Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Cyberman christmas?

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It was reported in an article in the Daily Star that an 'insider'who works on Doctor Who leaked to them that the Cybermen will be appearing the 2008 christmas special and various comments that Russell .T. Davies has said seem to back this up."The Cybermen will be unleashed on Christmas Day," the 'insider' told the newspaper. "It's going to be a really scary, special episode. Who knows what they will have in store for the Doctor this time?"

Also they said that the Doctor will be joined by Rose Tyler to battle the Cybermen as she chooses to join him in the Series 4 finale.
This should be treated as rumours until it is all confirmed.
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If Rose and the cybermen are back it's logical to assume the void has been breached the same was as before... a void ship. And only one race we know has the ability to build them... THE DALEKS! I'll put all my money on Davros. But I would like it if we don't see them clashing, the cybermen can run a story on their own. They don't need the Daleks as well. Let’s keep Doomsday a one off… please!

Nice though this is, when can we see the Telosian bad boys back? The parallel universe cybermen are puffs in comparison. Well beggars can’t be choosers…

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I wonder what they want. To upgrade or delete.

I do have an idea what Cyber Wraiths are. I think their the Cybermens spies or assassination Cybermen, because they look very sly and wearing a sort of cape and hood (sorry not good with descriptions) and that would make them unseen at night.