Sunday, 17 February 2008


The Axos appeared in the claws of Axos (1971), they landed on earth in search of fuel, they find UNIT which at the time the Doctor was working for, the goldens statues turn out to be tentacely beasts and they start attacking until the Doctor traps them in a perpetual time loop.They kill with one whip/tuogh of their tentacles, they are all one big entity, a group intelligence as such.


The claws of Axos(1971):An organic spaceship lands in England, and the crew, a group of "Axons", gold-skinned humanoids, claim their homeworld was destroyed by a solar flare. They show the humans their gift, "Axonite", and it seems innocent, until it turns out Axons, Axonite, and Axos are the same entity and the Doctor is suspicious, but with the Master being involved, can the Doctor, UNIT and Jo Grant stop the Axons from draining all the energy from Earth, and keep time and space safe?

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