Wednesday, 30 April 2008

BBC site update

The Doctor Who BBC website has been updated here.

They have a new script segment:
Donna: God, the airs disgusting.
Doctor: Its not so bad for me - go on, get inside the TARDIS-(holds out key)
Oh. Never given you a key. Keep that, go on. Thats yours. Quite a big moment really.
Donna: Yeah, maybe we can get sentimental after the worlds finished chocking to death.

A fear factor:

1 min - "After all that time!" sighs Samuel in relief. Harry cheers "Yay, xxxxx (Donna?) saves the day!"

2 min - Samuel remembers how that worked in a previous series: "I bet the password's xxxxxxx." (Buffalo?) "That looks like a PDA," muses Samuel. "No, you can't have one," says Mum firmly.

3 min - "I like that one!" says Amy, pointing at xxxxx. (Skorr?) Harry looks at her in disbelief. "They're not very politically correct," grins Adam.

4 min - "But where's the real Martha? Is she OK?" asks Amy, concerned. Meanwhile, the Doctor gives Donna a xxxxxx xxx. (TARDIS key?) Her indifferent reaction amuses the kids.

5 min - "They're like robots!" observes Samuel. Then he's shocked: "They're xxxxxxx (nicking?) the TARDIS!" Adam's impressed, "Cool!"

6 min - Harry and Amy laugh at Donna's reaction. "Lucky the TARDIS doors aren't creaky," Adam thinks.

7 min - "She's a clone," states Amy with authority, and gives "xxxxxx" (Martha?) a hard stare.

8 min - Adam's puzzled: "What's xxxxxx-x?" Dad groans "What are they teaching kids in Political Science these days?"

10 min - "It's xoxmy xoox!" (Tommy Zoom?) yell Harry and Amy simultaneously, and they laugh.

12 min - The family are shocked when xxxx (Luke?) produces a xxx. (Gun?) "He's really got some social problems," decides Adam. "He's a loony!" whispers Harry.

13 min - Amy's unnerved by the xxx. (Gun?)

15 min - "More tears," notes Samuel sadly. Adam is sympathetic, "She takes it quite emotionally." Amy and Harry hold Mum's hand.

16 min - "Wouldn't that make it flammable, like petrol?" asks Adam. Harry leans forward anxiously, "Something bad is about to happen..."

17 min - "They're going to eat them!" gasps Adam. Samuel says "Germany must be too busy." "Shush!" shouts Amy.

20 min - "It sounds like LaserQuest!" decides Samuel. Adam shares UNIT's frustration, "That must get really annoying after a while!" Amy begins to edge off the sofa...

21 min - "He was with the xxxxx (third?) Doctor, wasn't he Dad?" asks Harry.

22 min - "Woah, he's smart!" grins Adam. "Is he laughing?" asks Samuel. "Obviously not," Adam replies.

23 min - "Because he's really old," says Samuel as though that explains everything. "He's over 900 years old."

24 min - Amy's very nervous for Donna. "How will Donna hit the xxxxxx xxxx?" (probic vent?) asks Adam.

25 min - "But she's got five fingers!" complains Amy. Adam and Samuel make Mr Spock hands at each other.

26 min - Made of steel! And Amy's unnerved by a familiar question "xxx xxx xx xxxxx?" (Are you my mummy?)

28 min - Amy's looking even more worried. "Isn't that the Master's xxxxxxxxx?" (trademark?) "Wahey!" grins Samuel. The boys love it!

33 min - A big cheer when the Doctor xxxxxxx (Rescues?) Donna!

34 min - "Wowww!" gasps Samuel. The older boys fake a coughing fit. Harry and Amy are distressed that Donna's Mum is xxxxxx. (Crying?)

36 min - The whole world is xx xxxx! (On fire?)

37 min - Captain Price xxxxxx Colonel Mace. Amy smiles warmly. Harry cringes "Ewww!" Samuel thinks it's hilarious. Adam says "Random!"

39 min - Amy and Harry are on tenterhooks, expecting the worst...

41 min - Adam remembers from before. "I wonder if it will start snowing?" Amy nods with satisfaction as Donna xxxxxx (Kisses?) the Doctor.

43 min - "Uh-oh!" say Adam and Samuel. And there's something familiar on the TARDIS floor... "The xxxx xx x xxx (Hand in a jar?) is going insane!" shouts Adam!

And a new preview for the next episode:

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