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Some spoilers for series 4 of Doctor Who have been released about Donna, Rose, Martha, Captain Jack,Sarah Jane and the Doctor. Also some of the spoielrs contain info on some monsters and on gerogia Moffetts role as the Doctors' daughter These Spoilers were in an article in the Sun, so living up to the Suns reputation these might not be true.

Spolier 1 Highlight to read all the spoilers

Doctor Who series four leaves helpless assistant Donna racing round the stratosphere (atmosphere) alone when the Timelord goes missing.Donna played by Catherine Tate fears for the Doctor’s life when he mysteriously disappears and draws support from an unlikely source.
Former assistants Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack all rush to her aid. The fearless foursome then scour the universe in search of the Doctor battling a whole host of alien life-force.

Spoiler 2

"a mysterious hooded being and dangerous flying beasts".

Spoiler 3

And there’s a shock in store when actress Georgia Moffett whose real-life dad is former Doctor Who Peter Davison claims to be the Timelord’s daughter.

Spoiler 3 is known about by most people and spolier 2 seems to be from episodes 8 and 9 (Moffat 2-parter) and spoiler 1 from the Doctor-lite episode

Anyway, now for some facts/specualtions


* There will be a character called "Lux" who helps the Doctor on an expedition to uncover the secrets of an abadoned library.

Some new cast for the Sontaran 2 parter - Eleanor Matsuura (Jo), Ryan Sampson (Luke Rattigan), Rupert Holiday Evans (Colonel Mace), Bridget Hodson (Captain Price), Clive Standen (Harris), Wesley Theobald (Private Steve Gray)


*The actor playing Colonel Mace (Sontaran 2-parter) is telling people that he is the "new Brigadier"

*The Mastetr will be back and played by John Simm but this is probably in a flashback.

*Noel Clarke was asked if he will return a Mickey , the answer he gave suggested he might come back.

*DNA is a key role in Series 4

*The fob watch will return
*The Doctor will have to choose which companion to have and which companion will die, this might be Donna seeing that she will only be in series 4 of Doctor Who.

*Rose will be in a relationship with someone (NOT MICKEY!!!!)

*David Tennant might do season 5

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