Thursday, 27 March 2008

Rumours/Facts? And pictures

A new promotional picture has been released for series 4 it can be seen below

Next we have some information and confirmation. Someone who saw the filming of the Series 4 finale said this.
Davros has a nice metal claw. Word has reached my ears that the series 4 major villain is something of a red herring. Simm's (Seems) that behind Davros in the Finale there is a very familiar foe of the Doctor who is in fact calling all the shots..... Awesome vrs faithful classic series style Davros and messed up regenerations iand some characters might split/swap bodies.

So that all confirms Davros's return to Doctor Who in Series 4

Now for some rumours/speculation
  • Well, the Masters back for starters.

  • Someone (or more than 1 person) will change (regenerate?) be it the Doctor, the Master, Davros, Harriet Jones etc

  • The Doctor and the Master could actually swap bodies as I've heard in some rumors.
And now a little set report
Sarah-Jane was in a car and Daleks were threatening to "Exterminate" her. Then they shot a bit where Mickey comes in and gets Sarah-Jane out the car, and Jackie comes in asking where her daughter is.

Filming went on till quite early in the morning

And finally a little picture I found lurking on the Doctor Who Forums i would like to thanks Emilyd187 for the set report and Christian Tate for this rather fantastic picture. But this picture is for personal use only ad on behalf of the person who made it nobody will use it on their site!!!

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