Wednesday, 14 May 2008

BBC Doctor Who Site update

The BBC site has been updated here

There is a new Fear Forcast

0 min
The Man in the Brown Suit: The Doctor sniffs the air as he arrives. Harry's impressed that he can tell the year with one sniff!
1 min
Appointment with Death: "He's a bit short-sighted,"thinks Adam.
3 min
The Unexpected Guests: The family and guests are introduced. "What a grumpy butler," says Adam.
4 min
"Is Agatha Christie more famous than J K Rowling?" wonders Harry.
5 min
"Didn't she write more than that?" asks Samuel.
6 min
"Wooooh!" says Samuel as the Doctor explains a mystery.
7 min
"What is it?" asks Amy.
8 min
The Double Clue: The Doctor's found a second clue.
9 min
Donna's comment about XXXXXXX XXXXXXX makes the boys hoot with laughter.
10 min
The Unbreakable Alibi: Amy looks puzzled as the screen goes all wibbly-wobbly for the first time.
11 min
The House of Dreams: "They're all lying!" decides Samuel.
12 min
The Secret Adversary: The kids giggle constantly.
13 min
Amy's wary as Donna asks for the XXXXXX XXXX to be opened.
14 min
Curtain: The kids hear the buzzing.
15 min
The boys are delighted by Donna's antics.
16 min
The Lonely God: Agatha thinks the Doctor is "XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX". Adam and Samuel nod in agreement.
17 min
Murder is Easy: "Don't just stand there!" yells Samuel.
18 min
The Call of Wings: When someone peers out from the bedroom, the whole family laugh.
19 min
Cards on the Table: Agatha is asked her opinion.
20 min
The Love Detectives: Donna talks to Agatha in the gardens. Amy frowns when Agatha claims to be unfamiliar with talking pictures.
22 min
"What's happened to him?" whispers Amy.
23 min
Mum considers the Doctor. "Well, I'd risk it."
24 min
Butter in a Lordly Dish: Everyone sits down to dinner.
25 min
While the Light Lasts: Out in the corridor, the Doctor meets up with Donna and Agatha and... "Oh," says Samuel.
26 min
The kids are appalled... and moved by the grief.
27 min
Endless Night: Amy and Harry concentrate hard in order to follow the story.
28 min
Crooked House: "XXXXXXXX!" shouts Adam, and he and Samuel try to think of some more words for it.
30 min
Ordeal by Innocence: Everyone is amazed...
31 min
Personal Call: No-one saw that coming! The family look on in amazement.
32 min
Taken by the Flood: Memories of XXXXX, but Samuel's suspicious.
33 min
The kids study their parents curiously.
34 min
The Moving Finger: "He's getting it all wrong!" says Samuel.
36 min
The kids all look fearful...
37 min
They Do It with Mirrors: The kids laugh too: "Nice hat!" laughs Samuel.
38 min
Nemesis: Amy prepares to leap off her own sofa in case things get too scary...
39 min
The Voice in the Dark: The kids sit on the edge of their seats.
40 min
The kids sink back into their seats...
43 min
"Is that a real book?" asks Samuel.
44 min
Destination Unknown: The kids bounce on the sofa excitedly in anticipation of next week's adventure

A script extract
Mrs Christie, I've a question. Why a belgian detective?
The Belgians make such lovely buns.
Where do you get your ideas from?
Murder is easy, vicar, when you've killed as many people as I have.

And next a new preview

This episode looks great!!!
Also it has been confirmed by someone who saw a preview clip of this episode that the chest plate of a Cyberman appears in this episode, so are different parts of Cybermen slipping through th void or is it left over from the next Christmas special when the Cybermen invade....

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