Friday, 22 February 2008

Paul O' Grady in Doctor Who

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The Sun newspaper recently reported that Paul O' Grady would appear in Doctor Who series 4 he is set to appear on his chat show discussing "strange goings-on".Many celebrities like Barbara Windsor, Mcfly, Shanon Osbourne, Trisha Goddard, Anne Widdecombe, Derek Acorah and many others have appeared on the show and most probably this will carry on.
A BBC spokesman said this:

"Paul has been desperate to be on the show for ages and asked if he could be a guest star. Fortunately Who creator Russell T Davies is a big fan of his show too, and jumped at the chance. We’ve had to wait until his chatshow is filming again so we can shoot him on the set. It will be the usual camp Paul – just maybe a bit more sinister."

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