Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Well the BBC Doctor Who website has been updated here.

It has a special jigsaw which when completes reveales a bit of the script:

Private Gray: Greyhound Sixteen to Trap One. We've found something - basement corridor, northside, grid thirty-six. Request backup, over.
Military Voice: Trap One, sending assistance, over
Private Harris: Like something boiling inside...
Private Gray: Don't touch it.
Private Harris: C'mon Steve, we get first rights on this. That means promotion!

And the fear factor

1 min - "Is he evil?" wonders Amy. "I think so," says Harry. "The Americans are taking over!" says Adam. "Spooky," says Samuel.

2 min - XXXX get a mention, and a little cheer from the boys. Harry's impressed by the journalist's XXX: Samuel yells advice, but it's too late! "Oh, nooo!" "I knew it would do that," says Harry, grimacing.

2 min - The family are amused that the Doctor is teaching Donna to XXXXX (drive?). Amy examines the XXXXXXX (console?) carefully: "There's a XXXX on there!"

3 min - The boys go "Ooooooh!" Freema's name appears in the credits. A big cheer from the family.

4 min - "XXXXXX (Martha?) looks weird in leather," notes Harry with a frown.

5 min - "XXm XXlliXXn! (Tom Milligan?) I remember him," grins Adam.

6 min - "What are illegal XXXXXX?" questions Amy. But before Dad can answer... Samuel is impressed: "She's got the power!"

7 min - "Could be a glove," ponders Adam, and shows how you'd have to arrange your fingers to fit. Harry remembers from earlier stories he's seen on DVD "Hey, that says Sam!" he tells Samuel. Samuel screws his eyes up: "No it doesn't," he decides, disappointed, "it says XXX."

8 min - We learn that everyone's got XXXXX. (ATMOS?) "We haven't," says Adam. Mum groans, anticipating yet another unsuitable bedroom redecoration request. "Shh!" says Amy, trying hard to concentrate.

11 min - "The XXXXXXXX (Sontaran?) can see through that little screen what's going on!" warns Amy.

12 min - "What that?" asks Harry, pointing to the middle of the screen "A Queen Bee..." suggests Harry.

13 min - "Alien snot," suggests Samuel. The family leap back! "It's one of those dummy things!" cries Amy. "Yeah, an XXXXX!" (Auton?!) says Harry excitedly.

18 min - Samuel remembers Tim Latimer from last year. "He's a real shortie!" says Mum. "Shhh!" the kids tell her. They've seen what he did to the soldiers. And then the XXXXXXXX (teleport?) activates, and they go "Ooooohh!"

19 min - Adam looks sad - he wasn't expecting this. "She'll change her mind," suggests Samuel, but he doesn't look too sure.

21 min - Martha puts her XXXXXXXXXXX (stethoscope?) on Mr Treppa's XXXXX (heart?)

23 min - They all cheer and wave. "Now that's a memory!" grins Samuel. "I don't like his sweater, though," frowns Harry.

24 min - Martha is grabbed by the XXXXXXXX (soldiers?) The boys wince.

26 min - "Oh no!" says Harry, "They're gonna go into the XXXXX!" (river?)

27 min - The whole family enjoy the Doctor's enthusiasm. Dad gives a little cheer when the Doctor corrects Rattigan. The boys look oddly at dad. "He's definitely evil," decides Amy.

30 min - "Aha," says Samuel, "that's what it stands for." "XXXXXX (potato?) head!" shouts Harry. "He does look like a XXXXXX head!" laughs Amy.

31 min - "Ooh, the Doctor can play XXXXXX," says Adam.

32 min - "That one looks like a baby!" laughs Amy.

33 min - Samuel chews his lip, "Is she going to get dipped in the green goo?" wonders a worried Amy.

34 min - "Nice view!" agrees Samuel. "Like the Americans at the start of World War II?" ponders Adam. "What are they teaching kids in history these day" despairs Dad.

35 min - "It's got bumps, like a XXXXX," Adam observes. "And a spiky thing too," adds Harry, noting the design. "Nice!" Back on Earth... "She's got no clothes on," notes Samuel. "Is that right?" asks Dad, and gets a bit closer to the screen. "Oi!" says Mum. "She's like an Ood," suggest Amy.

40 min - The Doctor has found something. "Sound like he should have those in his coat," laughs Adam. "So that's why he wasn't at the wedding," realises Samuel.

41 min - "They've got Mapquest," says Dad. The boys shush him. The boys bounce on the settee with excitement! Amy's busy deciding if she like the 'baby-face' or not.

42 min - "Nooo! shout the kids, but it's too late! "Oh no!" shouts mum. Samuel points and says, "It's worse than when Adam..." Dad puts his hand over Samuel's mouth.

43 min - "Except maybe in big fields," suggests Harry, optimistically.

Digital spy clues with three clues that are false

Someone experiences death by Sat Nav.
Wilf has been put on a macrobiotic diet.
A Sontaran leader is called a 'baked potato' by a human.
The Sontarans discuss their involvement in the Time War.
Both the Ood and the Adipose make a surprise appearance.
The Doctor berates a child genius over his decision not to deploy the conditional clause in conversation.
The Doctor displays his squash skills - much to the annoyance of a Sontaran. It's not just cricket the Time Lord excels at.
Rose Tyler is briefly glimpsed for a couple of seconds when she emerges from the slime after being cloned by the Sontarans.
When The Doctor first reunites with Martha and learns that she is now a Doctor, he sings the chorus from the song 'Dr Jones' by Aqua to her. She is not impressed and calls him 'Mr Cheese'.

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