Saturday, 8 March 2008

New series 4 new!!!

In these below pictures of filming there are a few surprises, these pictures are thanks to Brigade_Leader and Scooty from the Doctor Who Forums.

In the above picture we can see some blonde people which have been rumoured to be Thals or Dravhins.

Above we can see Catherine Tate under an Umbrella

Above we can see David Tennant with brown trousers and white trainers in a big blue coat

And is that a Judoon.......Yep, it is a Judoon which means that the rumours of them coming back are true. Except these filming pictures are probably from the specials in 2009. Also Brigade_Leader reported seeing 'A glass table with black ornaments or gadgets on it with white moulded chairs around it'.
So what do you think of all this?
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Jess said...

By the way it was Deej who talked about the glass table, not Brigade_Leader.