Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Torchwood Season 1


S01E01: Everything Changes(2006):Police Constable Gwen Cooper comes across the mysterious organisation known as Torchwood. While investigating their world, she finds technology and methods she never imagined. Suzie Castello betrays her colleagues when she shoots Jack in the head, thus revealing his immortality. Gwen then accepts Jack's offer of a job at Torchwood.

S01E02:Day One(2006):Gwens first day on the job sees Cardiff 's nightlife at the mercy of an alien who consumes its victims during mating only leaving nothing but dust. Torchwood tracks the alien to a Sperm Bank, but too late for the patrons within. Gwen and Jack trick it into leaving its host and captures it within a portable cell, where it dies because it lost contact with it's host.

S01E03:Ghost Machine(2006):Torchwood comes into possession of a device that can tap into the hidden energy left behind by strong emotions, creating ghostly recreations of the events that left them there. When Owen accidentally uses the device at the scene of an unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with bringing the killer to justice.

S01E04:Cyberwoman(2006):Ianto Jones hides a very big secret at Torchwood - his half-converted girlfriend from the Canary Wharf Battle - down in the basement. He is quick to hire a Japanese doctor who believes he can "cure" her. But things soon go wrong, and the Cyberwoman's destructive powers are released to the whole of Torchwood. Upgrading is compulsary.

S01E05:Small Words(2006):Jack catches up with a very old friend of his, who is investigating fairy sightings in the local wood. After having visited her, Torchwood are informed of a man's mysterious death in a prison cell. Then, Tosh uncovers a series of localised, extreme weather patterns. Nobody at Torchwood is sure of these events, or how they may be connected. Except Jack, who has witnessed the creatures causing this, almost a century ago.

S01E06:Countrycide(2006):Whilst investigating a group of unexplainable deaths in a village, the Torchwood team are separated. Discovering further, Jack, Gwen and Owen find a scared man, hiding from the thing responsible for the murders. But Tosh and Ianto go that one step extra, and locate the killer, who wants them as their next victims.

S01E07:Greeks Bearing Gifts(2006):Tosh meets an unusual woman, Mary, at a bar, who gives her a strange pendant. She is upset, yet amazed by what she now has - the ability to read people's minds. However, Tosh finds this terrible curse, that contains her friends darkest secrets, must be broken. So she asks for help from Mary, the only person who knows, but first, Tosh has to get her into Torchwood.

S01E08:They keep killing Suzie(2006):Using the Resurrection Gauntlet that former Torchwood member Suzie Costello originally had, the team is able to bring a number of murder victims back to life. However, these all have a link with the now-deceased Suzie, and the group has no choice but to bring her back. After the process goes wrong, and permanently keeps her alive, Suzie manipulates the naïve Gwen into taking her to see her father, whom she kills but she has gone one step to far which makes the Torchwood team shoot the Resurrection Gaunlet to kill Suzie.

S01E09:Random Shoes(2006):Eugene Jones wakes up, finding himself lying on the middle of a road. He then discovers that he has been the victim of a hit-and-run incident, and is, now, not only dead, but invisible. Eugene recalls events leading up to his death, involving a mysterious alien eye. Simultaneously, Gwen investigates the suspicious circumstances around his fatality.

S01E10:Out of Time(2006):Three passengers from 1953 arrive in modern day Cardiff, when their plane flies through the Rift. With no means of travelling back, each person must adapt to their new life, starting personal relationships with the separate members of Torchwood.

S01E11:Combat(2006):Weevils are appearing all over the streets of Cardiff, and then disappearing again - but not by alien forces. People are abducting them, and using the Weevils for their own purposes, so Owen investigates.

S01E12:Captain Jack Harkness(2006):Whilst investigating an old, derelict dance hall, Jack and Tosh are transported back to the 1940s, during the Blitz. Owen, Ianto, and Gwen realise, in modern day, that this has happened, and go in search of clues Tosh may have left. Meanwhile, back in the forties, Jack meets a very interesting man. One with the name Captain Jack Harkness...

S01E13:End of Days(2006):With the Rift having been opened, people and objects throughout time are falling through it, and being spread across the world. "The thing in the darkness" has finally come, and Jack realises that he is the only one who can save planet Earth from the destruction that "the son of the Beast" will cause.

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