Monday, 3 March 2008

The Time War

Chapter 2: The First battle

As the Doctor arrived at Arcadia to take it back from the Daleks he saw fires burning, rotting corpses, children, women, men and animals all slaughtered because they were different. He unloaded his weapons and got to base....he looked around......on the right side of the room he saw family pictures that the current occupants had put up.....there were books to read.....but the stench of the dead was horrible....suddenly he heard a cry of agony, one of the Time Lords in his group had just been killed! The Captain announced with excitement that seemed very dark “The battle is come!!!”

They all gathered their weapons and headed of to the front line where he just saw dying, dying and more dying, then the thought suddenly came, he would have to stop all this just as soon as he got back to Gallifrey, and he promised himself he would.

The night came and news was coming in that the Daleks were attacking in the past too, they had acquired various Time travelling equipment to accomplish this, there was a Time Lord named Vita who he became friends with but one day right in front of the Doctors’ eyes Vita disappeared as though he never existed which meant that the Daleks had killed him in the past.

Over the next few days news came In that the Daleks were fighting the Time Lords In the actual Time Vortex and in the Void itself, but the consequences of this Time War were devastating and the Doctor new what he had to do to save the Universe.

1 year passed but since the Daleks went back in time and started to fight it meant the war had been going on for thousands of years. The news then came, Arcadia has fallen and on a distant planet far away the Dalek emperor had taken control of the Cruciform which meant that the Universe was under certain defeat and that the Daleks would rule supreme!

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