Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Right here is the fear factor

0 min - "Tell me what you see," asks Dr Moon. "Nothing," says Adam, "it's completely dark... oh, hang on..."

1 min - "Uh-oh," says Samuel. Amy and Harry laugh at some intruders. "Oooh!" says Samuel knowingly. "He's the scary guy!"

2 min - Harry: "Wow. That is one BIG Library!" Something makes Mum and Dad chuckle. Samuel spots someone is missing.

5 min - The kids watch apprehensively at an unexpected face.

6 min - "Arg! Slarg! Snick!"

8 min - The lights are going out! "Uh oh!" says Harry. Something new about the Sonic Screwdriver!

9 min - The kids seem strangely reassured by the xxxx. (girl?)

13 min - Amy has a new friend. The boys have two - but which is which?

15 min - Harry silently mouths some unfamiliar words to himself.

17 min - "Hey!" yells Harry.

18 min - Who could this be? The kids have lots of suggestions.

19 min - A missed opportunity. Adam knows how to resolve it.

24 min - What's significant about the numbers?

25 min - "Not good," says Harry and the kids prepare themselves for the worst... "Don't! You'll die!" yells Samuel.

27 min - Everyone is very sad.

29 min - The boys shiver.

33 min - "Uh oh, this is baaaad news," says Harry, sadly.

34 min - The kids study the screen anxiously for clues as to where they might be.

35 min - Samuel gets inspiration from football. Adam resorts to Physics.

37 min - Something is very, very wrong, and the kids know it.

38 min - The kids are horrified!

39 min - Another complete shock for the family!

40 min - "Well scary!" declares Samuel.

And this from Digital Spy but remember 2 of these are false

There is a Jeffrey Archer continent in the library.

Donna tells The Doctor that she "likes a bit of Hank Marvin" when he warns her about the shadows.

Data Ghosts are footprints on the beach - and the tide is coming in.

The Doctor rants against reading spoilers

There are two sonic screwdrivers featured in this episode - and neither is any good at dealing with wood.

Psychic paper is used to contact The Doctor, in combination with a kiss (but not from Donna).

Donna flicks through a biography of Harriet Jones, but has to run away before she reaches the final chapter (although viewers see its shocking title, unlike Donna).

A figure from The Doctor's future makes an appearance.

A Dalek's eye stalk is brought up by The Doctor out of nowhere.

Theres also these quotes
"The library goes on forever."
"Isn't travelling with you one big spoiler?"
"Run, for God's sake run. ******e is safe."
"4022 *****. No s***i****."
"That was the most horrible thing I've ever seen."
"The real world is a lie and your nightmares are real."

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