Thursday, 25 September 2008

New title and synopsis

The christmas Doctor Who episode will be called The Next Doctor and here the synopsis's from digital spy for the second series of Sarah Jane:

The last Sontaran Part1

The legendary Sarah Jane Smith and her young gang of fellow nosey parkers are back for more adventures. Like last year, a familiar foe from the Whoniverse is in town with a cunning plan for global domination. Can a lone Sontaran succeed where the Slitheen failed?

The last Sonataran Part 2

The stakes are high during the concluding part of the season's opening story, as Sarah Jane and her pals are holed up in the radio telescope centre. There's plenty of chasing around corridors to pad out the episode, but can you hunt down the red herring amongst the following spoilers?

The rest will be up soon no doubt

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