Sunday, 27 January 2008

Wow series 4 is gonna be great!!!!!

Firstly, there will probably be a new series of sarah jane adventures on the horizon which reeportedly has 24 episodes which wii basically make it take up half the year!!! Elizabeth Sladen also said that she will be appearing in the Doctor Who series 4 finale!!!!!
"I don't think I'll be at the centre of things," she told SFX Magazine. "I would think it would be apportioned off, a bit here a bit there, and the major people will be the Doctor and Donna. That is my take on it. We are coming back to reinforce an already established team. So I don’t think I’ll be leading the group, if you know what I mean! I think there will be a distinct kind of sectioning and apportioning off. Because you can only do so much with so many people."

So we already know that Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble will be appearing in the Doctor who series 4 finale and some possibilities are k-9 and Astrid, also on the news about Astrid apparently Kylie Minouge has signed a contract as a regular of the show although this may not be true, so to say it again in the series finale there will hopefully be Sarah Jane,K-9, Captain Jack,Rose Tyler,Donna Noble and Astrid.
Also one of the 2 parters in the series is said to contain "old fashioned Cybermen"!!!
So basically in series 4 there is loads to look forward to, infact i will refrase that to in 2008 there is loads to look forward to.
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Anonymous said...

Yeh, it is going to be great. But i dont like the idea of old cybermen.

Anonymous said...

I disagree i am really looking forward to the old cybermen coming back.

dalek94 said...

Yeh,I am looking forward to the old cybermen coming back too but I still want the modern cybermen in the new series, maybe the new cybermen could battle the old cybermen or they could work together.
It is gonna be some finale though with alot of great characters played by brilliant actors, i really, really can't wait.