Wednesday, 7 May 2008

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The BBC Doctor Who site has been updated here

Here is the new fear factor

0 min
Yells and shouts and lots of running around - and that's just the kids as the episode starts! Great excitement as everyone remembers how the previous episode ended. Samuel: "The hand is bubbling!" Adam: "I wonder why he didn't just throw it out?" Mum: "Have you looked at your own room recently?"

1 min
"Oooh, that's gotta hurt," says Harry.

2 min
"Hurrah!" shouts the watching family.

3 min
"Wxxxxxs!" yells Samuel delightedly. "What are they?" wonders Amy.

4 min
"I hope they haven't killed xxxxxx," worries Adam. Samuel is chewing his fingernails. xxxxx gives "xx xxxx" a mouthful, and the family all grin.

5 min
"She's talking pidgin English," says Dad.

6 min
"What are they reaching kids in PHSE these days?" wonders Dad. "I'm not a xxxkxx, Jenny tells the Doctor. "And we haven't met your uncle," adds Adam.

8 min
Adam. "They're very affectionate," smiles Samuel. "Look, they think xxxxxx is a xxx." "They're xxxxxxx her head!" laughs Harry.

11 min
"This is serious!" whispers Harry. The Doctor unearths a whole series of xxxxxxx hidden on the xxx. "It's an Easter Egg!" laughs Adam. He shuffles a bit nearer to the screen. "What about those four down there?"

12 min
A cheer of recognition from the family. "Are the Hath good or bad?" asks Amy.

16 min
Donna presses the xxxxxxxxxxx to each of Jenny's xxxxxx. The Doctor seems lost for words. "A Txxe Lxxy!"

17 min
"He is a soldier!" Samuel says sadly, and bites his nails some more.

18 min
The cxxxkxxxk xxxxx gets a big laugh when it goes off in the Doctor's hand.

20 min
Samuel's very impressed by the view: "Three xxxxs!" Adam is too: "It's very gothic." Harry's less sure: "Hmm, not the nicest planet!"

22 min
What are Time Lords for? The Doctor says that, in his life, there's a serious amount of xxxxxxx involved. The kids grin. "That's very true!" says Harry.

24 min
xxxxx hits a xxxx and, to the kids' delight, xxxxx comes out and stops the xxxxxx.

25 min
The lasers are back on! Jenny raises her arms, takes a deep breath and shows off her impressive xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx. She xxxxx-xxxxxs through the lasers, and earns a big cheer from the whole family. "Way to go!" yells an extremely impressed Harry. "She's certainly very fit," says Dad.

26 min
Samuel points to the Hath: "Lucky he's a fish."

27 min
"Awwwww!" groan the whole family. "Amy's very sad that she's lost her xxxxxx.

28 min
"It'll be full," says Adam. "Of women!" grins Samuel.

29 min
"I've been a xxxxxx before," the Doctor admits. "Oooooh!" says Samuel. "Yes! Sxxxn!" says Harry excitedly, who's recently seen an old story on DVD.

32 min
The boys boggle with amazement. Amy can't see what the fuss is all about.

33 min
"She's dirty!" Samuel warns them."

34 min
"That reminds me of the Exxn Pxxxxxt," observes Samuel, who remembers a family holiday to... "xxxxxxxx!" laughs Adam. "That explains the General."

36 min
Amy and Harry look alarmed!

38 min
Harry slaps his forehead in exasperation.

39 min
He's angry. Very, very angry. Samuel says: "At least hit him over the head with it."

41 min
"xxxxxxx," says the Doctor. "Ooh, like last year," says Samuel.

44 min
As the credits roll, all the kids agree that this is the best story so far this series!

Here is a new script-segment

JENNY picks herself up, unharmed, excited, grinning, the Doctor is furious with her.
Why did you do that?
They were trying to kill us!
But they've got my friend
Collateral damage. At least you've still got her. He lost both of his men. I'd say you came* out ahead.

And next the new preview clip

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