Wednesday, 5 March 2008

So many updates

The picture above was made by me
Wooooooooooooooow..........well according to Sci-Fi Pulse which have a tendancy of being correct Owen and Toshiko (Burn Gorman & Naoko Mori) will be leaving Torchwood and will not appear in series 3 of Torchwood, apparently John Barrowman will be stepping down aswell and will now only be a recurring character, but after those heartbreakers, some good news is that Martha Jones WILL only appear in series 4 and after that she will return to Torchwood as a full time employee.

A third series of Torchwood has been commisioned and 5 episodes have been planned already, series 3 will air in 2009 and therefore will be on a Saturaday covering up the slot that Doctor Who would be on.

Now Doctor Who, it was confirmed that Donna would be leaving after Series 4 and this was planned from before filming on series 4. Apparently she will turn out to be a 'nasty piece of work' and what that means I have no idea, but apparently this is why Captain Jack, Martha Jones, Sarah jane Smith and Rose Tyler will be in the finale.
Also the website claims that David Tennant will be leaving the show in the christmas special in 2009 which is more than a year away. He will apparently regenerate in the last few minutes of the 2009 christmas special but for me he will always remain my Doctor.The 4 2009 specialshave been undergoing filming for the last few months which are the 2008 christmas special two other specials and then the 2009 christmas special which is in it's final 6 weeks of production which means that David Tennant will ahve officially left the series in around 2 weeks time which is when he will finish the regeneration scene.

Although Sci-fi pulse is usually correct until this is all confirmed by the BBC treat it as rumours.

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