Monday, 3 March 2008

The Time War

Chapter 3: The End

The Doctor made his way back to Gallifrey; he walked into the board room which was now deserted seeing that everyone knew now that the Daleks had the cruciform they would attack Gallifrey first, so they all hid in underground bunkers, just hoping to survive. He opened the safe with his voice recognition; inside the safe was the Time Deductive bomb. He took it out, he defined it so that it would only destroy Time Lords and Daleks, he then tried to define it to only destroy Daleks but he didn’t have enough time. He knew that he would be safe because he was at the eye of the bomb and this bomb would destroy all history of the Daleks and the Time Lords by tracking their biology, maybe he could find Susan and tell her to come in the Tardis so she too would be at the eye of the bomb and therefore protected but there was no time. He pressed the button on the bomb and watched Gallifrey and Skaro burn from time. The explosion sent shockwaves to many planets therefore destroying them but only in their present time, but the shockwaves sent the Tardis crashing into Earth which is where the Doctor was badly hurt and regenerated into the 9th Doctor, when he finished regenerating several tears ran down his face.


In the episodes Bad Wolf/Parting of the ways the Dalek emperor and his ship were falling through time at the same time this story happened and so they were unaffected.

The Cult of Skaro and the Genesis Ark were in the Void and so they were unaffected.

The Master changed his biology after the Daleks got the Cruciform and therefore wasn’t recognisable as a Time Lord and was unaffected.

This story was created by me and is trying to explain the Time war.


Michael said...

Hmmmm... It needs work. Consider a bit of constructive criticism for version two:
1. It seems rather dismissive to the entire body of work that has been created for both the novels and the Big Audio productions to just write them out of existence. And the story seems to dismiss the 8th Doctor in general by having his entire life-span cut to a single year. There may not be many of us out there, but the 8th Doctor does have fans.
2. Perhaps you have also forgotten the 9th Doctor’s statement that he meant to include himself in the destruction of all Time Lords and Daleks from the episode “Dalek.” As far as he would have known, there was no “eye of the bomb (storm)” to be safe within.
3. I also feel that the "Doomsday MacGuffin" was a bit weak, but that’s neither here nor there. I congratulate you on your efforts and look forward to an updated version.

Dave said...

It has been hinted in the show that the Doctor may have used the power of the time vortex to destroy the Daleks and the time Lords unintentionally. " No one's ever meant to have that power. If a time lord did he would become a god, a vengeful god..." it's certainly possible that 'vengeful' god that he became turned on the people who have sought to imprison, execute him and the people who have turned their backs on him in so many ways.

dalek94 said...

This story is simpl y a theory and sought of a micro continuity, lets call it an alternate universe where the continuity of the main universe that we see on our TV screens and in books, audio productions etc does not apply, however thanks for the constructive criticism. :)

Isaac Morrison said...

I have written a Time War story (in 28 parts-blimey) But I can;t decide whether the eighth doctor should regenerate 1/2 way through in 'THE CULT OF SKARO'or at the end of 'TIMELOCK;, after lingering a while after the final battle.

What do you think would be more effective?