Wednesday, 2 January 2008

miss foster-partners in crime

here is another article from the sun that that mostly covers Miss Foster who is appearing in episode 1

It also mentions Sarah-Jane, which is a speculation that has no evidence to back it up... way to go there. Anyway here it is:

Sarah, 43, kicks off the fourth series this spring playing mysterious villainess Miss Foster — “an enigmatic and powerful businesswoman” armed with her own sonic screwdriver.

She meets the Time Lord in the first episode next spring during an alien emergency in modern day London.

An insider said: "This series is going to be the best yet. Sarah’s a cracking actress. Sparks fly when Miss Foster meets Donna. She soon causes the Doctor all manner of grief. It’s more than a bit of woman trouble.”

She said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to be in it. It’s a brilliant episode and I’m looking forward to taking on the Time Lord.”

Other guest stars in the new series include Felicity Kendal, Fenella Woolgar, Tim McInnerny, Peter Capaldi, Phil Davis and Tracey Childs.

And two of the Doctor’s former assistants will return. Billie Piper and Elisabeth Sladen will replay their roles as Rose Tyler and Sara Jane Smith.

There you go... and remember people, The Sun like to say things that aren't necessarily true!


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