin hairstyle). Their heads are capped with small domes covered in beads, which fall off when the Argolin become sick or die.


The leisure Hive (1980) The Fourth Doctor and Romana visit a leisure hive on an alien planet but all is not what it seems as they try to save the planet from being bough by an enemy agent of the Fomasi


I will be updating this site on the monster fact files with new and old monsters and heroes from the TV show that we all love which is Doctor Who.
I would also like to thank all who have given there time and there attention to visiting this site.

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Chat Room

I have launched a new instant messaging chat room on my site.

Rutan Host Fact file

The Rutans, have long been at war with the Sontaran Empire, and this war dominates both cultures to the exclusion of all else. The Rutans only appeared on television in the serial Horror of Fang Rock , in which a single Rutan is encountered, though they are mentioned in some serials featuring the Sontarans.
In their natural forms, Rutans resemble large green Jellyfish, glowing blobs of biomatter with long ropey tentacles. They are amphibious and can cling to sheer vertical surfaces, with considerable mobility out of the water despite their shape. Rutans can also generate lethal electrical shocks which they use to kill, and seem to be able to absorb electricity directly from any source for there own energy instead of eating, sleeping, drinking etc. They reproduce by splitting them selves into two seperate organisms without having any loss in size, mass, volume etc. Rutans can speak, although the exact mechanism by which this works is unknown as they seem to lack mouths. The Rutan observed in Horror of Fang Rock spoke with a harsh, tinny male voice.

The title "Rutan Host" implies a group intelligence of some kind, and indeed Rutans never refer to themselves as individuals, therefore use first person plurals like "we", "us" and "our(s)". Rutans are able to operate independently (and like the Sontarans, often dispatch scout units consisting of a single soldier), but they do not see individuals as important and all individual desires are counted less important by the general desire to win the war with the "Sontaran rabble".

Rutans have also developed advanced shape-shifting technology, allowing them to appear in any form they wish. They often use this technology to adapt to alien environments and infiltrate alien cultures; Rutans are consummate spies. A Rutan usually kills specific individuals and then impersonate them, this tactic is to prevent discovery and to examine the individual more closely for a more accurate clone.


Horror of Fang Rock(1977): The cursed island of Fang Rock off the south coast of England is a place of rumour and tales of beasts from the sea. Three lighthouse men at the turn of the century face their fears when something comes in from the sea which brings death to all it touches.

Sontarans Fact file

The newly designed Sontarans with the Tenth Doctor, Marth and Donna.

The Sontarans made their first appearance in 1973 in the serial The Time Warrior by Robert Holmes. There, it was explained that they are a race that reproduces by means of cloning . They live in a militaristic society obsessed by war. Sontarans are humanoid, with a squat build and distinctive dome-shaped head. They come from a high-gravity world named Sontar in the "southern spiral arm of the galaxy", and are far stronger than humans. They recharge their energy through a "probic vent" at the back of the neck rather than by eating food; they also use this vent in their reproduction process. The Sontarans have been at war with the Rutan Host for thousands of years. In the episode The Invasion of Time, the Sontarans successfully invaded Gallifrey , but were driven out again after less than a day.

Although physically formidable, the Sontarans' weak spot is the probic vent at the back of their neck; they have been killed by targeting that location with a knife and an arrow. They are also vulnerable to "coronic acid".

At some point, the Sontarans encountered the Rutan Host. The war between the Sontarans and the Rutans continued for several millennia, with both sides remaining fairly evenly matched and neither side interested in negotiating for peace. It was still ongoing at the time of The Sonataran Experiment, which takes place at least 10,000 years beyond the 30th century. The episode Horror of fang rock, set during the early 20th century, hinted the Sontarans had gained the upper hand, but this proved merely a temporary setback for the Rutan Host.


The Time Warrior(1973-1974): A Sontaran named Linx, trapped in the Middle Ages, uses crude time travel technology to kidnap scientists from the 20th Century to help repair his spacecraft.

The Sontaran experiment(1975): On a future Earth recovering from devastating Solar Flares, the Fourth Doctor,Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith discover Styre, a Sontaran warrior, conducting experiments on astronauts he has captured during their investigation of the rejuvenated Earth.

The Invasion of Time(1978):The Doctor returns to Gallifrey, having claimed the Presidency. His behaviour is unusual and has Leela thrown in jail. However, the Doctor is doing this to prevent a Sontaran instigated disaster.

The Two Doctors(1985):The Second Doctor and Jamie are on a mission for the Time Lords that goes horribly wrong, and Jamie sees the Doctor being tortured to death. However, if the Doctor died in his second incarnation, what does that mean for the Sixth Doctor and Peri?

Friday, 15 February 2008

Official UNIT ID

This I.D. was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania

This is Martha Jones' UNIT i.d. which has been confirmed bysomeone I know who works on the prop sectionn of Doctor Who, he only showed me a glimpse BUT it also appeared in Wednesdays Torchwood so I had a go at making one whihc can be seen above.
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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Tardis and Torchwood Treasures Birthday

The picture aove was made by me and is copyright Doctor Who Insania

I would like to say Happy Birthday to Tardis and Torchwood Treasures as it is the first birthday today and lwts all hope that there will be many more.
So lets sing
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Tardis and Torchwood Treasures
Happy Birthday to you.

Hip-Hip Hooray!!!!!!
Hip-Hip Hooray!!!!!!
Hip-Hip Hooray!!!!!!

Well I hope you were singing along to that!!!
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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


The picture above was made by me

Some spoilers for series 4 of Doctor Who have been released about Donna, Rose, Martha, Captain Jack,Sarah Jane and the Doctor. Also some of the spoielrs contain info on some monsters and on gerogia Moffetts role as the Doctors' daughter These Spoilers were in an article in the Sun, so living up to the Suns reputation these might not be true.

Spolier 1 Highlight to read all the spoilers

Doctor Who series four leaves helpless assistant Donna racing round the stratosphere (atmosphere) alone when the Timelord goes missing.Donna played by Catherine Tate fears for the Doctor’s life when he mysteriously disappears and draws support from an unlikely source.
Former assistants Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack all rush to her aid. The fearless foursome then scour the universe in search of the Doctor battling a whole host of alien life-force.

Spoiler 2

"a mysterious hooded being and dangerous flying beasts".

Spoiler 3

And there’s a shock in store when actress Georgia Moffett whose real-life dad is former Doctor Who Peter Davison claims to be the Timelord’s daughter.

Spoiler 3 is known about by most people and spolier 2 seems to be from episodes 8 and 9 (Moffat 2-parter) and spoiler 1 from the Doctor-lite episode

Anyway, now for some facts/specualtions


* There will be a character called "Lux" who helps the Doctor on an expedition to uncover the secrets of an abadoned library.

Some new cast for the Sontaran 2 parter - Eleanor Matsuura (Jo), Ryan Sampson (Luke Rattigan), Rupert Holiday Evans (Colonel Mace), Bridget Hodson (Captain Price), Clive Standen (Harris), Wesley Theobald (Private Steve Gray)


*The actor playing Colonel Mace (Sontaran 2-parter) is telling people that he is the "new Brigadier"

*The Mastetr will be back and played by John Simm but this is probably in a flashback.

*Noel Clarke was asked if he will return a Mickey , the answer he gave suggested he might come back.

*DNA is a key role in Series 4

*The fob watch will return
*The Doctor will have to choose which companion to have and which companion will die, this might be Donna seeing that she will only be in series 4 of Doctor Who.

*Rose will be in a relationship with someone (NOT MICKEY!!!!)

*David Tennant might do season 5

Wow that was a big post!!!!
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Martha Jones in Torchwood/Reset

The picture above was made by me
As we all know by now Martha Jones will be appearing in Torchwood in the episode Reset which will be show, various pictures of her in the Hub have been put on display here.
She will appear tonight in the episode Reset, you can read the plot summary below:

Reset:This will be shown at 9:50 tonight on BBC 3 and next week at 9:00m on BBC 2
Captain Jack calls in Martha Jones to investigate mysterious deaths. When the trail leads to a sinister medical testing centre Martha must go undercover. But have Torchwood underestimated how far the testing centre will go to find medical breakthroughs? How safe are any of Torchwood?

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

2 Day Break

I will be away for some time so ove rthe next 2 days no posts will be made.
I will definetely be back on Thursday 14th, up till then i will be doing mantinence on the site.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Sarah Jane Adventures Volume 1 DVD cover

The New cover for the Sarah Jane Adventures DVD is out, it will be released on the 18th of March it will contain various other clips from Blue Peter and TMI, it will contain four episodes which will make up two full stories.
Will you be buying this DVD?
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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Martha Jones' episodes?

The image above was copied from with the owners consent.

Freema Agyeman has confirmed that the 5 episodes she will appear in in Doctor Who series 4 will be the following:

Episodes 4 & 5 (Sontaran two-parter)
Episode 6 (The Haff episode)
Episodes 12&13 (Finale)

So there we have it the five episodes that Martha will appear in.
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Martha Jones UNIT I.D.

As far as we know Martha Jones will be working with UNIT in series 4 of Doctor Who and in Torhcwood for 3 episodes, this was confirmed on her myspace page where she said:
"I just receive an email, guess who it is from"

First of all everyone thought that she was talking about Torchwood but after she tried to hide her UNIT i.d. at a photoshoot the latter is the likely sender of the email.

I have made her UNIT i.d. card which i think would look like the above picture.
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Friday, 8 February 2008

Sontarans Picture Cartoon

This isn't really news just a little something me and my friend have been working on.
Hope you like it.
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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Torchwood episode 2-Adam-New clip

A new clip containing the Boeshane Peninsula which is Captain Jacks home town in the 51st century can be watched here

Doctor Who start date?

Well we can't be certain on a definete start date but

Series one started on 26th March 2005 which was Easter saturday

Series 2 started on 15th April 2006 which was Easter saturday

Series 3 started 31st March 2007 and not the 7th April 2007 (Easter Saturday)so as not to clash with any other programmes(even though they were still delayed a week with Eurovision).

So seeing as in series 4 they seem to be filming way ahead of themselves then series 4 will probably air on 22nd March 2008(Easter saturday).

Some people say that Doctor Who will start when Torchwood finishes but if Captain Jack is going to come back then i doubt it will be in the first three episodes of Doctor Who, but if series 4 starts on Easter saturday =and if Torchwood runs smoothly Torchwood will probably finish within the first few episodes of Doctor Who, so hopefully at some point in time we will have Torchwood and Doctor Who to look forward to in the same week!!

Freema talks in the new DWM

Freema Agyeman has revealed that facing classic Doctor Who villains the Sontarans was a a 'high' point in her career.

"Russell (T Davies) sent me a text saying, 'It'll be the first time you've towered over a baddie' Ha ha!," Freema revealed in an exclusive interview in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. "And I did. I felt quite tall."

"When I first saw the guys in prosthetics I couldn't stop giggling - found them really cute and quite funny! Er, that's probably not the desired reaction, is it?" she added.

Also in this month's issue: writer Stephen Greenhorn talks about his forthcoming Series Four episode; director Graham Harper braves questions from Out of the TARDIS Tin; there's werewolves and weirdness in the full colour comic strip, Part 2 of Universal Monsters.

Russell T Davies pays tribute to a very special lady in Production Notes; Neil Harris stresses the importance of location, location, location in You Are Not Alone; it's the last ever edition of the Matrix Data Bank; plus all the latest Series Four news, previews and reviews.

DWM 392 is available from Thursday 7 February 2008 priced £3.99.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I have some news about the Sarah Jane adventures and some Doctor Who episode titles.

The Doctor Who Magazine confirms 2 episode titles for Series Four. Episode two, which is set in Pompei, will be called The Fires of Pompeii. Midnight will be Episode Ten and written by Russell. T. Davies. The title for episode 6 is yet to be revealed but we know it will be written by Stephen Greenhorn.

Now for the Sarah Jane Adventures news

The Sarah Jane Adventures is going ot be renewed for another series. This series will contain 12(2 parter) episodes(24 episodes if you count each part) which are 30 minutes long, like before. This was confirmed today by the BBC.

Now for some book titles which will all contain Donna Noble

Ghosts of India:Mark Morris

Shining Darkness:Mark Michalowski

The Doctor Trap:Simon Messingham

Well thats it for today folks(i think)
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100th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 100th post on this website, hopefully we will be seeing a lot more posts on here.

New logo for partners in crime

I have made a new logo for this website for the upcoming episode partners in crime, i hopw you all like it.
Please comment below, your comments are much appreciated.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Torchwood series 2 episodes

The episode titles of Torchwood series 2 have all been revealed:

2.1 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2.2 - Sleeper
2.3 - To The Last Man
2.4 - Meat
2.5 - Adam
2.6 - Reset
2.7 - Dead Man Walking
2.8 - A Day in the Death
2.9 - Something Borrowed
2.10 - From Out of the Rain
2.11 - Adrift
2.12 - Fragments
2.13 - Exit Wounds

There is some more news about one of the major characters in the series:(highlight to read)
Reset, Episode 6, will see the death of Owen Harper, and the return of Martha Jones, but not all is what it seems as he will be transformed into a Weevil hybrid... He becomes the "Weevil King" and appears throughout episodes six, seven and eight. Is this the end for 'human' Owen?...

David Tennant has confirmed that he will be returning to Doctor Who to film the 2009 specials on 10th January 2009. Speaking at the Radio Times Cover Party, he revealed that they are still hard at work on Series Four, and are should finish at the end of April. After having a break, David will begin his rehearsals for Hamlet , and will star in the Shakespeare play from July right up until 9th January next year.He'll have to be back in Cardiff the very next day to start filming for the three special episodes of Doctor Who which have been confirmed for at some point throughout 2009."And after that I really don't know," David said. "Nothing has been decided... honestly!"So will he quit after 2009....who knows!

Time Lords Daughter

The Daily Star reported that Georgis Moffat will be playing the dotors daughter, they said this:

DOCTOR Who gets a massive shock when discovers he has a daughter. The Time Lord is stunned after he lands back on Earth and meets a girl who claims he is her dad.

But all is not what it seems and the Doc eventually finds out his "daughter" has been created by aliens. They hatched a sinister plot to nick his DNA without him knowing. And, using his genes, they made the young woman themselves.

In a clever bit of casting, Georgia Moffett, 23, will play the Time Lord's girl. She just happens to be the real life daughter of former Doctor Who Peter Davison, 56. A source said "It's an amazing signing."

Show bosses are lining up some sensational storylines for the BBC sci fi show - back this spring. They include a showdown with the Daleks and their evil creator Davros.

Cybermen fact file

History of the Cybermen

The Cybermen in our universe originate from Earths twin planet, Mondas. The cybermen have been in a lot of adventures they are the following:

The tenth planet(1966)-The first Doctor meets clothed faced monsters from Mondas call the Cybermen

The moonbase(1967)-On the moon in the year 2070, Cybermen plan to use a weather machine to destroy life on Earth.

The tomb of the Cybermen(1967)-On the planet Telos the Cybermen are asleep in tombs .Until a team of explorers wake them up.

The wheel in space(1968)-The Cybermen plan to use a space station to take over the Earth.

The invasion(1968)-The Cybermen along with a London electrical factory plan to to take over the city of London....and then the world.

Revenge of the Cybermen(1975)-Cybermen want to destroy the legendary planet of gold,Voga.

Earthshock(1982)-Hiding in a space freighter the Cybermen are preparing to crash the ship into Earth but not before they escape from the freighter.

The five Doctor's(1983)-trapped in the Death zone on Gallifrey a group of Cybermen are forced to fight to survive.

Attack of the Cybermen(1985)-Cybermen try to prevent their home planet, Mondas from destruction by meddling with time.

Silver nemesis(1988)-The Cybermen want to get hold of a very powerful statue called the Nemesis

Rise of the Cybermen/The age of steel (2006)-On a parallel Earth humans are being upgraded into Cybermen by an insane man called John Lumic.

Army of ghosts/Doomsday (2006)-Cybermen have broken through to our world and they want to upgrade everyone on Earth and start a war with the Daleks.

Daleks fact file

History of the Daleks

The Daleks were originally the Kaled race who were in a long, ongoing war with the Thals on their home planet of Skaro, the scientist group for the Kaleds had a leader called Davros he mutated the Kaleds genes so they would become emotionless, hatefull creatures. He turned them into mutants and then planted them in a mettalic dome which was made from Dalekanium.
Through the years they have had many battles which are the following:

The Daleks(1963-1964)-The Doctor attempted to stop the ongoing war between the Thals and the Kaleds.

The Dalek invasion of Earth(1964)-The Daleks want to hollow out the Earth to use it as a spaceship to conquer the galaxy.

The chase(1965)-The Daleks follow the TARDIS through the whole of time and space, which leads to a catastrophic conclusion.

The Daleks master plan(1965-1966)-The Daleks try to get a powerful weapon called the Time Destructor so that they could rule the galaxy.

The power of the Daleks(1966)-The whole of the universe thinks the Daleks are extinct but on the planet Vulcan some Daleks are planning a most devastating plan.

The evil of the Daleks(1967)-The Daleks with their emperor are trying to turn the whole universe in to Daleks

Day of the Daleks(1972)-The Daleks are back on Earth so the Doctor has to stop them from changing the history of the human race

Planet of the Daleks(1973)-On the planet Spiridon the Doctor discovers thousands of frozen Daleks about to awake

Death to the Daleks(1974)-The Daleks lose all their power on an alien world but not for long.

Genesis of the Daleks(1975)-The Time lords send the Doctor to Skaro when the Daleks were first created and so he is told to destroy them before they became a great power for evil.

Destiny of the Daleks(1979)-To win a war theDaleks are trying to find their creator, Davros.

The five doctors(1983)-The first doctor and Susan meet a Dalek in the death zone.

Ressurection of the Daleks(1984)-The Daleks need help from Davros to cure a virus

Revelation of the Daleks(1985)Humans are being turned into Daleks

Remeberance of the Daleks(1988)-The Daleks are at war with each other in London.

Dalek(2005)-One Dalek survived the Time war it has escaped and wants to destroy everything

Bad wolf/Parting of the ways(2005)-The emperor Dalek survived the Time war and he is making Daleks out of humans so that the Daleks can take over Earth

Armyof ghosts/Doomsday(2006)-Four Daleks called the Cult of Skaro survived the Time war and they want to realease a million Daleks from within a Time lord prison ship.

Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks(2007)-The Cult of Skaro are back trying to build a Dalek/Human army out of Humans who they've kidnapped but when the Doctor intervenes he puts a stop to it, but by the end of the battle only Dalek Caan remains alive......

Voyage of the Damned DVD cover

This is the new DVD cover for Voyage of the damned, now usually this sets the template for dvds from series 4 so we kind of know what to look for in the DVD cover art for the series4 DVD's.
The release date is set for the 10th of March, at the moment it looks like unlike last years christmas special DVD on this one there will be no special features.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Torchwood i.d.

I had a go at making a torchwood i.d from doctor who series 2 finale. What do you think of it, if you would like me to make you one then leave a comment giving me your email and i will send it t you.I have also made a UNIT id, oh and by the way your first name, second name and date of birth go on those 3 lines, and your picture goes in the box.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Make a Cyberman mask?

1)Print the Cyberman mask out
2)Cut it out
3)Glue it on some card
4)Cut it out of the card
5)Put elastic on the back so that the mask fits around your head
6)You now have your very oen Cyberman mask

Friday, 1 February 2008

Companions in the finale!!!

The picture above was made by me
As far as we know Captain Jack, Sarah Jane, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble and Martha Jones will appear in the finale but what about Astrid and K-9, a few months a go, someone on set said"She is back and on very good authority ", this could be implied to either Rose or Astrid, anyway now to k-9 will the robotic dog appear? This question is asked often and the answer will probably be no(even though i hope he does appear), since the new show k-9 is starring in gives him a different look and seeing that he is shutting down a black hole it seems doubtful that he will appear in series 4 of Doctor Who.
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