Saturday, 15 March 2008

Set reports

Scene 1
The Daleks are leading some prisoners up the road with the prisoners hand behind their heads and one of them cries 'Maximum extermination'

Scene 2
A Dalek says 'All humans will come out of their homes, the males, the females, the descendants. You will follow us.....resistance is useless'

[WILF and SYLVIA, in an alley behind, have a whispered conversation]

I've got a weapon.
It's a paint gun!
Exactly! Daleks have only got one eye. One splodge of paint and they're blinded!

Meanwhile a Dalek is trying to evacuate the remaining people from their houses. However, one family refuses to come out.

Laura, get back in the house! Simon, get inside! What do you want with us?
Daleks do not answer human questions!
Leave us alone. Go back in the sky where you came from!

[DALEK trundles forward threateningly]

DALEK: Maximum extermination!

[There is the shout of "Boom!" which I'm sure in the actual episode will be an awe-inspiring explosion of some sort]

WILF: The monsters!

Scene 3
Once again, the prisoners troop outside the houses. There's only one Dalek there, and then there's an explosion and debris showers the Dalek, the slaves, and the road.

The pictures below are of the cast and crew

John Barrowman, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Catherine Tate were all filming together which confirms Captain jacks appearance in the finale but still no sign of Martha.

Scene 1
Captain Jack walking up a street and says 'Thats just impossible'

Scene 2
Donna and the Doctor are walking to the TARDIS and something catches the Doctors eye on which he remarks.

Scene 3
Rose emerges from the darkness at the end of the street carrying a ridiculously over-sized gun. She sees something that makes her happy and she runs towards it.

Scene 4
We see the Doctor running down the street but then all of a sudden he gets shot down (probably by a Dalek). He doesn't regenerate though he just gets paralyzed by the Daleks gun which has happened before in the classic series.

Scene 5
Rose runs to his aid straight away and talks to him for a bit and the dialouge that can be heard is:
Rose:"I missed you"
Doctor: "I missed you too"

Captain Jack then appears from another side street, also equipped with a gun, and he and Donna hurry to the Doctor's side as well. He's clearly injured and everyone is very concerned for him... it's an emotional scene.
Captain Jack says "Get him back to the Tardis, quick !" and Donna and Rose carry him back inside. Jack picks up Roses gun that she dropped and follows them.

Also here is Sarah jane and Mickie and Jackie

Also a Dalek was heard to say "Transferring TARDIS to crucible"

I would like to thank Planet Gallifrey very much also I would like to thanks Scooty and Pmount and various other people from the Doctor who forums for taking these photos.

Here are some videos of filming

Doctor running

Rose running to his aid

Captain jack and Donna running in to help

Wilf: Oh My God, Its them alien lot... WHAT DO YOU WANT THIS TIME YOU BLIMMIN SWINES?! Now you get back inside Sylvia. They always want the women.
Sylvia: ... Oh my god, look at the sky

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