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I am not bak from England yet because there is no darn return flight but hopefully we will find one this Friday, I am writing this from a library and seeing as there isn't much news and Ihave only Ten minutes on the computer left I am going to copy and paste this from PLanet Gallifrey. So sorry PLanet Gallifrey but if you want me to delete the post then I will but I don't have any time to write all the catch up things so a huge thanks to Planet Gallifrey for this info.


Filming Schedule:Filming has wrapped for the 2008 Christmas special. Filming for the 2009 specials will commence in January 2009 (Tennant will begin filming on the 9th Jan) with the filming for series 5 starting later that Spring. The Christmas Special for 2008 has already been filmed. In 2009 there will be either three or four hour-long specials, one of which will broadcast at Easter and another of which will broadcast on Christmas 2009. Two will be written by RTD, and the rest will be co-written by him.

And as for how many specials there are:
Three specials were mentioned in the original press release. DT confirmed four on the Andrew Marr show. DWM 397 also confirmed four specials for 2009. The Guardian said there were five in total. The latest information from Julie Gardner mentions four specials (including Christmas 2008) then mentions DT coming back to film them.

Speculation:One of the Specials may be taking place partially or entirely in a location outside the UK.For the Christmas Special:Many have speculated this is based on the audio "The One Doctor" - according to "very good, close sources", this episode is indeed based on that audio, and is a light comedy after the tearjerker of the finale. DM is the fake Doctor, and the Cybershades are fakes made by Morrissey's character, only for the real Cybermen (and the real Doctor) to show up...Casting

Ace (Sophie Aldred)
McGann rumoured to return in the second 2009 special, in an episode directed by Graham Harper (heard by a few people but apparently the "latest sources" say this is not happening)
Brian Blessed may make his return to the show
Agynes Deyn is reported as being in one of the specials.
Rumour on IMDB that Bad Girls star Alicia Eyo has been offered a companion role for one of the specials; a role that may play into full-time companion for series 5
John Simm - instead of a small cameo in series 4, plans were changed to bring the Master in a much bigger way in the specials Heroes and Villains
Sea Devils. "The return of The Sea Devils is definitely planned and all preliminary work has long since been concluded."
Winston Churchill (for specials or series 5) - reputedly TV people asked for his removal from "Revenge of the Judoon" so he could be kept in reserve.
According to Julie Gardner, characters and storylines from last series will not necessarily be picked up for the specials

RTD is leaving and Moffat taking over for series 5. It'll be back to the original 13 episodes format. As for writers of the episodes, there are rumours abound that Neil Gaiman and Rob Shearman may be writing episodes for series 5. When asked what he knew about the rumour Rob Shearman replied "Only that it's news to me!"Gaiman says on his blog that Gaiman HAS had dinner with the Moff but "if it ever gets to the point where I know that I'm actually, definitely, for certain, writing an episode of Doctor Who, I'll post it here. In big red letters. Or green. You'll know when it happens, trust me."According to DWM, apparently "THEY'RE BACK". Although we don't actually know what or who "They" are. RTD refuses to say whether Tennant will return for series 5. RTD says he "knows when David is leaving..." DT has made his decision and the BBC knows what it is. He then went on to say that he blatantly lies about the future of Doctor Who....According to the Sun, DT will leave after the four specials "and a movie"A rumour from "a fairly good source" says that Andy Pryor has cast DT's replacement. There was a short list of names - including one woman. The rumour also suggested DT would not be in all specials...There is also a rumour that the last special is being filmed with two endings to allow DT maximum time to consider his return (they did this for Parting of the Ways as well)

Supporting Cast
Kylie to return? Old rumours from early 2008
Negotiations in train to get back Alex Kingston (River Song) and Georgina Moffett (Jenny) for series 5?
Tom Baker?!

Once again thanks Planet Gallifrey and the people on DWF who put this all together.

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