Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I have some news about the Sarah Jane adventures and some Doctor Who episode titles.

The Doctor Who Magazine confirms 2 episode titles for Series Four. Episode two, which is set in Pompei, will be called The Fires of Pompeii. Midnight will be Episode Ten and written by Russell. T. Davies. The title for episode 6 is yet to be revealed but we know it will be written by Stephen Greenhorn.

Now for the Sarah Jane Adventures news

The Sarah Jane Adventures is going ot be renewed for another series. This series will contain 12(2 parter) episodes(24 episodes if you count each part) which are 30 minutes long, like before. This was confirmed today by the BBC.

Now for some book titles which will all contain Donna Noble

Ghosts of India:Mark Morris

Shining Darkness:Mark Michalowski

The Doctor Trap:Simon Messingham

Well thats it for today folks(i think)
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