Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Radio Times episode guide

I have written out the piedoe guide in the Radio Times

Episode 1: Partners in Crime

Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest Star: Sarah Lancashire

Modern-day London and a brand new diet pill is being tested by the mysterious Adipose Industries. Slogan: the sat just walks away! But soon, there are unexplained deaths, strange creatures in the shadows, and the doctor starts investigating, little knowing that an old friend of his is also on the trail…

We last saw Donna Noble in the Christmas 2006 special (The Runaway Bride), when her wedding dress was ruined by robot Santa’s, a giant spider and a villainous groom. But at the end of that story, when the doctor offered her a place on board the TARDIS, she said no. I’ve always imagined Donna’s reaction when she woke up on Boxing Day. “I said what??!” She’s realised that life as a temp in Chiswick doesn’t quite compare to adventures in time and space. Now she’s determined to put that right – and once Donna decides to do something, not even the sinister Miss Foster and her macabre alien horde can stop her!

I have loved Donna so much, and wanted to write more for her, but I never dreamt for a second that Catherine Tate would be able to commit to an entire series of 13 episodes. Surly she’s the busiest women in TV, not to mention cinema?

But thank god, we decided to risk it, and actually asked. And Catherine said yes! Immediately! And her performance is just dazzling. After Rose Plucked our heartstrings and Martha’s love went unrequited, it’s wonderful to have a companion who isn’t interested in the doctor in that way – she’s a friend, an equal and a conscience, and I swear she will break your heart.

Episode 2: The Fires of Pompeii

Writer: James Moran

Guest Star: Phil Davis, Peter Capaldi, Sarah Behar

Pompeii, AD 79. And it’s Volcano day! But there’s far more than Vesuvius to worry about: psychic powers are running rampant; a secretive Sisterhood conceals a horrifying High Priestess; and beneath the ground, vast creatures are stirring. This is where Donna truly comes into her own, challenging the Time Lord like no ones aver done before, with one vital question: if he knows everyone is going to die, why can’t you save them? For once, there’s no easy answer for the doctor, as the Cult of Vulcan prepares to forge a new empire on earth.

After last year’s visit to meet Shakespeare – our most ambitious production to date – we were determined to go one better. This production team meets every challenge thrown in, every time. In this case, it meant taking the TARDIS from Cardiff to Cinecittà studios in Rome to shoot the exterior scenes. The result is spectacular, explosive and tragic.

Episode 3: Planet of the Ood

Writer: Keith Temple

Guest Star: Tim McInnerny

Donna’s first visit to an alien world. And it’s freezing! But on the icescapes of a distant planet, the greatest danger might be from the human race itself. When the doctor meets the Ood again – last seen in 2006’s The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit – he’s determined to find out the truth behind their servility. But when an oods eyes turn red, you know you’re in trouble, and the red-eye is spreading…

Trips to alien worlds allow our entire art department to shine – from the prophetic Ood, to incredible CG vistas, right down to the tiniest details on the wardrobe department’s futuristic collars and ties. But it’s a savage world out there in space with solders and riots and betrayals – and for the doctor, a terrifying encounter with a big claw!

Episode 4: The Sontaran Stratagem

Episode 5: The Poison Sky

Writer: Helen Raynor

Guest Star: Christopher Ryan

The Return of Martha Jones! We’ve seen Freema Agyeman take Martha from Doctor Who to Torchwood, and now back home again in her new job as medical officer for UNIT, a worldwide army dedicated to fighting alien menaces. But the menace is bigger than ever, as the threat of ATMOS spreads across the planet. Sounds like she needs her old friend, the doctor! But he’s about to meet an old enemy, as the Sontarans lie in wait – the warlike, potato faced monsters not yet seen on screen since 1985. They’re back, they’re brutal and they’re out for revenge…

This story also gives us a chance to catch up with the family Donna left behind – her no-nonsense mum (Jacqueline King) and Granddad, played by none other than Bernard Cribbins. Bernard appeared in the Christmas 2007 special, along side Kylie Minogue, and we loved him so much, we asked him back!

Episode 6: The Doctor’s Daughter

Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Guest Star: Georgia Moffett, Nigel Terry

Yes, that’s the title. And it does exactly what it says on the tin! I’m saying no more; just watch David Tennant take the doctor into new territory, with his most spellbinding performance yet.

Episode 7: The Unicorn and the Wasp

Writer: Gareth Roberts

Guest Star: Felicity Kendal, Fenella Woolgar

In 1929, Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared, only to be found, ten days later, with no memory of what happened. What is a nervous breakdown? A cry for help? Or perhaps a giant alien wasp..?

It’s a classic murder mystery, with a country house, vintage cars, a flapper, a vicar, a butler, a body in the library, tea on the lawn, and horrible deaths. And see if you can spot how many titles of Agatha Christie novels are hidden in the dialogue!

Episode 8: Silence in the Library

Episode 9: River’s Run

Writer: Steven Moffat

Guest Star: Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon

Just to warn you, Steven Moffat created the “Are you my mummy?” Empty Child, Madame de Pompadour’s Clockwork Droids and last years Weeping Angels (“Don’t Blink!”) But I think he was just warming you up, getting you ready for this year’s adventure. Now we’ve got two episodes of terror with an abandoned library, moving shadows, the gruesome nodes, and the horrifying data ghost – possibly the most spine-chilling scene I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Don’t blink indeed, don’t miss a second!

Episode 10: Midnight

Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest Star: Lesley Sharp, Lindsey Coulson, David Troughton

The Planet Midnight: a leisure world! Golden spas, diamond landscapes, anti-gravity restaurants… What could possibly go wrong? But for once the doctor’s left powerless and terrified as the knocking of the wall begins…

Episode 11: Turn Left

Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest Star: Chipo Chung

The Strands of Donna’s story begin to draw to a terrible climax as she finds her life, her family, her entire world being devastated. Only one person can help. But this time it’s not the doctor – it’s someone from a parallel universe, a women thought to be lost forever….

Episode 12: TBA

Episode 13: Journey’s End

Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest Star: Too many names!

It’s the big finale! And the title of episode 12 is being kept secret as it gives away too much. But the threat is on a truly epic scale, as an ancient enemy is resurrected and the whole universe is thrown into danger.

Who are the Children of Time? What is the secret of the Vault? And surly, this time, not this time, not everyone can get out alive.


Anonymous said...

i wonder what episode 12 is called

dalek94 said...

Yeah RTD says the title is to spoiler-ish but it will be released soon. ;)