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S02E09-The satan pit

9)The satan pit
Originally aired: Saturday June 10, 2006 on BBC-1
Writer: Matt Jones
Director: James Strong
Show Stars: David Tennant (The 10th Doctor (Season 2 - )), Billie Piper (Rose Tyler)
Recurring Role: Paul Kasey (The Ood)
Guest Stars: Silas Carson (The voice of the Ood) , Gabriel Woolf (The voice of the Beast) , Danny Webb (Mr. Jefferson) , Shaun Parkes (Zachary Cross Flane) , Claire Rushbrook (Ida Scott) , Will Thorp (Toby Zed) , Ronny Jhutti (Danny Bartock)
Production Code: NCFS093B
The Ood advance on Jefferson and Rose, and Jefferson opens fire, driving them back so they can make their escape. Zack realizes that the planet is stabilizing while the Ood launch another attack and close in on Zack. He steals the bridge off while Rose contacts the Doctor, who revels that beneath the opened seal there is a chasm. Zack initiates Strategy Nine and orders Ida and the Doctor to come back before the planet destabilizes again. Ida cuts him off and the Doctor suggests they go down but eventually decides discretion is the better part of valor and retreats.
Jefferson prepares to kill Toby to eliminate any risk from the possessed man, but Rose persuades him that Toby is clean and Jefferson backs down. The Ood cut into communication system and the Beast speaks through them, threatening death and destruction. The Doctor taunts the Beast but it says that it knows him and reveals how the Disciples of Light rose up against it and chained it in the pit for all eternity, since “before time.” The Doctor says it isn’t possible but the Beast taunts them with all of their fears, and says that Rose will soon die in battle. The Doctor dismisses Rose’s concerns and the Beast appears on the monitor screen in its demonic form.
The Doctor tries to rally them, pointing out that the Beast is alone and they can fight together. He’s cut off when the cable lifting up the pod breaks and they’re forced to get away from it. The Doctor and Ida are trapped with only 55 minutes of air while Jefferson and Rose try to figure out a way to bring them back. They’re interrupted when the Ood start to break through the sealed doors. Rose realizes the Beast cut off the Doctor because he was making sense and she helps Zack realize that he can reroute the power from the rocket to reestablish the light.
Rose continues to rally the others, getting Toby to realize that he can translate the letters now that the creature briefly occupied his mind. While she has Danny work with the computer, Ida tries to rig the cable and the pod to lower themselves into the pit. The Doctor volunteers to go himself.
Jefferson determines they can make their way through the underbase conduits but warns there is no air. Zack prepares to reroute oxygen to them from the bridge so they can make their way through the facility. The Doctor hooks the cable up to his suit and eagerly leaps in and starts his decent.
Danny manages to download a program to a computer disk and leaves with the others as Zach directs them through the tunnels while the Ood try to break through to the command center. The Ood get into the shafts and come after them and they desperately retreat before them. Zach cant’ cut off their air without cutting off the crew’s and Jefferson is forced to stay behind to hold them off. Danny, Rose, and Toby get to the next hatch and they’re forced to wait while Zack aerates the next section. Zack is forced to cut off Jefferson so the others can get into the next section.
Zack opens the hatch to the next sector but the Ood are waiting for them. They move back and find a ventilator vent leading up. Rose and Danny climb up and the Ood approach Toby… but his eyes glow red and he gestures them back. They obey, and he goes up with the others to flee to the bridge. They are cut off by the Ood while the others break onto the bridge. Danny activates the computer disc and sends out a signal driving the Oods’ telepathic threshold back to 0. They collapse in agony
Ida lowers the Doctor into the bit while he talks about how the image of a horned beast recurs throughout various planets across the universe. The Doctor reaches the bottom of the cable and jams the harness so that Ida can’t bring him back up. The Doctor insists on investigating to prove his belief that the Beast can’t be from the beginning of time, then cuts him off and he falls into the blackness as Ida tells Rose what happened. Zack warns that there’s no way they can rescue her and orders an evacuation, but Rose insists on remaining for the Doctor. Zack orders the others to bring her along and sedate her when she puts up a fight.
As Zack and the others move through the base, the Oods’ telepathic field reasserts itself and they start to awaken. In the pit, the Doctor awakens, his helmet shattered, and realizes he has oxygen and an air cushion broke his fall. Zack and the others get to the rocket and prepare to launch. They lift off and Rose grabs a gun and insists they go back, but Zack calls her bluff and she relents.
The Doctor explores the cavern and finds drawings of individuals fighting and imprisoning a horned beast, chained up. He finds several urns that light up as he touches them. A huge horned creature appears before him. Aboard the rocket, Toby starts laughing in apparent relief.
The Doctor demands answers from the Beast and suspects it needs him for some reason. It doesn’t answer and the Doctor realizes that he is only seeing its body, and its intelligence has gone elsewhere. He quickly realizes that it’s aboard the rocket but there’s nothing he can do. The Beast was imprisoned above a black hole because if it broke free then the planet would fall into the gravity field and it would be destroyed. On board the rocket, Toby announces that they have successfully escaped and are heading back to Earth.
The Doctor prepares to destroy the urns since that will destabilize the black hole, destroying himself and the Beast’s body. But then he realizes that if he does so the rocket will fall back into the black hole, killing Rose and the others. Aboard the rocket, Rose begins to realize the Beast let them escape but Toby tells her to shut up.
The Doctor confronts the Beast and realizes that despite all the supposed gods he has met, there’s one thing he believes in--Rose. He smashes the urns and the rocket is pulled back into the black hole. While the Doctor laughs in triumph, the Beast manifests in Toby covering his body in writing once more. He rages at them while below, the Beast’s body writes in frustration. Rose grabs the gun and blows open the window, then unfastens Toby’s seat belt and he is blasted out into vacuum and into the black hole.
Zack tries to get control of the rocket while the Doctor backs away from the now-burning Beast’s body. The planet falls into the black hole while the Ood and Ida collapse in agony. The Doctor runs back to the chasm… and stumbles across the TARDIS.
Zack, Rose, and Danny can only look on as the planet falls into the black hole… but then everything goes quiet and the ship turns around. The Doctor contacts them to announce he is towing them away and has rescued Ida, but didn’t have time to save the Ood. Later they are reunited in the TARDIS and say they’re farewells to Zack, Ida, and Danny. The Doctor admits he doesn’t know what it was but they defeated it and that’s good enough. When Rose asks him about how it said she will die in battle, he tells her it lied. As they leave, Zach makes his final report as the rocket heads back to Earth

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