Monday, 9 June 2008


Here is Lizos new review:

If you thought that Doctor Who couldn't get much darker of scarier this series, think again. Midnight is one of the most intense and disturbing stories we've seen so far.

It all starts off happily enough with the Doctor and Donna on the holiday planet of Midnight.

Doctor Who
What's going on here?
Donna just wants to sunbathe, so the Doctor goes off by himself on a sight seeing trip with a group of strangers. And that's when the trouble really starts.

This is one of those stories where the less you know before watching it, the more you'll enjoy it.

Without giving too much away, writer Russell T Davies takes a beautifully simple concept and turns it into something filled with menace and terror.

It's a story that looks at different parts of the Doctor's personality, especially his never ending curiosity, while at the same time showing the risks and danger that that brings.

Claustrophobic feeling

And it also highlights, with Donna not around for most of the story, how important his companion is to him. But the most terrifying part is how it explores how human beings respond when they're under intense pressure.

Doctor Who
Midnight looks to be exciting!
It's great to see how Doctor Who doesn't always need lots of special effects and huge sets to succeed. This episode is mostly set in one room, which gives it a wonderfully claustrophobic feel.

And thanks to a brilliantly intense performance from David Tennant, this is an episode that's well up there with the programme's very best.

And now some Digital Spy spoilers:

  • A sinister shadow poses a threat to the Crusader 50 vessel, according to a crew member.

  • Betty Boop is seen doing the do in front of The Doctor.

  • A Professor is carrying a hidden bomb strapped under his jumper along with a unique ultimatum.

  • The Doctor toasts the Lost Moon of Poosh.

  • It's Election Day on the planet Midnight, prompting The Doctor to discuss Arcadia.

  • Rose Tyler trades places with a pop singer.

  • Fans of a certain French phrase will be happy.

  • The Doctor tries to force a pi into the mouth of an alien.

  • One of the characters tells the Time Lord: "Oh Doctor, you're so handsome." He agrees.

  • A famous poem by Christina Rossetti is analysed by The Doctor and one other character, in reference to ongoing events.

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