Friday, 11 April 2008

Cyber christmas

On the Doctor Who Forums pictures have coem about showing a Cyberman in filming the Christmas special which brings confirmation that they will be in the Christmas special so I would like to thank Scooty of DWF for the picture and set report:
Right, lets have a full report from Scooty

I arrived at the cemetary around 1pm today and was confronted with an awesome sight, Cybermen! 8 New series style Cybermen were walking marching through the graveyard covered in snow and mist. They look identical to how they did in Rise of the Cybermen and Doomsday. The Cybus logo is present and correct. Right from the moment I got there, the security said that no photographs were to be taken at all and they spent most of their day telling people off for doing it. I respected this and thus the only photos I took today were of a Cybermen posing for a photograph and some Victorian people dashing about (no more than what was seen and photographed yesterday).

As for the scenes being filmed:

1. The Cybermen march through the graveyard. Victorian people run away scared and a number of them get deleted in the usual neck grasp style.
2. Now this is the unusual bit - 3 actors, dressed in feathery cloaks (like Ringwraiths) are wearing Cybermen heads. But not just any heads. Bronze or rusty heads. With a different handle-bar design. The handle bars are more of a diamond shape around the head. It's difficult to explain the design without photos. They also have bronze coloured hands. These three creatures run around the graveyard, staying close to the floor killing people. The Cybermen who are marching through, take no notice of them. Are they working together??
3. One of these creatures - who I swear one of the crew called "Cyber Wraiths" (but don't hold me to that) - jumps off a trampoline onto one of the Victorians and kills him.

There was no dialogue to be heard, today was action filming all the way. Hope this report makes up for the lack of photos - I assume we will be getting a BBC photo release very soon.

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