Friday, 4 April 2008

Script segment and fear factor

Here is the fear factor from the BBC Doctor Who site:
  • 1 min - Samuel's amused: "They almost walked into each other!" "But what are they doing?" says Amy.

  • 4 min - "They look like meerkats," says Adam. Amy's exasperated. Harry thinks it's hilarious.

  • 7 min - Amy's eyes widen in concern. Meanwhile, Samuel is reminded of someone... "Was she in charge of the Bubbleshock factory in Sarah Jane Adventures?"

  • 10 min - Adam's advice is: "Try switching it off and back on again."

  • 12 min - It's like a Raston Warrior Robot!

  • 13 min - "Ooh, look who it is!" The boys instantly recognise a familiar face.

  • 16 min - "100 years? She'll be dead by then!" notes the ever-practical Harry.

  • 18 min - "Why can't she hear it?" wonders Samuel.

  • 20 min - "It's the wrong man! I mean, woman!" exclaims Harry.

  • 21 min - Harry's approves of the Doctor's new piece of kit.

  • 25 min - Amy's surprised at an unexpected yet familiar device.

  • 27 min - The kids remember from Human Nature...

  • 32 min - "That's not like the Doctor, is it?" asks Adam.

  • 33 min - "Boxing Day is your birthday, Adam," Samuel says. "Donna wouldn't know that," deadpans Adam.

  • 39 min - "The people in London must be getting used to ********** by now," laughs Samuel. "I feel sorry for Gramps," says Adam.

  • 40 min - "Technically," muses Adam, "they're British citizens."

  • 43 min - "Move her stuff in!" Samuel urges him.
And here is a script segment that was available if you completed a jigsaw puzzle on the BBC Doctor Who site:
Miss Foster: Adipose Industries. The twenty-first century way to loose weight. No exercise, no diet, no pain. Just lifelong freedom, from fat, the holy grail of modern age. And here it is!

[Holds up an ordinary red and white capsule]

Miss Foster: You just take one capsule. One capsule, once a day for three weeks. And the fat, as they say...

[ON SCREEN, GRAPHIC, the logo does a little spin, the jingle sings: The fat just walks awaaaay!]

Also just thought I would add that the rumours on the forums are that Donna is controlled by the Master all through the 4th series though I doubt this is true , also Deathray magazine published an article naming all the companions in the series 4 finale and it included Ianto and Gwen from Torchwood but this should be taken with a pinch of salt as the saying goes!!!

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